So I hit 500 followers (almost at 6 now) and I said way back when I made my first follow forever that I’d do another when I hit 500. Well, this is it.

@bulletproofhobi (been following her for a loooong time) @kimjooon @dont-taek-my-nams-and-tae @missbaptan @leehongbiin @hoseoks-gf @jungkooks-princess @jellybeannose @tbhobi @igotdefsoul @jackoffjae @snowmons @namjucci @jeons-jalebi @johnkooks @officialwangtrash @bangtan-namjoon @sugaforthesoul @taeshii @rapsuckas @chubbitotoro @namjoonsrightdimple @rapperhyung @ramjoonie @park-jimeme @syubbie @syubz @hoseoks-lip-freckle  @ukininam @rapm-nster  @jongkittae  @jiyongs-g-thong  @yoongiggles @j–hot  @idontgiveasuga  @hobicakes @ofhoseok  @hoseoksparemylife @j-nopeshi @ohhobi  @hosigie @crazybtsfan @seungcheols-gf @bangtanmks  @parksunyoungvevo @des-qt @yoongtastic @sonyeon-damn @mrs–hyde @fuckinston @jeonjunkfood @jimint @spearjimint @megane–sama @nas-tae

@ji-booty @hyperhoseok @jiminesque @jungkooksarms @cowjimin @jimins-shit @ yehet-is-not-my-style  @ taeking   @ arousingtofuuuchasunwoome   pissedchickenholdmehoseokbangyggkdamnitsiriusjeonsshijinipspark-jizzmin

I know that I am probably missing some people and I apologize for that, I also haven’t talked to most of these people (even though I want to and still think of them as friends) but they are all quality blogs. This list is not in order.

Hello everyone! As i reached 2k followers and the exams are finally over i decided to make my 2nd follow forever. Thank you everyone for following me and thank you to the people that make my dash amazing. Also for everyone that is not finished with their exams or finals i wish you luck and i hope you pass all of them!!! 

bold =mutuals

*sorry the names are in no particular order

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rabeanie thank you for tagging me in this!

Apparently I have a thing for rappers… Neo is one you can fight me on this.

So here are my top ten biases all from different groups.

So now I’m gonna tag some peeps. rapm-nster thighfuckingsoo cumgodkai bangtanhustlelife theycallusdirtybaby

I want to see your guys top ten biases! Happy choosing!

looking to follow more blogs!

a while ago, I decided to move over the excessive spamming (lol) of yg artists off of my blog rapm-nster to my new blog, forhanbin. 

I’m now only following about 40 people right now, and 10 of those are fy/info blogs. My dash is really repetitive/dry/full of MAMA 2015 hate.

Winner is officially coming back and I love them at the level I love BTS (that means a lot) so I’d especially love to follow blogs who reblog lots of them and these guys:

…if that’s you, then please reblog this post! I will check your blog out.

I edit/post on this blog regularly as I do with rapm-nster, so feel free to follow me too :^)


First of all, thank you all new (and old) followers and mutuals for liking my boring ass. To celebrate reaching my goal of 200 followers I’ve decided to do my first follow-forever thingy~

The blogs are (kinda) in alphabetical order and are labeled as follows:

following, mutuals, friends 


agustd agutsd ari-dxx artofennun arxcia automaticdlck  bangtan-namjoon baykkun beagletae bjy126 bts bunnyguk bwiyomi celestiette chimsboy cowjimin cyphkiller cypherslut


eteru famjoon fantabulousloser foodfandomsandfanfiction flyoongi


hansolmp3 hatejimin holdmehoseok honeyisbetterthansugar hope-a-holic hugtae idhabwaysa ilovemylipbalm imalreadylovingthis iwoulddieforujimin j-holy j-my-hope jakeun-byeol jhopesbitchface jhopies jijams jiminih jinkooks jjkookei


k-ayo k-potatoes kermit-emoji kimgoth kimidilois kimlattae kookie–jar koxai licoricetheartist lilbunjk miniseokjin minjicat moo-geun moonaphelion muse-melancholia ohmybangtanboys


parkjlmin rap-yoongi rapm-nster secretlife0fadreamer shakexpeare sokolaadipuu sosuchamonster stopbighit strawberryseokjin suga-com sugagi sugashu sunny-shii sweetjjams sweetlikesugaaaaa syubiehyung


taeguk taehyaung taeoja taevisual taoz1 that-jeon-guy tofuloo vanillajae vlientae vmintrash waluijimin witchynamjoon withseokjin woozisgf


xianmiu yeoppuda yoongisexual yoonngii yoongreasy your-sweet-cherry-pie yukointherain

If I forgot to mention somebody please let me know ^-^



Tagged by rapm-nster taoch-my-body and chenchilada-s for the 20 beautiful people challenge (ty ty ily)

I tag lipsticksonyeondan attackonbangtan applejimin  pinkhuns jjang12 jongdang cup-of-exo chenclusive not-yvonne jaenly jongdxe guccizitao jackiewook milkdxe (tbh everyone from Jongdae-Net ) AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO IT

Note: you don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable with it. But just keep in mind you’re beautiful and ILYSMMM <3 
but if you already did it, then you should do it again because i wanna see your beautiful faces on my dash again. ;)