An Epigram on the C.O.B.

The complexity of being.


Life destined on decisions- visions of higher power

studies of origins prove 

to be the foundations to faith.

The beings we grew up with seemed to pave the way.

Before education- socialization was in the household;

we believed in every-story that had been forever told

through the means of cartoons, music videos…

The prospects of the unlimited, the illusion, that provoked

us; to dream higher

     towards a world where qualifications weren’t required.

Never too concerned with the physicality till we 

learned about the green monster,

and the pressures of life attacked and conquered.

Our inner monsters killed already turnt’ our 

third eye to steel already, unconsciously conscience.

Buried alive but without blinds.

           Finding it hard to block out the polluted skies.

           I mean the TV screen our Intel processor establishing 

themes that violence is cool, get the latest shoes, have sex, and indulge in materials.

                   Inadvertently we stagnate:

         intuitively we should form our commodities around aquiring intellectual wealth- a great proclamation; in ode to eudaimonia

(Edouard Labrosse (b. 1983, Lyon, France) - Untitled, 2012    Paintings: Oil on Canvas)

P.S. The next time you feel hungry for poetry, choose to have your corn on the C.O.B