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Ask Cal: To push box across water Action: Maintain balance.

Cal: [Push]: [Crate]
[Maintain]: [Balance]

Cal begins to paddle their feet gently and the two of you glide across the river.
You manage to hold your balance pretty well, the river seems calm and barely has a current.

After a few minutes, Cal slows to a stop, they are breathing heavily.

You are now in the middle of the [River]

The water below you is very dark and you cannot see the bottom. A [Bag of Trash] floats nearby and many reeds and lily pads cover the surface.

There are less trees here and you can still see the [Strange Structures] off in the distance, fading into a pale green fog slowly settling across the river.

The [RIGHT] Path leads back to the [Junkyard Swamp River Bank] and the [LEFT] Path leads to the other side of the river.


What Should We Do Now?

My thoughts on the election

I am going to wake up tomorrow.
I am going to be nice to everyone I see.
I am going to make people feel comfortable when they are around me.
I am going to let people know I appreciate them.
I am going to let people be themselves around me without judgment.
I am going to support people who are different than me.
I am going to spread Love.
I am going to make people laugh and be happy to be alive.

Donald Trump can’t stop me. 
And he can’t stop you no matter how much power as he thinks he has.
He can’t stop you from being a good person.


Rebecca Sugar Rapid Fire Questions

Imagine You’re a Thief

You rarely strayed into the wilderness. Towns were always better for you to make a living. Forests and coasts were only good when you were hiding from guards or people you had stolen from. But something else had lured you into the wilds. A nearby town was full of rumours that there was an elven ruin somewhere nearby. The accounts of other villagers narrowed your search to the north. You guessed that the ruin had been carved into the cliff, meaning that you had to find a safe way down. You managed to find an easier path, a hill instead of a vertical drop.

Sure enough, when you reached the bottom, there was a set of stone doors decorated in what you recognized as elven patterns. Torches were on either side, but it looked like they hadn’t been lit in days. There was no heat. No embers. Whoever occupied the ruin had been gone for a long time. All the better for you. If someone was inside, you would have a much harder time stealing something and leaving without being noticed. Besides, taking hostages was something that you tried to avoid.

The doors opened without problem. You hesitated, wondering if there was some sort of magic trap waiting. But the familiar static of magic against your skin never came. It was safe. For now, at least. You descended the stairs, the light from outside fading into darkness. You would have tried lighting one of the torches on the wall, but you worried that the light would attract any ships passing by.

You reached the bottom of the stairs, the room almost too dark to see anything inches away. You paused, listening for noise or anything that would reveal someone else’s presence. But there was nothing. You moved to the side of the room to a desk, fumbling for a lighting a candle. The desk was covered in various bottles and tubes filled with different colours of liquid. Elven artifacts, especially books and tools, always sold for a high price. If you slipped out with a few things, you wouldn’t be burdened and, if the elf ever returned, they would likely not notice that anything had been taken.

You grabbed a phylactery and one of the smaller bottles, stashing both in your bag.

“You are not supposed to be here,” A voice spoke behind you.

You tensed, immediately grabbing the candle and turning around. There was someone standing in the middle of the room. No, not someone. Something. Ribbons were draped over darkness, glowing a faint green. You hadn’t seen it when you had first entered the room. How could you have missed it?

“You have also taken something that is not yours,” The thing stepped closer. Stone and dirt. You had heard of such a thing before. It was enchanted in order to serve as a guardian. The elf was gone, but the ruin was hardly abandoned. One hit from such a creature would either kill you or knock you unconscious. You couldn’t afford to let it get close.

You ran, finding the nearest door and opening it. You didn’t bother trying to shut it. You just kept running. But the heavy footsteps faded. The guardian couldn’t fit through the doorway. It was only meant to deter thieves and intruders at the entrance. But with no other way out, you were stuck until it was distracted. Perhaps it would drift into dormancy. However, if it stopped at the door, you would still be trapped. Your only chance would be when the elf returned. If they ever returned. Nonhumans were being killed left and right in certain cities. Elven mages usually had to travel in order to sell their wares.

You needed to find a place to hide. You passed by a workroom and a library before you reached the end of the hall. Opening the last door revealed a bedroom. There was a wardrobe and space beneath the bed. You could even stand behind the door and slip out when the elf wasn’t looking.

You chose the cabinet. You pushed aside various robes and pressed your back against the wood frame. It felt like hours passed. The stone guard never moved. It waited by the doorway, ruining your chances of escape. You were beginning to grow nervous. What if the elf never returned? Would you really be stuck in the ruin until you either risked your life or died trying to leave?

Finally, something changed. You froze, listening as the guardian shifted. When it stopped, you heard a new sound. It was lighter, quieter. You didn’t have time to place it before someone spoke.

“Master,” It was the stone guard, “Welcome. I should warn you that there is an intruder in your home. They fled to the hall before I could deal with them.”

“Ah,” Another voice replied. It didn’t carry the same deep vibration. If anything, it sounded human. But you knew better than to think that, “And who is this intruder?”

