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His Heart - [BTS] Namjoon!Au

[A/N] My dimply googly bear deserves all the love.

What’s more annoying than a continuous door bell ring so early in the morning. It drawn you away from your laptop instantly.

But your hate dissipates as soon as you saw who it was. Purplish hair-do, and deep dimple, bringing his own laptop. “I found a few routes that you could take. It’s shorter in duration but you’ll have to walk two minutes across the street to a bus station. And when I googled it, it’s not a street, it’s a highway.”

He stepped into your apartment, “So I studied the other route and although it takes longer, you don’t have to jump three train line like the first route. This one will be a lot…” he pauses as you pulled his chin down for a chaste kiss, “…safe. And they put the price on the side.”

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