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If you want to play as a super soldier in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it has been revealed that particular names for your solider will let you do just that, so by changing your name to any of the following will trigger XCOM Heroes and turn you into a super soldier, but once you do this, all achievements are turned off automatically.
The current list of super soldiers are:
Sid Meier
Ken Levine
Otto Zander
Joe Kelly

Canon have launched there 6D, the first EOS camera to have built-in WiFi, which also feature a full frame sensor and a cheaper price tag then the 5D. When paired with the company’s free iOS and Android apps, you can use your phone to change the 6D’s settings, take and geotag photos using the live remote function, and even transfer those shots to your handset wirelessly.
The 6D packs a 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5+ image processor that shoots stills at 4.5fps, does HDR, 1080p 30fps video in 29 minute 59 second clips, sensitivity from ISO 100 up to 102,400, has an 11-point autofocus system with an EV -3 sensitivity rating for better low light performance. There’s a 3-inch, 1.04 million dot ClearView LCD on the back, stereo mic jack, single SD card slot that’s SDHC and SDXC compatible. The 6D goes on sale this December and will be sold in two configurations: £1,799 for the body only, and with a 24-105mm f/4L USM zoom lens for £2,519

Former Capcom producer and Comcept CEO Keiji Inafune has revealed that he is working on a new zombie game titled Yaiba. A spin off of the game ninja gaiden (ninja gaiden z), this new trailer shows you a little insight of the story and shows you a lot of sword slashing action, one title to look out for if your into this genre of games, we’ll keep you posted with the release date is.


Treyarch is including the option to install textures onto the PS3 hard drive in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
This will not provide any performance enhancements, its simply so the game wont over work the blu-ray drive when playing for a long period of time, at least treyarch are being thoughtful, it goes to show that new and future games are going to be taking a toll on the consoles of today, next-gen consoles need to appear sooner rather then later.

Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry is showing there newest creation “Kuratas” that weighs four tons, stands 13 feet tall and comes equipped with a twin rail gun that can fire 6,000 ball-bearing pellets a minute! (Wow) The robot was unveiled this week at the Wonder festival in Tokyo. The Japanese are getting closer and closer to making there manga creations a reality I.e. gundam wing, Neon Genesis. Take a look at this clip and you’ll be amazed, “I know if I was a billion air I would have ordered one of these already.


The newly announced dates for jet set radio’s release will be PlayStation Plus subscribers via the PSN on September 11, followed by regular PSN on September 18. Then a day later on September 19, the game will be opened up to Xbox Live and Steam users. Handheld PS Vita players will have to wait that bit longer on October 16. the game will cost about £5.99/$10/ 800 MSP etc..

Sleeping dogs are releasing several mission and gear packs, set to be ready for download throughout October. Square Enix unveiled four new DLC packs, twenty new cop missions are included in the SWAT Pack, more street races with the Street Racer Pack, and Sleeping Dogs’ most powerful weapons and armor can be unlocked with the Tactical Soldier Pack. While release dates and prices will emerge for those packs in coming weeks, the Community Gift Pack will be made available for free with new content from developer United Front Games.

Square Enix has released a new Hitman: Absolution trailer showing off a lot of the tools 47 can use in his line of work, from a coffee cup, pipes, ornaments to his dual silver silenced beauties. In the clip you’ll get to see how creative you can be when taking out your targets.
Will you be pre-ordering or purchasing this title to become the silent assassin or the menacing, killing machine