Dear Army,

You know i think having a bias and wanting to marry them is not just being delusional. Especially if that bias is from BTS. Tbhe boys have such unique and vibrant and all around good personalities. And the thing is they’re not perfect either. they all have their flaws. 

they can be insensitive sometimes. They can be rude. They can hurt each other and they’re just human. 

So if you like Jimin then go ahead and like him andf now that you know  why  you like him , find a guy who is like that. There are plenty of sweet, considerate men who will open doors for you and treat you like a queen. 

And if you like Taehyung then yes, like him all you want and i hope you find a nice , unique young man who makes you laugh with his craziness and makes you fall in love over and over again with his smile and his kindness.

And if you like Rapmon, i hope you find that guy who would have nice long meaningful conversations with you. who will talk about the stars and the universe and who will wax philosophy and still buy you sexy lingerie for a special night . 

And if like me, You love Suga, you can find that guy who is really responsible, whom you can count on, who will actually treat your troubles as his own, who will always have your back, who will probably make faces when you ask him to  say  something romantic but who will  show  you his love in a million ways everyday. 

And if you love JHope then go find your ray of sunshine, the guy who will cheer you up on the worst of days and make the darkest nights seem a little less lonely..

What i’m trying to say is, there’s a reason you love them.. And while there’s not a huge chance that you will marry them… 

there’s no reason you should give up on the love you have for them….

Find a guy who is worthy of that love and shower it on him..

After all we’re all humans, and we all need love :) :) 

I can’t believe Hoseok won an award for having pink hair

Jungkook: Bowing in awe to the new definition of pink

Jimin: Hiding his boner after seeing Hoseok with pink hair

Jin: Praying and thanking the Lord to have been blessed with the divine aesthetic of Hoseok having pink hair

V: “This stage is a work of art - oh no wait…. That’s Hobi’s reflection” 

Rapmon: Protecting his eyes from the rays of light in its purest form that shine out of the back of Hoseok’s head.

Suga: cries out for the first time in 21 years after seeing Hoseok. Is reborn. Realizes he has not lived until this day. Feels cleansed. Is able to open up for the first time in his life. Will name each of his future children “Hoseok with pink hair”.   

Tag yourself, I’m Suga. 

Tengo las rodillas llenas de morados, rapones, cortaduras, y aún no se como no se han fracturado de tanto caer. Pero aún así están menos magulladas que mi corazón.
Trigedasleng Dialogue, Episode 301

Aaaaand we’re back! ~:D Hope you enjoyed episode 301 of The 100. You’ll notice that some changes have taken place in the few months between last season’s finale and this season’s premiere. Among other things, Clarke speaks Trigedasleng now! That’s something I was very excited about. :) You’ll also notice that there was a lot of Trigedasleng. That was something I was also very excited about. :) Not all episodes have a lot like this, but you can expect it in the early going. Below is the dialogue I translated for 301 in order (not all of it may have appeared in the episode, but that’ll happen). Enjoy!


Who are you?

Chon yu bilaik?


Skaikru. Looking for our people.

Skaikru. Ste lufa osir kru au.


Looking for Wanheda.

Ste lufa Wanheda au.


We observe the commander’s truce.

Osir gouba ogonzaun kom Heda in.


Where’s Wanheda?

Weron Wanheda kamp raun?


Let him go!

Breik em au!


I said where’s Wanheda?!

Ai biyo laik weron Wanheda kamp raun?


We don’t know who that is! Please. We can help each other.

Osir nou get in chon daunde bilaik! Beja. Oso na sis choda au, nami?


You think this is funny?

Yo vout in dison ste leyos?


Good kill.

Os fragon.


Thanks… The usual supplies.

Mochof… Jos otaim prepon.


This is worth more. Pick out something else while you wait. (pointing to the blood) Looks like she caught you there. I’ll throw in some bandages.

