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BPD Symptoms and Features

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BPD is a chronic mental disorder of emotional dysregulation+hypersensitivity due to factors such as:

-A result of an overactive autonomic nervous system (fight or flight- functions associated to panic, anxiety, anger reactions, etc)
-An under-active parasympathetic nervous system (The system that is responsible to regulate the autonomic nervous system)
-Less active and smaller in volume abnormalities in the limbic system which has functions linked to: emotional reactions, memory, decision making, motivation, behavior, learning and developmental ability, thought pattern, instincts, psychotic symptoms, seizures, and senses/the way the body perceives external stimuli.
-Reduced volume in frontal lobe which has functions linked to: decision making, communication responses, ability to comprehend consequences, emotional-based memories and triggers, and relations to people, events and situations.
-Abnormal blood flow to parts of the brain that control emotions, resulting in one to be more reactive
-Emotional reactions firing off 20% longer
-A ton of other factors

Here are the 9 main symptoms noted in the criteria and research.

1. Extreme reactions to real or perceived/feared abandonment, rejection, or criticism

2. Splitting and idealization/devaluation

3. Identity disturbance- impoverished self image/self esteem and sense of self, dysphoria, despising ones self, and extreme instability and no direction towards the future, aspirations, goals, [career] plans, values, etc

4. Impulsive behavior- a sense of urgency to relieve intensity of emotions from stimuli, often self damaging (spending sprees, binge eating, steal, substance abuse, etc).

5. Reoccurring suicidal behavior/ideations (gestures, extensive thoughts, planning, role playing) and self-harm

6. Intense rapid cycling of affective instability due to hypersensitivity+dysregulation reactions

7. Depressive symptoms- chronic feelings of emptiness, frequent feelings of being miserable, shame, self-inferiority, and extreme difficulty recovering from such feelings

8. Intense anger and/or aggression reactions- frequent anger easily triggered from incidents

9. Paranoia/panic and dissociation reactions (often in response to stresses/anxieties)
[People with BPD may often experience reactions/episodes of psychosis- paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, body dysmorphic figures, etc, as well]

Then there are hundreds of other symptoms and features to this very complex, and unfortunately, highly stigmatized and misunderstood disorder. Here are a few indicated in research.
(Note- One with the disorder may display some or most of these, but nothing is guaranteed as each person with the disorder is an individual, so don’t use these as assumptions. Some may not have the same symptoms as others, and no person with it is portrayed the same way.
They are rather a guideline to mental health workers because they are often seen and developed from the disorder and symptoms).

(ALSO NOTE- Others without it can obviously ‘display/relate’ to some of this from time to time once you take a look, but the reasoning, cause, severity, and pattern is different and this is a chronic disorder.Please note it’s completely different than that and that this post is just for awareness/education purposes since not many know about it- how to deal, what to expect, etc.
Percentages show that 8/10 of these individuals attempt suicide, while 1/10 complete it. Stigma and assumptions don’t help, but awareness does.

10. Anxiety, nervousness

11. Headaches/migraines are common

12. Seizures

13. Higher nociception (pain tolerance)- Studies show alterations in pain processing in over 50% of those with BPD. The result of this comes from different systematic responses and antinociception and may be a result of long-term self harm behavior in some cases).

14. Distorted/irregular eating patterns- reduced food intake, impoverished diet, etc

15. Obsessive compulsive features- intrusive thoughts in the thought pattern/processes, repetitive behavior as a result of self harm, paranoia, distress, etc, and repetitive speech, to name a few

16. Self discipline/work orientation as a result of OCD features

17. Attachment

18. Extreme reckless-daring behavior

19. Baiting

20. Unstable relationships

21. “Always” and “Never” statements/reactions (splitting)

22. Sleep deprivation or irregular sleeping patterns

23. Voice changing

24. “Acting out”

25. Extreme curiosity and interest  

26. Dependency

27. Sarcasm

28. Promiscuity

29. Mimicking/mirroring

30. Flashbacks


32. Difficulty processing information

33. Difficulty focusing and concentrating and poor attention span

34. Consistent/radical change of appearance

35. Certain feelings of fear, negativity, or rejection of authority/people of “high importance” in their mind.

36. Alluring/seductive behavior

37. Extreme need for acceptance

38. A need to prove themselves over and over as identity may be graded on a scale of what was done that very day

39. Extreme apathy, boredom, dullness, and indifference

40. ‘Flat affect”- lack of emotional reactivity and inability to express/show emotions due to depression, absence of emotional response

41. Creative thinking

42. Studies show some are able to read others easily from such hypersensitivity; however, often mistaking neutrality as anger probably as a result of symptoms

43. Isolation

44. Defensive

45. Magical thinking (assumed correlation, interconnection, etc)

46. Fantasizing

47. Panic attacks

48. Anxiety Attacks

49. Hypersensitivity to caffeine, alcohol, some sugars and foods. Often described as being “allergic” to such things as it causes reactions from hypersensitivity and symptoms.

50. Memory lapses- a result of dissociation, intense reactions, etc

51. Extreme perfectionism

52. Avoidance

53. Euphoric reactions

54. Detachment

Avoidance of eye contact

56. Difficulty transitioning with life aspects such as changes to plans and arrangements

57. Difficulty with awareness

58. Sensitivity to senses- light, sounds, temperatures, etc- from hypersensitivity  

59. Resistance

60. Difficulty with decision making, poor decisions, and/or indecisiveness, insecurity

61. Difficulty completing tasks

62.Rapid” or excessive speech

63. Restlessness, difficulty relaxing, feelings of “being on edge.”

64. Extreme sense of security, comfort, and connection with animals/nature and inanimate objects such as transitional objects

65. Undermining a goal, success, or relationship

66. Often occurs with PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) or worse reactions to menstrual cycles because of the hypersensitive and systematic changes

67. Extreme difficulty and lack of object consistency (inability to recall that people or objects are ‘still there,’ consistent, and reliable when they are not currently being physically seen/there and difficulty maintaining these feelings

68. Flight of ideas, racing thoughts, rapid thought patterns

69. Brief remission of symptoms in response to certain events (positive reactions)

70. Disrupted or delayed life aspects- education, relationships, jobs, etc

No particular order. If you may need a source, example, description/explanation for more understanding for any of these, feel free to ask :)

the greatest injustice you can serve to a gemini is talking over them. but they are quick to interrupt people because their minds work so quickly and they need to speak before it disappears. they are also prone to rapid and pressured speech. when they are not being heard, they don’t go silent, they speak louder 

Midnight Masquerade - Part 6

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Genre: Vampire! AU | Angst | Fluff (Although, it’s beginning to become partly College/Uni! AU, and even some elements of Soulmate!AU cx)

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? 

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi (Ft. the other boys of BTS cx)

Word count: 2495 (Longest part yet cx)

Warnings: Mentions of biting (I believe that’s it?)

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10

(A/N: Finally finished this after a bit of writers’ block! I’m pretty happy how this turned out, but as always, I would really like to hear what you guys think!! Please let me know if you like how the story is going, or if there’s anything I can improve on, because I’m sure there’s a lot!)

The world around you seemed to stop, as your eyes remained fixated on Mina, her lips still curled up into a mischievous smirk, settling down into her seat and taking out her laptop amongst other things. How could she act so… normal, like nothing happened, like she wasn’t supposedly dead only a few days ago?

“What’s going on?” You hissed quietly, trying not to interrupt the lecturer. “How are you even here? And why do you look so… pale?” (Although, you reckoned you knew the answer to the latter.)

Mina looked up from typing frantically, turning her head to glance over at you, the familiar sparkle shimmering in her eyes. “(Y/N), you know we’re in the middle of a lecture right now, right?” She asked, her eyebrows raised expectantly. “Unless you want to miss out important stuff, you might wanna start writing.” She chuckled under her breath, looking straight ahead once again, leaving you in a fluster yet again.

You threw your arms up in frustration, huffing as you put pen to paper, beginning to scribble away as you tried desperately to focus on the professor’s rapid speech, his arms moving around as he pointed to the projection screen. And yet, you found your thoughts drifting off once again, as your writing hand slowed down, your eyes beginning to wander around the hall. You sighed, only for your breath to hitch as you spotted the guys from before, sitting a few seats down as they stared over at you, their eyebrows furrowed in confusion, it seemed, their eyes darting from Mina to you to Mina once again.

“What’s the big deal?” You muttered under your breath, frustrated to no end at the constant questions you were left with, your head still spinning. Your eyes shifted over to one of them specifically; the man with the jet-black hair, his slender fingers reaching up to brush his fringe away from his eyes. His gaze bored into you, as your eyes became fixated on him also, a sense of familiarity nagging at the back of your head. The two of you stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, before the man finally tore his gaze away from you, turning to face the front once again. You did the same; and yet the strange feeling that overcame you, remained, constantly present in the back of your mind, urging you to find out more. You felt a strange connection to the man, drawing you towards him. You felt a strange need to be around him, and you wondered if he felt the same, or if you were simply delusional.

