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I've been binge reading all your things and try to reblog all of them on my thing but I'm bad at not falling down the rabbit hole of fics and anyways I love you I would recommend you to everyone I know Thanks for following my rec blog <3

Hahah I know that rabbit hole feeling….(that’s me with kpop right now fml haha). I fully support and approve rapid reblogging, don’t worry. I can’t judge because I do it to other people too! :)
Thank you - I’m so glad you enjoy my fics. 📚😘💖🙌🙆🏽🕶🌹🌹🌹

The yoi characters and their Tumblrs

yuuri: total foodie. his blog has a katsudon-theme. reblogs the type of posts that are super specific but super relatable. has the occasional inspirational quotes. has a lot of posts about viktor. reblogs some of the other skaters’ posts.

viktor: actually didn’t have a tumblr until yuuri convinced him to make one. it pretty much consists of ice skating and videos of his practices, pictures of makkachin and dogs in general, selfies, and yuuri katsuki. lots and lots of yuuri katsuki.

yurio: part memes, part Standard Teenage Angst™, part kittens, part pics of himself and otabek hanging out. has quite a number of rant posts, some of which he’ll sometimes delete later.

phichit: hamsters to the max. has his fair share of memes, especially does weird, hard-to-understand but still funny memes. has a lot of aesthetic. reblogs posts spreading positivity about thailand and its culture. 

jj: selfies everywhere. responds to every single ask. reblogs a lot canadian things. reblogs clickbait articles and sends them to the other skaters. likes the ads.

guang-hong: pure, faith-in-humanity-restoring happiness.

sara: uplifting, powerful quotes. promotes female empowerment. promotes equality and respect for everyone. a lot of her followers ask her for advice. cute fashion. often posts after-practice selfies with mila. reblogs a lot of posts about italian history and culture.

michele: reblogs everything from sara, barely posts. if he does posts, it’s usually videos of sara’s competitions.

emil: boy’s a memelord. his profile pic is his michele’s head photoshopped on a the body of romano from hetalia because of course it is. reblogs the posts from the bad side of tumblr. makes his own memes and has a lot of followers because of it. often does that “send me a number” or “ask me anything” thing.

chris: you can scroll through his blog for about five minutes before running into something nsfw, but surprisingly, the nsfw isn’t that bad. his selfies are his aesthetic. follows some suggestive blogs. sometimes posts in french.

otabek: motorcycles. lots and lots of motorcycles and motorcycle-related things. there’s also a quite a fair share of yurio. sometimes there are rapid-fire reblogs of cat videos, courtesy of yurio when he takes over otabek’s blog. he’s the person that makes really inspirational posts that gets a lot of notes. if you scroll far enough, you’ll see posts of adorable teddy bears.

minami: his blog is a yuuri-oriented blog. a lot of yuuri’s fans follow and submit stuff to this blog. viktor follows this blog.

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Finding halloween costumes?? Story time pls hahaha

Oh dear see I was a wee bit drunk when I was writing my tags and doing the rapid fire reblogs last night so I probably made it sound way more interesting then it actually is!!! 😅

But basically flashback to October 2011, can’t remember the exact date but it was probably the 2nd or 3rd week and I had this really intense urge to dress up as a peacock for Halloween. I was on a mission and only one of my friends had their car on campus so like a whole group of us piled in and spent the whole day looking for costumes. It took me forever to find a peacock costume (who would have thought?? Like they have every other damn animal costume lol) and it wound up being frickin expensive as hell (not even gonna say how much– bad non-adult decisions) but I was super happy.

So I came home in a really good mood and went on YouTube (cause who wouldn’t just go on YouTube when you’re super happy?? Lol idk I still spend hours of my time on YouTube, oh well) and I was probably watching an Infinite or B2ST mv (those were really the only two groups I was kinda into at that time) and somehow got to B1A4’s Beautiful Target mv!! And maybe because I was already in a super good mood but watching that mv just made me even happier, almost giddy. And their outfits looked like costumes so it all just tied together and I became interested enough to check them out further and the rest is history ~! ⭐️💕

Where Paths Diverge (11/?)

This is a Captain Swan: Choose Your Own Adventure story where you choose the plot (details here). It’s part of my Follower Appreciation (thanks guys!)

When Regina seeks revenge for Cora’s death and a happy ending with Henry something goes horribly wrong. A canon divergence fic from 2x20 “The Evil Queen” where Regina’s failsafe isn’t an auto-destruct. Now back in the Enchanted Forest Emma and Killian are forced to pretend to be married while they figure out what happened.

Beta by @belovedcreation  Banner by @wingedlioness

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4A| Part 4B | Part 5| Part 6| Part 7| Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 

3K | Rated a high T

“Seriously?” Emma can’t help the frustration and disbelief in her voice; just when she thought things couldn’t get any stranger there is magic truth ice cream.

Surprisingly the woman–Sarah is it?–laughs: a soft almost creepy sound. “Always such a way with words.”

Emma doesn’t like the note of familiarity in her voice but doesn’t want to risk antagonizing her. She shares a look with Killian and though his sword is still drawn he looks as resigned as she is to putting up with the Dairy Queen’s shenanigans. She gives him a nod and he sheathes his sword.

The woman grins. “Excellent choice. Now which one of you will be answering my questions?” Emma’s eyes dart towards her and the outstretched cone (rocky road, her favorite) and her stomach twists. She knows it’s going to be her. Henry isn’t an option and Emma can’t imagine Killian wanting to put himself in such a vulnerable position. Before she can reach out her hand Killian is stepping forward.

“I believe the honor falls to me.”

Emma almost protests but she doesn’t really want to eat the ice cream cone so she bites her lip instead.

Sarah smiles and hands the cone over. Killian barely hesitates before darting his tongue out to lick all around the single scoop of rocky road. He pauses, glancing at Emma and Henry as if waiting for something. When nothing visible happens he shrugs and continues to lap at the ice cream.

Emma knows she shouldn’t be getting turned on right now but she can’t help admire the dexterity of his tongue. Not that he had exactly hidden that talent when they kissed. In his haste to eat the cone the chocolate smears across his lips and a small spot appears on his nose. If they were alone and the ice cream wasn’t a truth serum she would be very tempted to walk over and lick it off him.

Killian catches her eye and stops eating. “Swan, don’t look at me like that unless you intend on kissing me.”

He clamps his jaw shut looking as surprised as Emma feels. Henry and the Dairy Queen laugh.

Killian shoves the half-eaten cone at the sorceress. “I believe your magic is working.”

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BnTailor belted trench coat

A trenchcoat should always possess some degree of formlessness. Save for the 2 very prominent front darts through the waist, BnTailor’s version is perfectly formless. The waist can be belted to provide the illusion of cinching, but underdone the garment is just as breathtaking, it has a peculiar shifting about it. 

This does not mean that it it lacks definition, rather it cloaks and softens the silhouette of the wearer. It evokes impressions of what lies beneath rather than announcing itself as simply the outermost layer. There is almost a casualness to it that redefines the tailored clothing underneath, exaggerating every little movement of the wearer’s body. 

A beautiful and generous coat that turns the notion of ‘slim’ or 'fashionable’ fit on its head. 

(Source: B&TAILOR