Still in love with this photo that Andrew took of me on the first day of our spring holiday together (March 27th) …I look so confident, badass, and love the train flying past. Such an awesome shot. He’s so good with a camera- well, he’s so good at most things.

I treasure him. I like the way he sees me. I like the way he sees the world.

I often reflect on this photo because I wish I could live in that moment … Such lovely memories. Being in a long distance relationship is tough… But, to me, it’s worth it because no one else makes me as happy as I am when were together. (Or far apart) he’s special to me. A+N.


These have been collected since December 2012 — even though we’ve been friends since way before that! … I’m sharing these funny faces/smiles/moments captured throughout the months of our long distance relationship (have tons more but, it’d be a bit much…) - thankful for the technology to keep us connected despite those 4,000 miles between us.

No one makes me smile or laugh like Andrew, no one else makes me feel alive and I don’t care for anyone else the way I do for him — he’s special. I feel proud of him everyday. He’s the best. He inspires me… He is my man and I treasure every moment I spend with him whether in person or through our phones. A+N. ❤🐞💙

How am I supposed to sleep without him next to me - to wake up in the daylight without his arms around me? Roll over and feel his warmth next to me… Or wake up in the middle of the night and feel his sweet sleepy kisses? … 4,161 miles away but, he’s still the closest to me. ❤