Your mind finally returned to reality, and you glanced ahead, only to realise that you had missed most of the lecture lost in the abyss of your own thoughts. A deep groan escaped from your throat as you realised you were going to have to get the notes off someone. You glanced over at Mina’s laptop, the screen covered in lines of writing, and you sighed, pushing your hair back as you leaned over to Mina, who was packing her things away, humming a tune.

“Mina…?” You asked hesitantly, as she turned to face you once again, a strangely sweet smile on her face, the vibrant colour of her lipstick contrasting with her newly pale skin, causing you to inwardly grimace. You felt like you didn’t even know her anymore; this new, elegant Mina was not the person you grew up with.

Pushing your thoughts aside, you asked, “Do you mind if I… uh, take a copy of your notes?” Mina met your anxious gaze with a cocky smirk, as she teased, “Were you too busy staring at Yoongi to take notes, hm?” You simply sat there, your eyes widened as she threw her head back in a laugh, saying, “Yeah, sure, I’ll email it you.” Yoongi? Was that his name? How did she know him? How had she even noticed you staring? She seemed to be intently and frantically typing the whole time. You felt a blush rising onto your cheeks at being caught, looking back in the direction of the boys, only to notice they were gone. You felt a strange tinge of disappointment - although you couldn’t tell why - picking up your things and following after Mina like a lost puppy.


Yoongi leaned back in his seat, exhaling in slight boredom. The lecturer droned on and on, monotone voice beginning to send Yoongi to sleep. His eyes began wandering around the hall, coming to a stop when he noticed Mina sitting with that girl again. His gaze fixated completely on you, only for you to shift your body around, your eyes stopping when you noticed him. Despite Namjoon looking up from his notes and nudging him to pay attention, he found that he couldn’t take his gaze off you; an invisible connection beginning to form between the two of you. However, it felt more like this connection, this string of fate between you was merely being repaired, rather than created anew.

The familiar feeling never left Yoongi’s mind, as he studied you carefully, noticing how your hair cascaded down your shoulders naturally. His eyes glazed over as his mind casted back to the night of the ball, and the girl that had - somehow - stumbled into his room. He recalled how her hair was the same hue as yours; her eyes held the same enchanting look as yours. A suspicion began to grow in his mind, as he wondered if the nagging thought in his mind was indeed correct. He vowed to find out more about you, one way or another, and work out why he felt such a strong need to be in your presence.


Sitting in the cafeteria, you quietly ate your lunch, Mina rambling away. Your mind wasn’t focused on the words coming out of her mouth, however. Instead, you were more concerned with the black-haired man. There was something so strangely familiar about him; from the way he constantly brushed his hair away from his eyes, to the distinct gaze in his eyes. As you thought about the translucent tone of his skin, your mind slowly began to make a connection between the “vampire” you had met at the ball - the one who had left you with a seemingly permanent scar on your neck - and the man from the lecture hall. A sense of foreboding rose through your chest, as you contemplated the possibility that they were one and the same. You couldn’t be sure - his mask covered most of his face after all - but the connection was there, and it scared you. You made a mental note to somehow find a way to question your mother, as you were certain she knew something about the matter.

“Earth to (Y/N)? Are you even paying attention?” Mina waved her hand in front of your face, bringing you back to reality, the thoughts pushed back to the back of your head. A small smile crept onto your face at her antics, as Mina finally seemed to be reverting back to her old self, despite the clear differences in her appearance. The smile soon faded however, once questions began to flood your mind again, as you squinted your eyes, studying her carefully.

“What?” Mina asked, her mouth stretching into a small O-shape. “Is there something on my face?”

“How are you alive?” You said abruptly, your tone surprising cold. “I could’ve sworn you were dead. I saw your lifeless body, Mina.”

“Ah… that’s a long story, you see..” Mina replied, her tone slightly anxious, as she fidgeted in her seat. “Besides, you probably won’t believe me anyways…” She mumbled the last sentence under her breath, and yet you surprisingly heard every word, your arms crossing over your chest.

“We have time. And trust me, I already have some ideas. I doubt it’ll shock me after what happened that night.” You self-consciously adjusted the turtleneck you were wearing, ensuring it covered the scar on your neck.

“I guess you deserve an explanation…” Mina sighed, settling in her seat. “It all started when we got separated in that massive place. I looked around but I couldn’t see you anywhere, what with that crowd of people.”

Mina stopped somewhere in the flurry of people, realising you were nowhere to be seen. “(Y/N)?” She called out, and yet there was no response. Wandering through the hall, she noticed how the elegant people around her were staring at her, their tongues flicking out briefly, running across their lower and upper lips in a swift motion, almost in a ravenous way. She furrowed her eyebrows, a strange sense of foreboding settling at the pit of her stomach at the way the people were gazing at her. This was definitely a strange ball, the people near like nothing she had seen before. They were all hauntingly beautiful, with their sculpted figures and clear skin. They were so strangely pale, she noted, pale beyond any human.

Her head swiveled around to spot a large door, the frame decorated with the most intricate carvings. Something about that door beckoned to her, enticing her to enter and discover what was inside. A few others followed behind her, also fixated on the same door. These others however, were like her, their skin tones much more human-like.

Walking slowly towards the door, Mina rested her hand on the cold handle, pushing it open, the door swinging open to reveal a darkened room, Mina only just able to make out what looked like a strange sort of labyrinth. Something inside her urged her forward, as she, along with the others, cautiously stepped in, attempting to navigate through the maze. Glancing upwards briefly, Mina spotted a glass window enclosed another room that looked over the maze, her eyes widening slightly as she saw those… “people”, mingling and conversing, some watching the maze intently, glass in hand.

“What is going on…?” Mina whispered out loud, spinning around when she heard the distinct sound of shuffling, and footsteps, like someone was coming closer. “I’m not staying to find out,” she thought to herself, spinning on her heels, only to run further and further into the maze, the same sound of footsteps following close behind. The sound became louder and louder, closer and closer, the cheers from above increasing as Mina felt a cold hand clasp her mouth, the other arms securing her in place. Her screams and protests were muffled by the hand, a sharp sting of pain spreading throughout her body as she felt something sink deep into her neck.

The last words she heard before she passed out was, “Now it’s simply time to see if she’ll turn, or if she’ll die, and we can finally feast…”

You didn’t realise you were, quite literally, on the edge of your seat throughout her story, your eyes wide. You finally began putting the pieces together; her lifeless body, the deep bite on her neck. She must’ve woken up after you ran, meaning that she was, in fact, one of them. What did that mean for her? Looking down at the table, you realised Mina had not touched her food even once, your hands shaking ever so slightly as the realisation hit you.

“So.. as ridiculous as this sounds…” you started, lowering your voice, although with the events that had unravelled in front of you, it didn’t seem as unbelievable anymore. “You’re basically a vampire now?”

“Apparently so,” Mina responded, flashing you a grin as the sparkle returned to her eyes. “At least, that’s what Seokjin told me.”

You stared at her in confusion, until she realised you had no idea what she was talking about.

“Oh, my bad.” She laughed, continuing, “After I woke up, the other people around people looked… disappointed, I suppose and they all moved away. All of them except a few. Seokjin was the first to approach me, he took my hand and helped me up,” she recounted, a smile on her face as she spoke at this new person. “Yoongi was there also - the guy you were staring at during the lecture - Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook…” She counted off her things, rambling a list of names, and yet you continued to stare in confusion.

“They’re the only ones who actually bothered to explain what had just happened - I was confused as hell obviously - everyone else just walked away disappointingly.” She tutted, as you sat there, absorbing this new information.

Your blood ran cold as you realised that your suspicions were in fact correct - the mysterious man that had left you with the scar on your neck, was the one and same as Yoongi.

“Shit.” You cursed, as you yanked down your turtleneck, your fingers gently touching the mark. It burned under your touch and you retracted your hand in both pain and surprise. A white-hot searing pain spread through your head at this very moment, as you screamed out, your vision rapidly fading. It felt like deja-vu; this was the second time you were passing out in the past couple days, except this time it felt much more intense.

Mina immediately ran to your side, catching your convulsing body before you fell off your seat, as others began to rush over to you, a murmur spreading throughout the hall. A group of people pushed through the crowd, kneeling by your side, nodding at Mina. “What’s happening to her?” Mina asked in desperation, her question focused towards Namjoon who was anxiously staring at the scar on your neck. He reached to touch you, only for a low growl to come from Yoongi’s throat, as he said, “Don’t touch her.”

“Yoongi hyung…” Another boy, Jungkook said cautiously, slightly fearful by Yoongi’s sudden change in demeanour. “Your eyes…”

The others glanced from you to Yoongi, Namjoon attempting to take Yoongi away from the scene, advising him to keep his head down. “Yoongi, calm down, you’re going to blow your cover at this rate.” He walked him away, as Jimin offered to carry you, gently sliding his arms underneath your body, picking you up as he glanced down at you, sweat drops sliding down your face.

“Take her to the nurse’s office now.” Seokjin said with authority, his emphasis on the word ‘nurse’. Jimin nodded in understanding, walking away with your limp body, a few of the boys following close behind him.

“Seokjin, what happened?” Mina asked in desperation, clutching onto his arm with worry.

