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1 & 18 Namjoon

1: “Why don’t we try something new?”
18: “Do you trust me?”

Word Count: 565

You knew that Namjoon had something special in store when he came home one day with a few mysterious looking bags in his hands that he wouldn’t let you see inside of. 

“Why won’t you show me?” you pouted up at him as you tried to sneak a peak. 

“You’ll see eventually,” he replied calmly, and you sighed, giving up for the moment and going back to what you were doing. 

It wasn’t until three days later that you both had a day off from work and you saw the bags sitting on your dresser, still unopened. 

It was that same day that Namjoon pressed you up against the counter of your kitchen while you were fixing a snack and started attacking your neck, leaving marks in his path as he also whispered filthy things in your ear. 

Your time in the kitchen didn’t last long as he dragged you into the bedroom, your snack long forgotten by now. 

“Why don’t we try something new?” he asked and you could tell by the look on his face that he had been planning this for a while. 

“Alright,” you smiled at him as you got comfortable on the bed, excited to finally see what was in the bags. 

Namjoon walked away from you only long enough to fetch the bags and then bring them back over to the bed, dumping the contents out on the blanket. 

You gasped as you laid your eyes on all the contents, ranging from rope to a vibrator to a gag. 

“Let’s start with this,” he said as he held up a blindfold and you nodded eagerly, thrilled to find out what was going to happen next. 

“Do you trust me?” he asked before doing anything, waiting to hear your reply. 

“Yes,” you said without hesitation, making him smile. 

“That’s my girl.”

Your boyfriend crawled over you and tied the material around your eyes, making sure it was tight, but comfortable, and that you weren’t able to see anything.

 Once he was done with that, he make quick work of stripping you of your clothes, teasing you while he did it by leaving bites and kisses along your sensitive skin. 

When he finished, he got off the bed and disappeared completely according to you. You couldn’t hear a trace of him and your sight was useless to you. 

Suddenly, the sound of a vibrator being turned on filled the room and you were immediately nervous, not knowing what to expect. 

You let out a loud, high-pitched moan as the toy was pressed to your clit, making you writhe slightly in response. 

“F-Fuck Namjoon,” you moaned as he moved the device down lower and teased your entrance, before pushing it all the way inside in one quick thrust. 

He started moving the device rapidly in and out of you, causing moans that were borderline screams to leave your lips and in minutes, you were a shaking mess on the bed. 

You knew that Namjoon was enjoying himself way too much and it also brought you pleasure to know that he liked this just as much as you did. 

“Namjoon I’m close,” you managed to breathe out as you felt your peak approaching at a fast speed. 

Just as you were about to reach your climax, Namjoon pulled the toy out of you, making you cry out. 

“Now, what can we try next..?”

I encourage you guys to watch the latest rapmon v live!! It’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted as a fan and more, he provides such insight into the production of EACH SONG and clarifies the meaning of solos and who wrote what melodies etc

It was so fun and interesting to listen to and really made me appreciate the album even more if that’s even possible, and it also provided a lot of clarity to the significance of every solo because rapmon told a lot of production stories

And also it’s so nice to see him be the leader he is and just fanboy about his own members