• me: *giggles in public while looking at her phone*
  • random girl: she's probably giggling because of something her boyfriend texted.
  • random boy: she's probably giggling because of a joke a friend told her.
  • me: *actually giggling because just cant stand some funny sexual tension on a gay fanfic and reacts like a 5yr old that has seen the word penis*

Seokjin: We both look great tonight.

Namjoon: If you’d just said I looked good, I would have complimented you back.

Seokjin: I couldn’t take that chance.


Can we just appreciate how Seokjin is casually leaning on Namjoon… like that is so natural and Namjoon just leans back. They really look like a couple here! The way they share small talks and smiles… oh God my Namjin heart!

Jin trying to flirt with oblivious namjoon pt 9
  • Seokjin: Was that an earthquake?-
  • Namjoon: Are you starting to hallucinate things? Do you need to see the doctor? Have you even gotten enough sleep? Eaten well?
  • Seokjin: *feeling touched and pissed at the same time* i'm fine.
  • Seokjin: *thinking* if he just wasn't so fucking dense

Namjin: *texting*

Seokjin: joonie, pls just hear me out…

Namjoon: Fine.

Seokjin: i like you ok?

Seokjin: and I feel that something is missing in my hart.

Namjoon: I think it’s an E.

[15 minutes later]

Namjoon: *dramatic gasp* Oh my god.

Namjin Pickuplines #9
  • seokjin: joon, do you love me?
  • namjoon: i do
  • seokjin: then shout it out loud, tell the whole world you love me
  • namjoon: *leans in and whispers* i love you
  • seokjin: huh?
  • namjoon: you are my world~
  • seokjin: you're sleeping outside tonight