“Honestly, I can’t say for sure.” He replied, meeting Mina’s eyes with a soft gaze, encouraging her to calm down. “Although there’s a clear mark on her neck, meaning she was bitten at some point, this isn’t normal. It’s not normal for someone to react so… violently. This isn’t a normal case of a human being turned,” he said in a hushed voice, only worrying Mina even more.

“She might not survive.”

Deconstructing STPD: Odd Thinking/Speech

((This is a multi-part series called Deconstructing STPD: symtpoms and the other posts will be linked as I go along!))

Ideas of reference

Odd Beliefs

Unusual Perceptual Experiences

Odd Thinking/Speech (you are here)


Inappropriate/Constricted affect

Odd Behavior/Appearance

Lack of Close Friends + Extreme Social Anxiety


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_disorder

Odd thinking/speech is one of the most obvious symptoms to everyone BUT those with STPD. In fact, one might not view their own thought/speech as odd until someone else points it out! 

I included sources in this one because most websites don’t have a very comprehensive list of the TYPES of disorganized thought/speech, so go ahead and read those if you like (most of the information will be repeated here)

Odd speaking/thought can be caused by a lot of different things, but a lot of the times the speaking part is because of odd thought. STPD is technically a very mild psychotic disorder, and psychotic itself means “thought disorder”! So it makes sense that thought is unruly. If you don’t experience odd speech, it just means you’re able to filter out the garbledygook inside your head. It would be pretty rare, though.

Odd speech and thought isn’t necessarily CONSTANT and you may find that you can sometimes hold a conversation without once speaking oddly, or even hold onto a train of thought and let it go without it being “off”! Also, you don’t have to only experience ONE 100% of the time. You can experience multiple even in the same train of thought/conversation! Most of this SHOULD be able to apply to thought as well as speech.

For some reason, only four or five types of disorganized thought/speech are listed on websites (and it’s always the same four) so we’ll go through those first.

((I’ll be going over about 20-25 different types of odd speech/thought, so most of it is under a keep reading. Hope you don’t mind.))

Vague: Similar to how it sounds, vague speech is when the speaker doesn’t make their point clear. They answer or communicate in a way that is unclear. example: “Hey, why didn’t you come to the party on Saturday?” “I was… busy.”

Circumstantial: Giving excessive detail when asked a question. Unlike with tangential thinking, the speaker eventually returns to the point. example: “hey, why didn’t you come to the party on Saturday?” “Well, I was almost ready to go–I had my outfit on, my hair was perfect (I even curled it) but my dog just THREW UP. He was fine one moment and then the next he was gagging like no one’s business, well that was the third time this week so my mom said we had to take him to the vet.(you get the idea)

Metaphorical: Again, basically, it’s using excessive metaphor when speaking. For instance. example: “Hey, why didn’t you come to the party on Saturday?” “The grim reaper nearly visited my home that day, nearly took my own dog. We forced him out, however–we managed to keep us safe.”

Over-elaborate: Just as it assumes, using too many fancy words in your speech. example: “hey, why didn’t you come to the party on Saturday?” “My canine companion became ill, my maternal guardian and myself had to transport him to the clinic.”

Stereotyped: Basically, repeating words. A lot. example: “Hey, why didn’t you come to the party on Saturday?” “Party, party, party, I didn’t–I didn’t come to the party, on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday… busy, i was busy, busy, busy busy busy busy busy.” ((this can be present in thought, almost like having a song stuck in your head, but with words or concepts which continuously repeat.))

Okay! Now onto some lesser known ones. 

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Would you be able to make a post on all the different kinds of thought disorder?

Hi anon. I found this information about thought disorders.

Thought disorder (TD) or formal thought disorder (FTD) refers to disorganized thinking as evidenced by disorganized speech.Specific thought disorders include derailment, poverty of speech, tangentiality, illogicality,perseveration, neologism, and thought blocking.

Psychiatrists consider formal thought disorder as being one of two types of disordered thinking, with the other type being delusions. The latter involves “content” while the former involves “form”. Although the term “thought disorder” can refer to either type, in common parlance it refers most often to a disorder of thought “form” also known as formal thought disorder.

Eugen Bleuler, who named schizophrenia, held that thought disorder was its defining characteristic.However, formal thought disorder is not unique to schizophrenia or psychosis. It is often a symptom of mania, and less often it can be present in other mental disorders such as depressionClanging or echolaliamay be present in Tourette syndrome. Patients with a clouded consciousness, like that found in delirium, also have a formal thought disorder.[4]

However, there is a clinical difference between these two groups. Those with schizophrenia or psychosis are less likely to demonstrate awareness or concern about the disordered thinking.Clayton and Winokur have suggested that this results from a fundamental inability to use the same type of Aristotelian logic as others.On the other hand, patients with a clouded consciousness, referred to as “organic” patients, usually do demonstrate awareness and concern, and complain about being “confused” or “unable to think straight”; Clayton and Winokur suggest that this is because their thought disorder results, instead, from various cognitive deficits.

In considering whether an individual has thought disorder, patterns of their speech are closely observed. Although it is normal to exhibit some of the following during times of extreme stress (e.g. a cataclysmic event or the middle of a war) it is the degree, frequency, and the resulting functional impairment that leads to the conclusion that the person being observed has a thought disorder.

  • Alogia (also poverty of speech) – A poverty of speech, either in amount or content; it can occur as a negative symptom of schizophrenia.
  • Blocking – An abrupt stop in the middle of a train of thought; the individual may or may not be able to continue the idea.This is a type of formal thought disorder that can be seen in schizophrenia.
  • Circumstantiality (also circumstantial thinking, or circumstantial speech) – An inability to answer a question without giving excessive, unnecessary detail. This differs from tangential thinking, in that the person does eventually return to the original point.
  • Clanging or Clang association – a severe form of flight of ideas whereby ideas are related only by similar or rhyming sounds rather than actual meaning.[9] This may be heard as excessive rhyming and/or alliteration. e.g. “Many moldy mushrooms merge out of the mildewy mud on Mondays.” “I heard the bell. Well, hell, then I fell.” It is most commonly seen in bipolar affective disorder (manic phase), although it is often observed in patients with primary psychoses, namely schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.
  • Derailment (also loose association and knight’s move thinking) – Thought and/or speech move, either spontaneously or in response to an internal stimulus (distinguishing derailment from “distractible speech,” infra), from the topic’s track onto another which is obliquely related or unrelated. e.g. “The next day when I’d be going out you know, I took control, like uh, I put bleach on my hair in California.”
  • Distractible speech – During mid speech, the subject is changed in response to an external stimulus. e.g. “Then I left San Francisco and moved to… where did you get that tie?”
  • Echolalia – Echoing of another’s speech that may only be committed once, or may be continuous in repetition. This may involve repeating only the last few words or last word of the examiner’s sentences. This can be a symptom of Tourette’s Syndrome. e.g. “What would you like for dinner?”, “That’s a good question.That’s a good question. That’s a good question. That’s a good question.”
  • Evasive interaction – Attempts to express ideas and/or feelings about another individual come out as evasive or in a diluted form, e.g.: “I… er ah… you are uh… I think you have… uh– acceptable erm… uh… hair.”
  • Flight of ideas– a form of formal thought disorder marked by abrupt leaps from one topic to another, albeit with discernable links between successive ideas, perhaps governed by similarities between subjects or, in somewhat higher grades, by rhyming, puns, and word plays (clang associations), or innocuous environmental stimuli – e.g., the sound of birds chirping. It is most characteristic of the manic phase of bipolar illness.
  • Illogicality – Conclusions are reached that do not follow logically (non-sequiturs or faulty inferences). e.g. “Do you think this will fit in the box?” draws a reply like “Well duh; it’s brown, isn’t it?”
  • Incoherence (word salad) – Speech that is unintelligible because, though the individual words are real words, the manner in which they are strung together results in incoherent gibberish,[9] e.g. the question “Why do people comb their hair?” elicits a response like “Because it makes a twirl in life, my box is broken help me blue elephant. Isn’t lettuce brave? I like electrons, hello please!”
  • Loss of goal – Failure to follow a train of thought to a natural conclusion. e.g. “Why does my computer keep crashing?”, “Well, you live in a stucco house, so the pair of scissors needs to be in another drawer.”
  • Neologisms – New word formations. These may also involve elisions of two words that are similar in meaning or in sound. e.g. “I got so angry I picked up a dish and threw it at the geshinker.”
  • Perseveration – Persistent repetition of words or ideas even when another person attempts to change the topic. e.g. “It’s great to be here in Nevada, Nevada, Nevada, Nevada, Nevada.” This may also involve repeatedly giving the same answer to different questions. e.g. “Is your name Mary?” “Yes.” “Are you in the hospital?” “Yes.” “Are you a table?” “Yes.” Perseveration can include palilalia and logoclonia, and can be an indication of organic brain disease such asParkinson’s.
  • Phonemic paraphasia – Mispronunciation; syllables out of sequence. e.g. “I slipped on the lice and broke my arm.”
  • Pressure of speech – Unrelenting, rapid speech without pauses. It may be difficult to interrupt the speaker, and the speaker may continue speaking even when a direct question is asked.
  • Self-reference – Patient repeatedly and inappropriately refers back to self. e.g. “What’s the time?”, “It’s 7 o'clock. That’s my problem.”
  • Semantic paraphasia – Substitution of inappropriate word. e.g. “I slipped on the coat, on the ice I mean, and broke my book.”
  • Stilted speech – Speech characterized by the use of words or phrases that are flowery, excessive, and pompous. e.g. “The attorney comported himself indecorously.”
  • Tangentiality – Wandering from the topic and never returning to it or providing the information requested. e.g. in answer to the question “Where are you from?”, a response “My dog is from England. They have good fish and chips there. Fish breathe through gills.”