Dison fleim au moubeda. Sad noda som op kos yu ste set raun. (pointing to the blood) Gada bilaik em don sis yu op de. Ai na huk yu op kom bida rapon, you.


You always come right after my father leaves. Good timing.

Otaim yu kom op jos pas taim ai nontu gonot. Os manaplei.


I’m in a hurry.

Ai ste hos raun, you.


Right. As always. (puts the stuff down; then re: the sack) The meat from your last kill. Salted and dried. Minus our share.

Ait. Kom otaim. (puts the stuff down; then re: the sack) Steiks-de kom yu las fragon. Ge fleiva op en ge son op. Thau osir kodon.


What’s that?

Chit daun bilaik?


A drink. For while you wait.

Souda. Kos yu na ste set raun.


I’ll be quick with the rest.

Ai na hos op hashta ostof.


I know what you’re thinking.

Ai get in chit yu ste fig raun.


Yeah, but you don’t care.

Sha, ba’m eintheing gon yu.


So what did you decide? (off Clarke’s confusion) I told you. I owe you more than this. Pick something.

Den chit yu don sad in? (off Clarke’s confusion) Ai don tel yu op. Ai ouyon yu klin kom mou kom dison. Sad som op.


Tell me about this.

Tel ai op hashta dison.


You have something to trade?

Yu gada som in na kof op?


I asked you a question.

Ai don as yu prom op.


Have you seen this woman?

Yu don sin disha plan in?


That’s not a very good likeness.

Dei feisnes nou ste krei os.


Then you have seen her?

Den yu sou don sin em in?


Maybe. This is a trading post. What’s it worth to you?

Mebi. Dison laik kofgeda, you. Hanch en’s fleim yu au?


How about your lives?

Hashta oyo sonraun?


Good trade. She was here two days ago. That’s how I got this.

Os kofon. Em don kamp raun hir tu sintaim kom gon. Daun bilaik ha ai don hon dison in.


She traded for fur and a blade. Said she was going north, following Eden’s path.

Em don kof raun gon biskova en swison. Biyo laik em na hos of gon nout, ste mafta trei kom Idon op.


Ice Nation. We have to hurry.

Azgeda. Osir souda hos op.


Thank you. You’ve been more helpful than you can imagine.

Mochof. Yu don’s mou sisfou kom yu na vout in.


How long have you known?

Hanch taim yu don get em klin?


How long you been coming in here?

Hanch taim yu don’s komba raun hir?


How’s our girl doing, Helios?

Ha ste oso gada, Helios?


At least you still speak the language.

Lis yu ste mema sleng-de in.


You can wear their jacket, but you’ll never be one of them.

Yu na pudon emo oukou op, ba yu nou na bilaik won kom emo nouwe.


Listen to me. Trikru is in here. (pounding his chest) Not out there.

Sen ai op. Trikru kamp raun hir. (pounding his chest) Nou ouder.


Stop! We’re with the Commander!

Hod op! Osir ste kom Heda!


Looking forward to next week! I’ll be live tweeting during the West Coast broadcast every week, unless something important comes up, or I forget, or fall asleep. Will try not to do any of those things, though. Ste yuj!

anonymous asked:

Heeeeey, Would you do a BTS reaction where you and him are watching his or your little 6 year Cousin and the little Boy tells the member to back off, because you are his, going to marry him, love him more, .....? I imagine this being so cute and adorable :)

Awwww that is the cutest thing *-*

Jin :  “I’ll give you my beautiful pink flip phone if I can have your beautiful cousin”

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Yoongi : “have her I don’t want her anyways” has better things to do than argue with a kid

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Hoseok :  “looks like I’m gonna have to fight for the princess” and also finds your cousin adorable

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Namjoon : would seriously explain him why it is impossible for you to be with him 

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Jimin : pouts at your cousin “pleaaase will you give her to me ?”

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Taehyung : “I surrender !”

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Jungkook : “lol try to get on my lever little one”

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