Being Anti-Black woman is NOT new. Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver admits to hating and raping Black women - Mammy No More
I always discuss misogynoir and how black males have never been accountable for their actions against black women, and pretty much how Black males in the public eye are still praised after raping and beating women.I was at Barnes and Noble and saw the “Soul on Ice” book written by Eldridge Cleaver, former Black Panther. I remember when people started to circulate a picture of Eldridge Cleaver and his wife at that time, because his wife was light skinned, as an attempt to defend Kendrick Lamar against the dark skinned chick who accused him of hating dark women. The argument was you can have a light skinned woman and be pro black. No one said you can’t date light skinned women because they are light skinned. The blogger was basically pointing out that it is possible that he is like MOST Black male celebrities that hate dark skin women and go out of their way to date non-Black women. Most Black male celebrities have no shame in saying they prefer other races of women over their own and they “prefer” light skinned. See who made the list Bougie Black Girl came up with here . Well it turns out that all the “rumors” and speculation was true : in Cleaver’s book he expresses his hate for Black women. Many Black women and people in general are unaware of what was written in this book, and those who did know didn’t seem to care. Eldridge Cleaver was a troubled man conflicted as to why he hated Black women then starts to hate white women.Instead of addressing the issue, he used it as an excuse to harm Black women. He admits to practicing rape on the Black women in the ghetto (why not the suburbs??? Respectability politics and believing that poor women are beneath him and unworthy of respect) and then goes on to rape white women. Conclusion: Eldridge Cleaver dated light skin women because they were indeed closer to white in his eyes AND he wasn’t for all Black people. He was just for straight Black men just as 90% of Black civil rights leaders. Kathleen Cleaver actually later spoke out about how the Black panther party fetishized light skinned women and hated dark skin women when she left the party. He also believed the bullshit that Dwight man divided us by giving Black women jobs and government assistance

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Stanford students speak out about Brock Turner and rape on campus

These students are right, there are hundreds of Brock Turners on campuses all over the country. And now they see some real example how to rape a girl and get away whith it…

Students should not feel afraid on campus, but our justice system makes everything to help these white rapists to not be responsible for their actions.



Is it possible? His sentence is 6 months and he’s been in jail for only 3 months and he’s already getting out. This just shows that any white scumbag with money can do anything he want.

If it was a person of color he would serve the full sentence like 25 to life.Oh, wait, no, he would be shot dead!

Shameful shit. Fuck white privilege!

Fuck this stupid and racist justice system.