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How are you supposed to write a character that's unpredictable and maybe slightly insane?


Well, I think you have to decide how you’re using the word ‘insane’. If you mean clinical insanity (which is actually a legal term) then a fair amount of research must be done.

Here’s some starting places:




If by insane, you mean eccentric, loony, strange, etc. then I reccomend some of the following behaviors:

• illogical, 'out there’ plans

• spontaneous actions that aren’t the most simple ways to solve a problem

• rapid speech

• big imagination

• bizzare hobbies/ obsessions (ex. fondness of 15th century poetry)

• lack of sympathy/ empathy (not a complete absence though)

• emotional or rapidly changing moods

• isn’t good with social nonsense like small talk

• uncommon habits (ex. wearing a different hat for every day of the week)

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly list some examples of disorganized thought / speech?

theres thought disorder TD and theres formal thought disorder FTD but dont understand how theyre different except for that formal thought disorder is about form

“this bliss its a miss, the mice diss, they kiss” this is clang association which is a flight of ideas, clanging is where words connect but only through sounds and not meaning

“your dress is frilly! my wedding dress was frilly, my wedding had flowers, i have a garden with roses and lilies and frogs. the rainforest has hundreds of frogs, i found a toad once” this is flight of ideas, the ideas connected somehow but are separate too, these ideas can connect between subjects or by rhyming and word plays, like clang association, or environmental stimuli like the sounds of animals

“your bed is comfy” “comfy, comfy, comfy, comfy” person is copying what another person sayed, this can happen with noises too like beeps or wolves howling. this is echolalia

“whats your room like? cluttered. with what? clothes. what else? blankets and pillows. can you walk around them? yes. do you ever step on them? yes.” this is alogia or poverty of speech, where someone replies small or not at all

blocking is when a train of thought is suddenly lost, so sentences could end before theyre finished

“outside the camera is running, though it’s numbers begin could someone take out our cake, it’s driven to the doorstep” incoherence or word salad. theyre each words but do not relate and are unintelligible

“i accidentally hit my ubiolow“ this is neologisms where a person makes up words, sometimes it’s a mix of two words 

phonemic paraphasia, semantic paraphasia http://everything.explained.today/Paraphasia/

stilted speech is when someone speaks in a flowery, over-polite, legalistic, outdated, formal, quaint, or distant way and is inappropriate for the setting,  “the attorney comported himself indecorously”

someone asks a question “hmmm it’s a yes but only because it’s safe. if it werent safe id pick this. and this is too dangerous almost so maybe i wouldnt. maybe id pick this instead. last time someone asked me this i wasnt ready for it wasnt ready at all. last time someone asked me my car broke down. we went and got it at that store. it’s in this state not this one you havent heard of it. i went there because..” this is tangentiality, going on and on irrelavently or obliquely and never returning back to the point

circumstantiality is like tangentiality where someone cant focus on a topic, but people who talk circumstantiality return back to their point

word approximations is when someone uses old and unused words in new ways or when someone puts together two words to call something by what it does, like calling gloves “handsocks” or “handshoes”

“hows your lunch? good. whats in your sandwich? good. would you like some of mine? good.” this is perseveration, someone repeats their answer over and over or has a persistent repetition of words or ideas

loss of goal is not following a thought to a natural conclusion “how do we start the lawnmower?” “we dont have too many puppies, so i think the tv needs to be replaced”

“do you think this problem is hard?“  "of course, my pencil broke dont you see?” this is illogicality where conclusions are reached that dont follow logically   

self-reference is repeatedly and inappropriately referring back to self “whats the time?” “it’s 7 oclock. thats my problem”

“youre.. um you…… um i think uh… that you are  umm… have….. ” evasive interaction is trying to express feelings or thoughts about someone else in an evasive or diluted way 

pressure of speech is rapid speech where a simple questions could be answered with minutes of a reply and has no pauses, a person with pressure of speech may speak even though no one is listening

“this is where we eat, this is where we cook, and our fridge… oh the floor is clean how it get this clean” this is distractable speech and happens because of stimuli

derailment is like distractable speech because the person will change what theyre talking about but it’s because of internal stimulus instead of external 

finded soe of these examples online and some of them may be incomplete but this is what i found or already knwon so there may be some mistakes -  mod purom ps sorry for responding later than say id would

Her name was Rebecca.  Well, I assumed.  She introduced herself as Becca when we typed to each other on the dating site, and again when we met at the restaurant.

“I’m Becca,” she said, sure of herself, with a boldness that brushed away any doubt. 

It was awkward, you know, getting to know someone while stressing over what to order and what to say.  Do I tell Becca how I like her necklace, even though I don’t?  Do I tell her about how it’s cold outside, and that it seems like winter is really coming early this year? 

Thankfully, I suppose, I didn’t have to worry about that; Becca’s cherry lips spewed forth rapids of speech, drowning out any worry that I might say something I would regret later on.  Her scarf hung off her neck like a ribbon—like she had just won first place for ugliest scarf and she wanted the whole world to know of her victory.  I sat, overdressed in a tie and black pants, wishing I was back home doing anything else.

Becca told me about her obnoxious roommate, her “fast-paced” consultant job, and her love of hiking.  I told her what I was going to order, after she finally took a breath to ask. 

The waitress soon returned to take down my order of the parmesan chicken and Becca’s order of some sort of salad.  The brief pause to convey our orders was a welcome respite, too quickly taken away by the waitress’s absence. 

Our food came soon enough, and at last I could fill my ears with the sound of silverware striking the chicken instead of Becca’s complaints.  Still though, I grew exasperated.

I sighed, audibly.  Becca abruptly stopped, her face quickly taking a harsh tone, condemning me for my action.  For the first time, it seemed, her eyes met mine, as she set her fork down on her stack of lettuce.

“What, am I boring you?” she scowled. 

“No, no, of course not.  I’m just tired."  I said, with a degree of honesty that surprised even myself. 

"Oh ok, well so yeah I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but I think it would be too hot you know?  Like what do you even pack for–”

My head was pounding. 

“Becca, excuse me,” I said, reflexively picking up my plate of chicken parm and heading for the exit at a deliberate pace.  I gave the waitress two twenties on the way out and stepped into the cold night air.

I ventured over to the edge of the parking lot, and after finding a suitable cement parking slab, (what are those called?) took a seat.

The chicken tasted better cold, fresher certainly, and I enjoyed every bite.

“Do you do this often?” came a somewhat recognizable voice from behind me. 

It was the waitress.  “Believe it or not, this is the second time I’ve left a date to eat my chicken parm in the parking lot,” I admitted. 

It was the third.

She laughed.  “Well, we kind of need the plate back,” she said, motioning towards it.

“Oh, of course,” I blushed, handing it to her.

“Thanks, and if I may,” she paused and I told her to go on, “It was pretty rude of you to leave the date early.  Even if you didn’t like her, you shouldn’t have left like that.”

She was right.  I needed to stop leaving dates early to finish my chicken parms in parking lots. 

“It tastes better in the cold night air,” I said.  The words slipped out of my mouth; I knew they were ridiculous, and I instantly feared she would judge me.

“Oh, you’re definitely right,” she said, “All poultry tastes better cold." 

"Yeah I know!  You ever just eat your frozen dinners…”

“…right out of the freezer?" 

I nodded enthusiastically.  We were made for each other.  I had found the woman of my dreams. 

I proposed seven months later and she said no, but when I proposed two months after that she said yes.  We were so happy together.  We got a dog named Skippy who was really good at catching frisbees.  Like really good.

  • Temperament: Thinking
  • Mood: Geminis experiencs mood swings with their 'personality' shifts. The changeable Gemini experiences many different personas in a day, each responding to the world with their own values, mannerisms and mood. The emotional state of a Gemini changes frequently, and they rarely remain in a 'melancholy' or 'introspective' mood for long
  • Works From: As the dual sign Gemini works from left and right brain
  • Compulsions: Gemini has a compulsion to remain constantly mentally stimulated and learn; it is hard for them to sit and focus on one task and if their brain is bored they are very irritable. Knowledge is sustenance to them; but leaves them scattered
  • Signs of Distress: Silence, nerves, over thinking, easily distractible and seems 'elsewhere'; they are fairly intolerable to sadness they tend to detach/dissociate from feelings after a short while
  • Signs of Rage: Violent and volatile outbursts, physical tantrums - such as kicking in a door or screaming blue murder, followed then complete dissociation/sense of calm and amnesia, nerves and anxiety, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, expect the dual 'twin' to emerge, confusion
  • Signs of Nerves: Giggling, restlessness, rapid speech, talkativeness, tremors, hyperactivity, distractibility, racing thoughts, insomnia, inability to stay focused on and complete even minor tasks, loud and more talkative inner monologue, chest/lung discomfort
  • Signs of Happiness: Ability to listen, reduced nerves and more stable sense of self, curiosity, ability to retain and recall facts, ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions, more focus/more productive distractibility, giggles, casual demeanor, increased urgency to communicate
  • Fear: Other people will see how internally wound up and vulnerable they are. How much they really need somebody there; no matter how independent they may seem. Needing another person at all scares Gemini
  • Cherry.

