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Ms. Right • Namjoon / Rapmon x You

Characters: Namjoon / Rapmon x You

Scenario: You and namjoon are dating and you got insecure when you saw how pretty and tall their fansite master is so you start asking him silly question like why you didn’t date them instead so he assured you.

Requested By: Anon

You’re on the net watching videos of Bangtan performing the song they’ve recently been promoting, Sick. Even though they practically drag you to watch their every show live and Namjoon refuses to have you skip a single performance, you still enjoy watching their performances through the computer screen because the camera often shoots from a very good angle.

You feel a smile rising within you as Namjoon’s part comes on and your cheeks begin to heat up the moment he throws a wink towards the camera.

“Aish this guy and his rudeness,” you mutter to yourself as you hold a hand to your pounding chest. Scrolling down, you scan through the comments and can’t help but to giggle at those being made. You remember being a part of those comments until one day, well, Namjoon happened.

You remember clearly how the two of you met outside Bangtan’s concert venue and you remember how he told you that he’s watched your covers on Youtube and can’t seem to get enough of your voice. You remember being completely speechless as your face grows a darker shade of red and you remember him chuckling at your reaction.

He had asked you if you were attending their concert and when you replied that you were simply lingering about the concert venue because you couldn’t get a ticket, he had snuck you backstage. You remember the look of recognition in the other members’ eyes and their expressions upon seeing you.

You remember them turning into your best friends after that whole incident and you remember how months later, Namjoon turned into your boyfriend. You find yourself smiling at that flashback and immediately bring yourself back into reality. Visiting one of their fansites, you come across a few photos posted by the admins of the site. In those photos are the admins striking poses with banners and posters in their hands.

The smile on your face falters as your eyes scan over the admins’ faces and bodies. Your eyes then shift their line of vision to your own body as you start to make a comparison. You heave a sigh as your insecurities begin to poke at you, seeing how they’re much prettier and taller than you. You deflate as every bit of confidence is uprooted from you.

“If I were him, I’d pick them over me too,” you say to yourself, getting eaten up by your own thoughts.

“Namjoon?” Hearing you, Namjoon hums in response as he tightens his arms around your waist and rests his chin on your shoulder.

“Can I ask you something?” He nods and you take a second to rethink your question, suddenly thinking it wouldn’t be right to ask but that very question has been bothering you throughout the whole day. After that short moment of hesitation, you decide to ask him anyway.

“Why didn’t you date the fansite masters instead of me? I mean, they’re much prettier and taller than me and I’m pretty sure they’re a much better choice than I am,” you say in one breath, inhaling once you’re done. You hang your head low and wait nervously for him to reply but his silence seems to be lasting longer than you have expected.

Having the courage to raise your head, you do so and meet his hard gaze. His face is stoic as he continues to stare at you. With every passing second, your anxiety inclines and you begin to bite your lip with the thought that you’ve made a mistake by asking him that question.

“Where is this coming from?” He asks out of nowhere, earning a shrug from you and you hear a mini sigh escape your lips. Unwrapping his arms, he lifts you off his lap and places you onto the space next to where he’s sitting. You watch in confusion as he gets off the couch and crouches in front of you. Cupping your hands in his, he meets your gaze.

“Babe, I want you to hear what I’m going to say and throughout the whole thing, I want you to look into my eyes because I want you to know that I mean every word. Can you do that for me?” He says, and you slowly nod in response.

“This not only applies to the fansite masters but the whole fanbase in general okay?” Seeing you nod, he goes on.

“They make me smile and laugh but you make me happy. They push me and Bangtan towards the top but you keep me on my feet. They cheer me on, you turn me on.” He wiggles his brows upon saying the last sentence and this results in you throwing a light punch to his shoulder as the heat crawls up your cheeks. Chuckling, he takes that hand and places it in its original position.

“They’re my listening ear but you’re my shoulder. They’re the pieces to my jigsaw puzzle but you’re the missing piece that completes me. Babe, you’ve seen me at my best and you’ve seen me at my worst and even after all the shit I’ve put you through, you still choose to love me nonetheless and accept me for who I am. They’re my fans and yes, I love them but you’re my heart and I need you.”

You feel your eyes watering as those words leave his mouth and you can tell the sincerity in his tone.

“I don’t want you asking me that kind of question ever again okay?” He says, caressing my cheek with his thumb and you nod, your heart beating stronger than it ever has. Namjoon grins and purses his lips the next second. Pointing to his lips, he gestures for you to kiss him and you do so, cupping his face in the process.

“Since when has my boyfriend been this cheesy?” You ask once the two of you have broken the kiss.

“Since he’s met his Miss Right,” he grins as he places his forehead against yours, stealing another kiss a little after.

Credits: kpopwavescenarios


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