The guy at the pharmacy was obviously confused when I asked for men’s rogain because clearly I’m a girl and I have a full head of hair but my eyebrows need help.

Rapidbrow works amazing, my eyebrows are growing in so much more, but I need to step up my game. So now I’m going to use the rapidbrow with the rogain (using the Korean generic brand) together. Pray for my thick eyebrows.

Longer lashes with a smaller price tag

I am all about lush, long lashes these days, and my growth-accelerating product of choice these days is actually a mascara (Dr. Lili Fan’s Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster Formula, if you must know). I shared this beauty tip with a gaggle of girls over lunch last week, after one of them told be she just started using Latisse. My next tip after that: When it’s time to head back to the doctor for a refill, try RapidLash instead.

This lash-booster has so many advantages over the prescription competition… First, it’s over-the-counter, so that means no special trips to the doctor’s office. Second, this formula is comprised of peptides, amino acids and lash conditioners—not drugs—so there’s no laundry list of potential side effects for you to worry about. Last, and certainly not least, RapidLash only costs $49.95, while the “other” lash booster can set you back up to $120 a month (and one tube of Rapid Lash lasts longer than that).

The FDA is pretty strict about the claims drugs can make, so you probably don’t know that Latisse can be used on the brows as well. However, it can take a while to apply with that teeny tiny eyeliner-like applicator. Enter RapidBrow, which features the same fabulous growth-stimulating formula with a spooly application for maximum coverage in minimum time.

Don’t believe me? Get a load of this amazing before-and-after photos…

Now are you willing to give these products a try?