Megamind fanfic

Rating: T

Summary: When Metroman gets caught going out with a woman who isn’t Roxanne Ritchie, the scandal makes front page news. While Wayne makes a public announcement regarding his and Roxanne’s nonexistent relationship, Roxanne gets kidnapped by a blue (in body and spirit) Megamind and ends up explaining things. (beginning Megamind/Roxanne)

The minute Roxanne set foot in the Channel 8 broadcasting office, she knew she was gonna have a bad day.  It was a feeling delivered by the way everyone was looking at her: mixed expressions of pity, sympathy, curiosity, and (from that bitch Jaquelin on the morning talk show crew) glee.  She stared blankly at the room at large and sighed. “Alright, what happened.”

Several minutes later, after sorting through everyone talking at once and stealing Coulter’s newspaper, she had the story of the day—no, of the week.  This would last longer than a day.

Wayne Scott, better known as Metro City’s homegrown hero Metroman, was caught ‘cheating’ on star reporter Roxanne Ritchie with another woman.  Which was—which was interesting, frankly, because they were not a couple.  She and Wayne had been telling people for years (exhaustingly dateless years) that they were not together.  Friends, sure.  On a first name basis with each other, yes.  Romantically involved?  No.  But he was the hero, she was the damsel, and everyone just assumed, in spite of what they both say every. single. time. it gets mentioned, that they were.

Now this.  Which begs the question; was the Other Woman someone who believed Wayne when he told her he was honestly single, or was she a harlot trying to bang the superhero behind his 'girlfriend’s’ back? Roxanne would do her best to fix this for Wayne, and she sincerely hoped the lady was just as innocent a victim as Wayne himself.

Where to start?  She could be exasperated, insulting, pleading, or blunt. Pleading, she didn’t have the patience for.  Exasperated, she’d been doing for years.  Insulting, while immediately satisfying, would aggravate at least a few people.  Blunt it is.  "We are not together—"

“Not now,” someone snarked, interrupting her.

“SHUT UP!  As I was saying, we are not together, we have never been together, I have been saying this on camera and off for years!  I am understand the public reacting like this, but you?! After how long we’ve worked together?!”  A few people were nodding, some blushing in what she hoped was an acknowledgement of foolishness and shame, but most just watched her outburst awkwardly. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m probably going to be kidnapped soon.” Davies waved at her dismissively with one hand, clearing her to leave.  Roxanne nodded to her supervisor gratefully.  "See you in a few hours.“  She walked right back out.

She didn’t leave the parking garage immediately after returning to her work van.  First, she called Wayne.  "Have you seen the paper?”

“What, no hello?”  He sounded amused, so he probably hadn’t seen the paper yet.

“Wayne. The paper.  Your date made front page news.”

The sound of rushing wind marked the hero’s use of superspeed.  Knowing him, he probably left the phone hanging in midair while he ran to find and read the closest copy of today’s newspaper.  "Roxy, what do I do?“

"We may have to make a public announcement—”

“Perfect!” The line went dead.

“Damn it, Wayne!” She called him twice more but he didn’t pick up, and Roxanne slapped her cell phone onto the passenger seat.  The man was already gone, alarmed into acting while half-cocked.  She let her head rest against the cold steering wheel and tried to think positive.


Roxanne woke from the knockout spray to the frenetic activity of Megamind. It wasn’t even lunch time yet, it hadn’t taken Megamind long to find her at all.  As always, she was tied to the metal kidnapping chair—the ropes were loose?

Okay, they weren’t loose, exactly.  Badly tied would be a better description—the point was, she could free herself.

And she could see Megamind and Minion working, setting up a death trap on the fly, because they forgot the bag.

The ropes were escapable and the bag was missing.

She had to get to Megamind.

Three minutes of determined wiggling later, her wrists were free.  The knots around her ankles were more secure, but she got out of them easily enough through the simple expedient of taking her shoes off and shifting the ropes down over her feet.

Roxanne practically flew across the warehouse floor to their staging area. She caught Megamind’s arm as he lifted it to point at something and give Minion instructions.  Megamind stopped—just stopped—and looked at her, his ceaseless series of technical speech that Roxanne had no hope of comprehending cut off mid sentence.  Around them, the cacophony stuttered to a halt, brought up short by the freezing of its director.

Now Roxanne could talk.  "Megamind.  You’ve already seen the news.“ That wasn’t a question.

"Yes of course I’ve seen the news, it just isn’t acceptable that Metromahn do this to you, I’m building a freeze ray now—short notice, you understand, it’s almost finished—and—”

Roxanne put her fingers over Megamind’s lips to silence his rapid speech.  "I need you to listen to me, okay?“  (”…isnt’ acceptable that Metromahn do this to you…“) "Wayne and I aren’t a couple.”  She pressed her fingers a tiny bit harder when she felt his mouth move and he went still again instead of saying something about that.  "We never were a couple.  We’ve been trying to tell people that for years, even if no one will believe us.“  A trace of bitterness leaked into her voice.

"Are—really?” Megamind lifted a hand, one that shook with faint tremors, and took hers carefully, like it was made of glass, and lifted it away from his face.  "But—but he always—I kidnap you and he always comes to your rescue.  Every time.  Why would—if you aren’t his—are you sure?  You—the freeze ray, you could—"  Megamind’s eyes kept shifting, flicking from different parts of her face, to her arm, to Minion behind her, to pieces of his hasty construction.

“We’re friends, that’s true, but that isn’t why he comes to my rescue.  He comes because he’s the hero and it’s his job.  He’s supposed to.”  Roxanne twisted her wrist, loosening Megamind’s grasp, and adjusted her hand to thread her fingers between his.  They closed around her own automatically.

He stared at their entwined hands for a moment, disbelief clear on his face.  "But he always comes faster when—I calculated it—when I have you.“

He did?  Roxanne didn’t know that.  But she wasn’t a super genius like him and wouldn’t even notice the pattern unless it was more blatant. "I called him this morning, and do you know what he did?  He used his superspeed!  He found a newspaper and then rushed off.” Megamind’s eyes widened.  He knew as well as Roxanne did that Metroman using superspeed meant serious business.  The hero almost never used that power in their interactions because that would ruin the game.  Take all the fun out of it.  (It was also his most exhausting power and he liked to save it for real emergencies.)  "Who knows what he’s doing now.  I told him we might need to make an announcement, but that could go a few different ways.“

"Minion, check the news channels for Metromahn.”  At Megamind’s command, Minion went to (what Roxanne liked to call) the portable piracy platform, the broadcasting station that was always set up on-site to publicly challenge Metroman and lure him to their location.  It had two screens, both of which came alive and started skipping from channel to channel at Minion’s keyboard-tapping.  Megamind took a step back (still holding her hand—their arms stretched out between them), looked at her quickly from head to toe, then glanced at the chair.  "Miss Ritchie, how did you untie yourself?“

She looked at it askance.  The coils of ropes were still at the feet of the chair.  "The ropes weren’t tied very well, today.” Because the person who tied them was upset.  Most nemeses would be pleased if their opponent or their opponent’s partner was caught or even merely implicated in an affair, but not Megamind.  (“…the freeze ray, you could…” ) Megamind was upset on her behalf.  Roxanne’s hand twitched, fingers clenching tighter around his own.  "You said you were building a freeze ray?“

"Yes, I—yes.  I am.”

“He built it for you, Miss Ritchie!”  Minion didn’t normally do evil grins but that—that definitely was one.  Troublemaker.

Megamind blushed first, ears (his ears were so cute when they turned purple like that) and cheeks flushing, and seeing it made Roxanne blush herself.  "I was going to make you the trigger.  Let you activate it, if you will—it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to assemble, you woke up early—but if Metromahn isn’t really your boyfriend then…“ His voice drifted into silence when he looked at Roxanne again and saw her smiling.

"That’s really sweet, Megamind, thank you.”  Roxanne hopped right up to him and lightly jerked her hand free to hug her supervillain with both arms.  Megamind stiffened—she heard Minion make a squee! noise behind her—and then his arms wrapped around her tenderly.  (She liked this.)

“Um, Sir…”  Minion hesitated.  "I found Metroman.“  They separated reluctantly and joined Minion.

It was breaking news for all the local channels.  Wayne had gone to Channel 8 (because that’s where Roxanne worked) and spoken to the morning talk show trio.  His statement and the staff commentary was a recording being played back, so Wayne clearly did this earlier in the day, possibly while Roxanne was unconscious.  The clip was short, and the hero essentially reprimanded his city.  Said how insulted he was that the citizens wouldn’t listen to him in utter disregard of everything he’d done and said.

