Boyfriend!taehyung went to the local florist just to smell a certain flower because it smells like you

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nerd -- kim namjoon

word count: 1032 // pronouns: they/them // genre: fluff

request: “Hello, could you write a scenario where Rap Monster home surprising his best friend (you) after being discharged from the army, you’ve missed him very much because you have a crush on him and get really shocked of his sudden confession and proposal to you? Thank you.”

ok so i realized how off from the request this is im sorry :00 i tried

honestly i don’t like this at all too much stuff going on but i just put it out :00 

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There are many cliches when it comes to homecomings. Many include children and lovers, and though Namjoon has the latter, he doesn’t want him coming back to his country be anything flashy, as he isn’t that important.
Though, he hopes he’s important to Y/N, so maybe he could be a little extra once.
Namjoon heard a ‘ding’ and broke out of his thoughts, looking up to see that the seat belt illustration was flashing on the bar, so he looked down to his already buckled seatbelt and put his tray up, preparing for lift off.
They were stopping in Paris for 4 hours before his next plane, a perfect amount of time for him to get a wedding ring. He could get the extra stuff in the airport shops.
He pulls out his earbuds and a stewardess passes by and nods to him. “Thank you for your service, sir.”
He gives them a bright smile and nods. “Thank you.”
It’s been around the 7th time he’s heard the phrase today-probably because he’s dressed head to toe in Camo print with all his badges over his heart and his name plate with “Kim” neatly sewed in it, the flag of (Country) on the left sleeve. Maybe one day he’ll get used to it, like all the old men in veteran hats that just nod in response, but he always finds himself re-thanking them and giving them a grin.
He lays his head down and thinks back to all the times he’s spent with Y/N, and he has no trouble doing so.
From when they were 5 years old and they made a club about uncovering Dr.Suess for the real doctor he is; if the man could only count to two, he can’t fix broken bones, right?
In the 1st grade when they made new friends, Yoongi, Jungkook, Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung, after they took the two’s spot on the playground, and instead of fighting over it, they all shared it and ate cheese its dipped in chocolate pudding on their bench while building lego houses.
And when they were 12 and entered middle school and Y/N had their first crush on Kim Seokjin, the handsome 7th grader in the chorus that was in her cooking class and the two had made a plan to make him notice them more. The two had tried a new thing everyday, Y/N waking up early in the morning and crossing the street to get to Namjoon’s house so he can discuss the plan he thought of last night before they walked to their bus stop, together. It was hilarious, now that he looks back on it. Dropping cakes on his face, “accidentally” stepping on his foot and taking him to the nurse’s office. Him starting to find the duo funny and joining their friend group.
High school when Y/N got their first after school job at an ice cream parlor, and Namjoon coming over after school everyday to tease her and get parfaits. They spent their first pay check to throw him a birthday party at the arcade.
That time in college when they had their first shot, together. It was disgusting, in their opinion, and they paid for it and ran out of the bar to go buy slushies to wash them down.
All of his good memories contain Y/N, everything he wants to remember contains Y/N, and he wants to remember so much more.
And maybe that’s why he threw together this last minute proposal of sorts, because he wanted to make as many memories as soon as possible. It wasn’t planned at all- Namjoon imagined him getting on one knee with Yoongi playing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry on his piano and Jungkook singing along with confetti poppers in front of a lake front restaurant- maybe a couple red balloons and a box of chocolate with a ring is fine enough for them.
Before he notices, the plane lands.

“Are you seriously going to do it?” Seokjin asks trying to bite back a laugh at how cute the idea is.
“Yep.” He nods and picks up his baggage, starting to walk and dragging it behind to catch the Uber he called.
“Can I go with you?” Seokjin asks, pulling his own luggage with him and following Namjoon.
“Why, do you have an eye for wedding rings?”
“Well, no, but I talked to Y/N once about their dream wedding ring.”
“Ok, you’re hired.” Namjoon says, picking up his luggage and getting on the escalator.
They exit the building quickly and get in the large black SUV that waits for them.
“Bonjour.” The driver smiles, and looks the pair up and down. “Vous étiez dans l'armée?” He looks at their sleeves and sees the flag of their country on the sleeve. “Parlez-vous français?”
Namjoon smiles back and tries to remember the french class he took in high-school. “Oui. Je parle seulement un peu le français.”
The man smiles and drives off, letting Namjoon plug in his headphones and Seokjin text his mom.

“People like diamonds, right?”
“Yes, but nothing too big, it might get stuck in their hair.”
Brown eyes glaze over the shining rings under the ring light, stopping on a small ring with an infinity sign across the top, 3 small diamonds on each loop.
“That’s nice…” Namjoon mutters, pointing at it.
“You need any help?” A thick french accent says from behind the counter, smiling at the pair.
“Yes, thank you, can I get that one in a size (ring size)?”
The saleswoman nods and goes behind the counter.

Airport security is once again a pain, and so much of a pain that Namjoon doesn’t notice a short blob wearing all black running towards him.
They latch on to him and the ring falls out of his pocket in the felt box, making him let out a small screech.
“What’s that?” They ask, still latched onto his back, pulling their hand down to grab it.
“You little dork…” He grumbles, shrugging them off and getting down on one knee to grab it. “Can’t you let me be romantic for once?”
“What is going on?”
“Marry me, you nerd.”

Bad Luck~Part 4

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-3 211 words 

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi + Reader x Namjoon 

Genre: Highschool AU  

~You decide to make Yoongi jealous.~

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

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please take a second to appreciate namjoon yall. he’s spoken clearly and confidently in each interview, he’s translated for the boys and has made sure to include everyone and keep their image fun and playful while still being very professional… he represents bts so beautifully and i am so immensely proud of this man for how hard he’s worked and how far hes come. he truly is an amazing leader