I dont know the names of the song i am gonna tell it to you in the order in which he sang them:

1. Nice and cute. Melodious and feel good with a mix of rap and singing. Had vibes of his previous album.

2. Super emotional, powerful and his beautiful singing and notes!!! with guitar!!! i so so loved it. I favved it instantly.The song has more vocals than rap. 

3. WIZ KHALIFA holy shit. TWO WORDS-“It’s happening…..”

4. I had not yet recovered from the previous attack when another literal bop was fired. The song is SUCH a jam with a lot of english Lyrics—-”slow and sexy”.  No wonder he listens to The Weeknd.

5. Absolute absolute fire. This song saved Hip Hop 2k16. IT IS JUST SO HIP HOP he is a chinese rapking. My jam for the year. It tops everything. The background music in his teaser for the concert is a sneak peak of the chorus tune.

6. A love song I think? But this time its in the form of rap.Very nice yet powerful and a surpising insert of beautiful vocals in between.(He called out the a fan onstage and sang it to her. How sweet!)

7. The Road. The universe can’t stop him now. HZT is gonna take over the world.

But there should be 8 songs in total. Tao said there is 1 more song he didn’t sing in the concert. I wonder what he has in store for us. More surprises?

He started the concert with T.A.O an ended it with Yesterday. It was so beautiful, he really holds that song special to his heart- “As long as my fans are there, I will sing Yesterday.” Everything was perfect. 7.6 million people watching him online.His beautiful voice. His surprise guest Xiao shenyang from the LOTJ cast.  His fireass new tracklist. The love. The support. The birthday cake. 

I love him so much and I am so happy today.