"And what about our own Roxanne Ritchie?” Jaquelin’s question made Roxanne hiss with quiet fury.  The unexpected noise drew questioning glances from her companions.

“She isn’t here, so she can’t comment at this time.”

“Any ideas where she is?”

“Probably with Megamind.  She anticipated a kidnapping in the wake of today’s rumormongering.” His disdainful tone emphasizing the last word made his opinion on that crystal clear.  He also shot the woman a warning look, probably because he remembered her from Roxanne’s need-to-vent stories.

“Hmm…”  She didn’t say any words, but she didn’t need to.  That single contemplative hum insinuated everything she wanted it to and then some, all of it scandalous and all of it about her and Megamind.  It was a sneer expressed through sound, a vocalization only the greatest busybodies and shit-stirrers could master.  How Jaquelin landed a job at a real news station instead of a shameless celebrity gossip show, Roxanne would never know.

The clip ended just as Wayne’s expression started shifting to give the woman a dirty look.

“That went pretty well, all things considered.” Minion did a double-take when he turned towards Megamind and Roxanne and saw Roxanne’s irate expression.  "Or… not…?“

Megamind touched her shoulder hesitantly and her face smoothed immediately.  "Yeah, you’re right.  It did go well. People will be talking about us for weeks, but when are they not, right?”  Not entirely sure what the problem was, blue man and fish nodded in agreement anyway.  "Uh, Megamind?“

"Yes, Miss Ritchie?”

Do you know who Metroman’s new girlfriend is?  That’s what she wanted to ask.  She wouldn’t be surprised if he did know. He was a criminal genius and finding out would be child’s play to him.  It would not be an exaggeration to say he could do in five minutes.  Then why not kidnap her instead of me?

Imaginary-Megamind told her.  I thought you were still Metromahn’s real girlfriend.  Don’t worry, I’ll leave you in peace from now on.

No, wait, come back—  Imaginary-Roxanne reached out as he walked away, never to kidnap her again.  (That isn’t what I wanted.)

No.  She wouldn’t ask.

Megamind (and Minion) had been waiting while she mentally meandered, so Roxanne collected herself.  "Can I help with the freeze ray?“

Minion gawked at her.

"You want to—really?”  Megamind looked stunned.  Which made sense. Roxanne was also semi-astonished, and she had been the one to make the request.

“…  Yes.  Everything is—you usually make everything in advance and… I’ve never escaped prematurely before.” She fidgeted under their scrutiny.  "Though I probably wouldn’t be much use,“ she added, mumbling.  "Probably too technical…”

His hands were abruptly gripping her upper arms, and green eyes were alight with excitement.  "You absolutely can help with the freeze ray!“

She could?!  Roxanne inhaled sharply.  "What do I do first? Wait—”  She had an idea.  "Can I have spiky gloves too? I need proper equipment if I’m going to assist the supervillain.“

Said supervision started cackling.  "Minion!  Code: Get the Spare Gloves!”  A second pair of Megamind’s black spiky leather gloves, which Minion collected from a brainbot he summoned, were handed over and Roxanne.  She slid them on—they were a close fit, only slightly the wrong size but comfortable enough—and giggled before shaping a thumbs-up.  Megamind rubbed his hands together.  "We’ll make you an Evil Queen yet, Roxanne Ritchie!“

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anonymous asked:

what signs have we seen of even having a mental illness?

Okay this is gonna be kind of a long post but I’ve been wanting to discuss this for a while so here goes.

The most popular theory I’ve seen regarding Even’s mental health, and the one I’m backing the most, is that Even has bipolar disorder, most likely bipolar II. Bipolar II disorder is an illness in which the sufferer experiences depressive and hypomanic episodes, as well as mixed episodes. Depressive episodes are pretty self explanatory and consist of typical symptoms of depression such as isolation, suicidal thoughts, low mood, fatigue, feeling worthless etc. These episodes can last anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen Even exhibit any of these symptoms yet.

Hypomania, however, is characterized by episodes of euphoria and/or irritability. As someone who suffers with these episodes myself, the only way I can really describe them from personal experience is that everything is very intense and exciting, but also very irritating. Some symptoms of a hypomanic episode include: 

  • rapid speech and flying from one idea to the other
  • an increase in goal directed activity (taking on a bunch of projects all at once)
  • exaggerated self confidence
  • hyperactivity/elation that seems out of character
  • decreased need for sleep
  • reckless and impulsive behaviour
  • increased sex drive
  • substance abuse 
  • sometimes obsessive compulsive behaviour. 
  • irritability 

These episodes tend to last from one week to a few months, but it varies from person to person. I personally think that Even has been having either a hypomanic episode or a mixed episode since his first appearance. Here are some of the symptoms that I have picked up on.

rapid speech, flying from one idea to another and an increase in goal directed activity:

Even: I didn’t know what you liked so I just made everything. What movie?

Isak: Movie?

Even: Taste this. Is it good? The secret is a tablespoon of sour cream.

Even was actually referencing Pretty Woman in this scene (what a nerd). But notice how quickly he changed topics? Even Isak seemed caught off guard by how he went from ‘what movie?’ to ‘taste this’. Also, he made everything, like, that seemed perfectly rational in his mind to just prepare several breakfasts instead of maybe waiting for Isak to wake up to ask him what he likes, which definitely strikes me as a symptom.

exaggerated self confidence:

I mean??? 

hyperactivity/elation that seems out of character:

Back to the morning after scene, a lot of people pointed out how out of character Even seemed here. It could totally just be him being happy that he’s with Isak, but his behaviour here really hit close to home for me. I think this scene is definitely something to take note of.

Decreased need for sleep:

Both times we’ve seen Even spend the night with Isak, he hasn’t been there when Isak wakes up. The decreased need for sleep in hypomania is usually driven by the feeling that sleep is a waste of time. Someone in a hypomanic episode can feel perfectly refreshed from a couple of hours rest a night, some people even stay awake for days. Sleep deprivation can sometimes influence the severity of an episode.

reckless and impulsive behaviour:

The pool scene is a textbook example of impulsive behaviour. Even sees the house, hops off the bike, and breaks open the window without hesitation. Him kissing Isak can also be interpreted as impulsive and reckless, as he was already in a long-term relationship with Sonja at the time.

increased sex drive:

substance abuse:

I recall someone pointing this out a week or two ago, but in most of Even’s scenes, he is abusing either drugs or alcohol. His first meeting with Isak, when they hang out at Even’s, the Halloween pre-drink, the party where he kisses Sonja, etc, all feature him either drinking or smoking a joint. Here are some statistics on BD and substance abuse.

obsessive compulsive behavior:

Okay, this entire interaction was just odd. Read it how you like, I know a lot of people think he was trying to get Isak’s attention, which makes sense. But as someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this just striked me as a compulsion. Maybe we’ll get answers to this scene at some point, idk.


Even: Stop monitoring me.

Some other hints we’ve had are mentioned in this gifset. His reaction to Isak telling him about his mother is also very important when considering this, as well as his behaviour in the most recent clip. He disappears for days at a time and had to move schools and repeat a grade/year, which is really common in mentally ill people. I even had to do that myself. 

If you’re interested in learning about mixed episodes, which I touched upon briefly, you can read about them here

That’s pretty much all I have to say for now, which was a lot, I know. Oops. Feel free to hmu with any questions regarding BD if I didn’t explain this well enough! 

 EDIT: I just want to note that in no way am I qualified to diagnose BD, nor am I trying to diagnose Even with BD. It just seems like the most reasonable explanation for his behaviour, and I’m probably projecting onto him a little but this boy has definitely got something going on.

anonymous asked:

What are warning signs or just signs of bipolar in children?

bipolar disorder is super uncommon in children, so I would always make sure every other option has been eliminated before considering bipolar. most of the common symptoms of bipolar- grandiosity, rapid speech, impulsivity, impaired sleep - are common in kids because of their stage of development, so reading too much into them could cause a totally fine kid to be saddled with a complicated diagnosis and probably some very serious medications. 

  • Temperament: Thinking
  • Mood: Their moods are so hard to analyse because they are so unpredictable. What sets of a response in Aquarius one day; may not worry them the next. Although detached by nature, Aquarius still have changeable emotions and racing thoughts which can take introspection to attenuate. It can take months for anger or agitation to build up in the Aquarian
  • Works From: Left Brain
  • Compulsions: Their compulsion to remain detached - despite the scenario. If emotions start to become heavy, Aquarians quickly dismiss these feelings and cannot stand to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Their need to intellectualize can impair relationships.
  • Signs of Distress: Uneasy, harder to 'reach'; as if they are far away. Silence, isolation, detachment, even though they try to appear happy. Distractible
  • Signs of Rage: Violent and volatile outbursts (verbal, physical - such as kicking in a door) then complete dissociation and amnesia, rapid thoughts, hyperactivity, confusion with interpreting the emotions
  • Signs of Nerves: Talkativeness, rapid speech, over thinking, restlessness, insomnia, confusion; Aquarians will feel anxious or nervous yet have little insight into why they feel this way or what is causing it, their minds and emotional responses are not connected, back pain
  • Signs of Happiness: Talkativeness, humour and entertainment, curiosity, ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions, less fixed and more malleable in own beliefs, increased insights and mind innovations, appropriate sleeping pattern, affectionate, creative
  • Fear: Eventually they will just drift entirely away from everybody. That one day they will be unable to decipher what is rational and not. A true sense of isolation
  • Cherry.

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Their s/o's in labor! How do the male, or female overwatch characters (up to you) react?

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At first, she’s going to be her natural charismatic self, cracking jokes to make her s/o laugh. On the inside? It’s only moderate panic. She’s already hacked systems to pick out the best doctors, the qualified nurses, the greatest anesthesia, everything. In the delivery room, she’s snapping at anything that moves. A rapid-fire speech filled with possible insults and curses on any poor soul that dares to mess up in her line of sight. Are you supposed to be the expert at this? Who the hell do you think you are for not preparing this in record time?! The entire team that’s supposed to work on her s/o is terrified of her. End of story. It’s only when the newborn is placed into her s/o’s arms that she’s smooth once more and even has hints of a genuine smile instead of the malicious snarl that usually dons her lips.

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The hospital bag is packed. Are your feet cold? Let me get those fluffy socks we bought. Do you want something to drink? Lúcio is ready for this baby and you can’t tell me he has different things planned for whatever fate throws in your face. If you can’t get to the hospital, he has Mercy on speed dial. If Mercy is busy, he’s going to have to deliver the baby himself. He’s a medic, he could perform a delivery. He’s excited to have a child, so he’s going to document everything should they be able to make it to the hospital. But it’s not for the public. He wants to enjoy his baby for as long as he can without the public getting in the way. He’s making an entire album in honor of his child’s birthday, and yes he’s going to play it for their birthday’s every year. It wasn’t anything to panic about, he was completely calm and supporting.

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His genuine enthusiasm for the baby is appealing. He has a soft hammer plush ready for when they’re born, and his hand is more than primed for his s/o to hold when it comes time to push. Reinhardt is threatening in size, which makes the delivery team a little uncomfortable. They don’t have anything to fear really. When they witness a man huge in size, carrying a soft green bag and a little plush hammer in his unoccupied hand, you can’t help but melt. When he’s allowed to hold his newborn, his face is lit up with utmost joy.


Marvel High School

Part 1

“Welcome to Hell School.”

“Yes, sir,” you sighed, pressing the phone to your ear. “No, sir. Okay, sir. Yes, sir, we’ll be on the lookout. Okay, sir. Good bye sir.” you hung up, sighing again, and rubbing your eyes. It felt like every moment since you joined S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of last school year, you were getting a phone call from your boss, the Director, Phil Coulson. He always wanted to know if had seen anything out of ordinary, if you were practicing your fighting, if you were ready for your first day of school, if… BLAH BLAH BLAH. He had basically become your third parent, but you loved your new team.

Daisy Johnson, a senior and your team mate, chuckled besides you and you slammed your locker shut. “Is DC getting on your nerves?” she teased, her brown eyes bright with amusement. The older girl was the leader of your team based at the Lee High School, called the “Secret Warriors”. You had three other kids on your team. Lincoln, a newbie like you and a senior, who you thought was in a secret relationship with Daisy. Jemma Simmons, who along with her best friend Leo Fitz, were two seniors who were two of the smartest people you’ve ever known. One of the older agents, Melinda May, posed as the AP Government teacher, and your coordinator with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. And you? Well, you were the scared junior on your first day who didn’t quite know where you fit in yet.

“Just a little bit. It’s like he’s my third parent,” you joked, leaning against the wall, as Daisy dug in her locker.

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” her voice was muffled, as half of body was stuck in the locker. She suddenly popped back out, a triumphant look on her face as she pulled out her Pre-Calc book. “Are you nervous for your first day, (Y/N)?” she asked, shutting her locker, and stuffing her text book into her backpack.

You groaned, biting your lip. “And you just had to remind me.” the other girl laughed, and you sighed. “A little bit, I guess,” you admitted. “It’s such a huge school, and my other one was only a 1A.”

Daisy gave you a sympathetic look, and gave you a hug. “Hey, it’ll be fine. Just keep a look out for some of the more troubling students. Like Pietro Maximoff and Remy Lebeau.” there was an annoyed tone to her voice, and her face scrunched up.

“Oh? What do they-” you were interrupted as the bell rang, signaling five minutes to the start of first period.

“Well, you better get to class!” Daisy gave you one last hug, before walking away. She suddenly turned back, and devious smile on her face.  “Oh, and before I forget, welcome to Hell School!”


As you stood outside your first period class, you could feel your heart beating wildly in your chest, and whole body started to shake. Calm down, (Y/N), you scolded yourself. Just take a deep breath and walk in there. Doing just that, you pulled the door open and stepped in right before the bell rang.

Immediately, all eyes were on you as the teacher paused in taking role. He was a bigger man, with large glasses, and glassy eyes.  “Ah, yes,” he said, his voice tinged with a slight British accent. “You must be (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I presume?” he raised a hairy eyebrow, annoyance clear in his voice. You could tell you weren’t going to get along.

“Yes, sir,” you replied, sarcasm clear in your voice. His eyes narrowed at you, and you could hear some snickering in the back of the class.

“Well, welcome to AP Junior English, also known as the hardest class you’ll take in your whole life. My name is Mr. Rowan, and I’ll be the hardest teacher you’ll ever have in your whole life. At the moment, we are on our Shakespeare unit, and are currently reading Julius Caesar. You can get a book at the school library, and you can sit with-” he stopped in his rapid speech, and his eyes scanned the classroom. He finally settled on someone in the very back of the classroom, and a smirk spread across his face. “-Mr. LeBeau.”

Oh no, you thought, as a feeling of dread spread through you. This was one of the troublemakers Daisy had warned you about just moments ago. Oh dear God no, you thought again, as a sleepy head stirred. He’s hot. This Mr. Remy LeBeau had tousled brown hair with a goldish hint to it, and bright brown eyes that were visible, even in the gloomy light of the classroom.

“Yes?” came a sleepy, and equally raspy, voice, tinged with a New Orleans accent, that matched his handsome looks.

“Very kind of you to join us, Remy,” the teacher answered dryly. “I was just explaining to our new student, Ms/Mr. (Y/N), that you will be helping her/him catch up in this class. Now, you’ve already taken up enough of my time, so please sit down (Y/N), and pay close attention.” Mr. Rowan turned away from you, as if as soon as you were introduced and taken care of, you disappeared.

“Of course, teach,” you muttered under your breath, as you shuffled towards your seat at the back of the class. A few students sent you a friendly gaze, and a girl with short bright red hair and dark brown eyes stood out.

Throwing your backpack on the table, you sat down with a sigh and turned towards your sleepy table mate. “So, what’s the deal with Julius Caesar?” you asked, getting right to the point, and trying to ignore his devastating good looks.

Remy raised an eyebrow, leaning closer to you. “Do you usually open a conversation like dis, cher?” he asked, his voice dripping with honey. Up close, he was even more breathtaking. A chiseled jaw that was speckled with brown hair, and collar bones that stuck out of his loose fitting red shirt.

Mentally slapping yourself, you rolled your eyes. “Just tell me what’s going on in this class, so I can get caught up, fly boy.” your eyes flitted to the clock, and as you realized you still had forty-five minutes left in this class, and you groaned.

“Fly boy?” he questioned, letting out a little laugh. “So you must be a nerd, then.” His brown eyes flickered with amusement, as the teacher drolled on in the front of the classroom.

You huffed, and crossed you arms. “Listen here, LeBeau,” you made it quite clear you had no intentions of ever calling him by his first name. “I’m tired, stressed, and all I want to know is where we’re at in this stupid, bloody book. Got it?”

Remy sighed, and leaned back in his chair. “Well, you ain’t gonna make dis fun, are you? But soon enough, you’ll be beginn’ for old Remy to talk to you.”


As soon as the bell rang, signalling the end of first period, you bolted out of there. For the rest of class, Remy had made a sarcastic comment after everything Mr. Rowan said. You had tried to at least get down a couple of sentences of notes, but damn it, that Cajun was chatting loud enough to distract you, but quiet enough so that Mr. Rowan couldn’t hear. Sighing, you walked down the hall towards your locker.

Just as you were about to walk around the corner to grab your AP Calculus book from your locker, you mowed down by a boy, running faster than anyone you had ever seen. He stopped right next to where you fell, a shocked expression on his face. “That wasn’t supposed to happen,” his voice thick with an accent, and he peered down at you. His blue eyes were wide with shock, and his mouth parted. “I wasn’t supposed to stop.”

“Well,” you grumbled, rubbing your head, as you picked you backpack off the ground. “You weren’t supposed to run me down either.”

“Oh,” his face started to color, as he realized he was just staring down at you as you tried to get up. “Let me help you,” he offered you a hand, hiding his shocked expression, with a charming smile.

You had to admit, he gave Remy a run for his money. The speedster had shockingly blue eyes, paired with thick lashes that any girl would be jealous of, and delicious looking pink lips. He was tall, very well built, and, the most shocking thing about him, was his hair. It looked like a bad dye job. It was mostly white, mixed in with bits and pieces of brown. Shaking yourself out of your lusty daze, you grabbed his offered hand, pulling yourself up. “Thanks. I guess I can forgive you now for nearly running me over,” you joked, and he blushed again, his whole pale face going pink.

“Oh, I, eh, I’m sorry about that,” he admitted, as you let go of his hand. “I’m Pietro. And you are?”

The same sinking feeling you had felt when Remy had introduced himself, was felt doubled. This was the other trouble maker Daisy had warned me about? you scoffed. But he’s so sweet. “(Y/N).” you replied, and he took your hand again. Instead of just shaking it, he brought it up to his lips, and kissed it. Your eyes went wide, and he let out a wild laugh.

Ah, so here’s the trouble making side. “Well, I hope we see more of each other. You won’t be able to get enough of me, no?” And with that, and a wink, he sped off, leaving you dumbfounded as the bell signalling second period rang.

What is wrong with this school?

Mercury in the First House - The Institution of the Intellect 

Mercury first house people exude an insatiable curiosity, restless energy bubbles and a quicksilver temperament. Mercury is the fastest moving planet of our solar system. It completes its orbit around the Sun approximately once every 88 days. It’s swift journey around the Sun is associated with the unique characteristics of Mercury through rapid learning, rapid thought and rapid speech. The individual typically garners a sense of self identity through the words they speak and the ideas they channel to the world. They tend to be engaging, stimulating and learned company who relish in talk therapy, and the opportunity to convey their insights to an attentive audience. The Mercury first house individual is not always renowned for academic prestige. However, observable cleverness and acute wit reveals the bright light in their mind to all that come to know them.

Mercury in the First House is associated with incessant chatter, mental independence and the urgency for intellectual development. This is the home of the permanent student, and the individual may feel he is not progressing in life unless he is learning. When he is not teaching the crowd through playful and stimulating conversation he is asking ‘why, why why?’. Their intellectual interests are most likely scattered, loosely associated and lacking in depth perception. But they make great conversationalists, because they spend a whole lifetime bouncing around from topic to topic. The individual relishes in libraries with bulging bookshelves, the 24 hour news cycle, magazines, blogging and journal writing. And they have certainly mastered the art of influence. The Mercury first house individual has such an influential way with words he can force even the most stubborn Taurus to second guess his own opinion or change his mind altogether. There are endless streams of nervous energy here that can spill into anxiety when the individual is not mentally stimulated or kept 'busy’ enough. They typically find it very hard to relax and sit still. Even when watching a movie they will be on the internet researching the character profiles or background stories. Mercury rules the lungs, and they can literally focus so much on surging thoughts they forget to breathe altogether.

Most people regard the Mercury first house person as sharp, comedic, and full of word alchemy. When the individual cannot properly communicate or share his ideas he tumbles into a state of loneliness, isolation and nervous tension. Languages are learned at lightning speed, ideas are spontaneous and erupt out of thin air, and the individual tends to be a prolific reader or writer. They identify and perceive the world through their thoughts, and broader reality is typically lost in the process. The house of self expression in the energetic Mercury is an intellectual rollercoaster, riding the mercurial temperament and word wizardry through the divine, flighty mind.

she who races the stars (and other tidbits);

some nursery ‘verse Solo Sibling facts:

·         Jaina and Jacen finish each others’ sentences. All. The damn. Time. Nik claims it drives him up the wall, especially when they’re older and mostly-adults and they’ll be rapid-fire spouting off information in little bursts between the two of them, finishing the whole thing with a conclusion, chorused, like they did when they were children and okay maybe then it was sort of cute but now you’re deliberately being shits to other people, please stop this but he’s mostly lying.

·         Very few beings in the galaxy outside of their immediate family actually have a damn clue what the twins are talking about when they go into rapid-fire-speech mode, whether it’s when they’re children or adults. Mom and Dad, obviously, always know immediately, and Uncle Luke doesn’t even have to watch their lips to know what they’re saying. (Mara Jade is one of the few non-immediate family members – at first, at least – who can claim Understanding of what in Force’s name they’re saying from roughly the same time they started talking. Later, the twins will solemnly claim to their Uncle that that’s one of the reasons they Knew Aunt Mara was The One all the way from the start.) (Luke half agrees with them.)

·         Due to the struggle of pronouncing “Millenium Falcon” in full when they were tiny wee things, the name “Millie” was created. Eventually, one of them – or all of them, Han doesn’t know – somehow turned that into “Aunt Millie”, and the damn name stuck.

·         (Most of the time, no one knows what they hell they mean when they talk about “good ole Aunt Millie”.)

·         (Most people are of the impression that they have a particularly crotchety old Aunt.)

·         (Well, they’re not wrong.)

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i don’t know what i’m doing more than half of the time

for my entire adult life, since i was 18, i’ve been dealing with major depressive disorder. attempts to medicate my depression with anti-depressants have always been unsuccessful; my doctors always just said “shucks! that sucks!” and told me to up the exercise ante, which has become more difficult as my body degenerates. many years ago, i resigned myself to dealing with (and potentially, eventually losing the battle) to my depression.

two weeks ago, i rode a wave of severe depression set off by the pulse shootings, questions about my bisexuality and ability to pass while dating a cishet dude, and where i fit into the queer community. while in this slump, i started watching lady dynamite on netflix. i went into the show knowing only that it was a portrayal of maria bamford’s diagnosis of bipolar II disorder and the subsequent effect of her mental illness on her life. the more i watched, the more i felt like i was watching someone else tell the intricate nuances of my life story. my depression crested into what i now recognize as a five-day hypomanic rush, the kind of frenzied gogogo where my nerves feel like exposed, sparking electrical wires on the edge of a puddle, and i knew i desperately needed to see a psychiatrist.

so, because of lady dynamite and maria bamford’s blatant honesty and self-advocacy, i did. instead of resigning myself to a lack of solutions, i made the appointment. i learned a lot about myself: mostly, i learned that i, too, am bipolar. i’ve been repeating it to myself for the last two days like a mantra. “my name is heather and i’m bipolar. my name is heather and i’m bipolar.”

it feels terrifying and comforting all at once - frightening because the stigma of mental illness still exists (if i had a dollar for every time someone erroneously blamed all mass shootings on the mentally ill in the last two weeks, i could afford to check myself into an in-patient program sans insurance) and comforting because now i have a paradigm to work with. anti-depressants increase my suicidal ideation for a reason. i can’t stop my racing thoughts for a reason. my depression peaks in the winter for a reason. my rapid-fire pressured speech happens for a reason. sometimes i’m up at 2 AM organizing the tupperware in my kitchen and writing a short story and cooking two meals at once and working on a painting for a damn reason!

i’m fortunate to have an excellent psychiatrist who recognizes that the inherent complications of my ehlers-danlos disease aren’t going to make treatment of my bipolar disorder simple. i’m a complicated brain trapped in a complexly unsound meatcage. there’s no magic medicine i can take that will make me well instantaneously. it’s going to take work on my part, recognition of my own behaviors and some serious, lifelong therapy to keep my illness in check. but that’s okay. i have answers, and i have a path through the shadows of the deep, dark woods that i thought would swallow me up before.

so if you’re dealing with mental illness in your life, in any capacity, please know that you aren’t alone. Maria Bamford is a brave, amazing human who put herself, her story, and her truth out there, and i will always be grateful for her courage and creativity. because she made me feel less alone, i thought it would be important for me to share my own journey. please know that my message box (or phone, or e-mail, twitter, tumblr, carrier pigeon, whatever!) is always open. pithy aphorisms are always unintentional, but you really don’t have to do this alone.

  • Temperament: Intuition
  • Mood: Aries feel emotions quite intensely; with their outstanding energy. They have an exaggerated sense of joy and impulse; than an exaggerated sense of rage and impatience. The Arian mood changes often cause random outbursts and impulsive behaviours before the reaction is completely forgotten. Aries are are natural hyper sign.
  • Works From: Right Brain
  • Compulsions: Aries are compulsive in their search for new situations and stimulating situations. Once boredom sets in, the Aries is off again, seeming to flow through life on mere impulse
  • Signs of Distress: Rage, impulsivity and failure to get worked up about the things they normally do, oppositional but with less verve and energy
  • Signs of Rage: Violent outbursts, verbal aggression (at times physical), wall punching, volatile impulsivity, confrontation, temper tantrums, complete ego centrism, impatience, nerves, hyperactivity, Aries will calm down the quickest after rage
  • Signs of Nerves: Hyperactivity, headaches, impulsivity, recklessness, hostility, frustration, confrontation, restlessness, rapid speech, over thinking, displays of vulnerability and need for reassurance, inability to complete minor tasks
  • Signs of Happiness: Decreased personal confrontations/increased justice seeking provocation, reduced impulsivity, appropriate sleeping patterns, expanded dreams and imagination, reduced outbursts, ability to let others control situations, affectionate, idealistic
  • Fear: Aries fear that they don't fear 'fear'. Most of them are insightful enough to know they can leap head on into danger unnecessarily and spend half their life making up for the other half's mistakes
  • Cherry.