“A human woman. Considering she took some items from your desk, I would gather that she is a thief.”

You cursed under your breath. You had hoped that the guardian would stay dormant long enough for you to sneak out before the elf had any clue you were even there. You would have to find a better opportunity.

“A human woman?” There was a snicker, “How strange. I wonder where she’s hiding. Stay by the stairs. I’ll go look for her.”

The footsteps trailed into the hallway, then diverted. He was checking the workroom. A few more steps, then a pause. He was in the library. You pulled out the bottle you had stolen. It wasn’t much, but if it managed to throw him off, you might be able to run past him. Evading the stone guard would be another feat entirely, but at least you would have something to work with.

He was in the room now. You could hear him slowly step through the doorway. You tensed, but tried to keep still. The wardrobe could easily creak and give away your position. Still, there were finite places you could be hiding. You regretted not choosing to stand behind the door.

“You can come out now,” The elf spoke, “It’s best that you do so now, though I don’t mind searching for you.”

Your grip tightened on the glass. There was an amused lilt to his voice. He clearly wasn’t intimidated by you being in his home. And why would he, when he was a mage? You had no power in comparison. You held your breath, waiting for him to open the cabinet.

“…No? Do you really want to continue this game? Well, I hoped you picked a good hiding place.”

You put a hand over your mouth to keep your slow, deep breaths from being heard. He was moving closer to the wardrobe. Just as the doors opened, you threw the bottle. It shattered, red smoke billowing from the glass. It quickly filled the wardrobe you were standing in before you had the chance to hold your breath. You coughed, eyes watering as you stumbled, getting tangled in the robes. The smoke turned blue, then faded. You finally freed yourself from the furs and fabrics, stepping out of the cabinet.

However, you were met with the sight of the elf standing in front of you. He wore ornate robes similar to the ones you had been tangled in. He brushed off some broken glass from his chest. The front of his clothes had a dark spot. The potion you had thrown had hit him in the chest, soaking the material. He crossed his arms, obviously annoyed with you using one of his own creations against him. His hair was longer than you had seen on most men, parts of it braided. He was taller than you were, and beneath his robes he looked to be quite lean. He was just like you imagined an elf to be. He even had pointed ears.

But your vision shifted. Dizziness overcame you. You staggered, then fell to your hands and knees. The potion’s fumes had taken hold. You tried to clear your head of the fog, but it was only worsening with each second.

“So, you really did come here to steal,” The elf walked past you, removing his cloak and hanging it on a hook fastened to the side of the wardrobe, “To tell the truth, I’m not surprised, though you are the first to come here. Most don’t venture out into the wilderness unless they need something.”

What had you thrown? Your heart was racing, its rhythm thick in your ears. You straightened a bit, trying to get up, but your legs refused to cooperate. Your breathing was ragged as you removed the phylactery from your bag and set it down on the ground, “I-I…” You shifted, growing feverish, “I didn’t know that anyone still lived here. It looked abandoned. I wouldn’t have taken anything if it seemed like someone was still living here.”

“From what I’ve heard in the nearest village, that isn’t entirely true,” He replied, standing in front of you once more. He was right. You stole from practically anyone if you believed you could get away with it. You had hoped that your lie would make him sympathetic.

You managed to get to your feet, albeit shakily. You felt strange, your knees quivering when you tried pressing your legs together. The elf was still between you and the door. If the potion didn’t wear off soon, you would stand no chance in escaping. You swallowed thickly, “Please, I’m sorry, I-“ Your words caught in your throat when he stepped closer to you. He definitely wasn’t afraid of you.

“Do you know what you threw at me, little thief?” His hand were clasped behind his back. He tilted his head to one side, amused.

You nodded. You didn’t need him to tell you. It was an aphrodisiac. One that worked on humans but not elves, it seemed, judging by his lacking of any sign of arousal.

“Since you’ve apologized and returned everything that you stole, I’m willing to offer you a choice. The first option is that you leave now and never come back. Of course, this is rather dangerous, given your current condition. Anyone that finds you is likely to use it to their advantage, man or beast. Now, as for your second choice,” He stepped closer to you, inches away from your body. You stepped away, only for your back to hit the wardrobe’s doors. You could see that he wasn’t as unaffected as you had thought. His pupils were dilated and his gaze drifted away from your eyes, wandering across your mouth and chest. But his eyes flickered back to meet yours, a hand moving to your side, “I can help you with your little predicament until the potions wears off. Then you’ll be free to go.”

It was actually quite generous of him. Granted, solving your problem would also solve his. You wouldn’t be able to leave in your condition. If the villagers you stole from found you, then you would likely become a captive and forced to stay there for the rest of your life as their toy. You couldn’t stomach that option, so you chose the other.

You pulled him closer, kissing the elf fervently. He responded immediately, his grip tightening on your waist. Every touch felt like sparks dancing across your body, setting your soul on fire. He never rushed anything. A caress was slow and gentle. A kiss was passionate, but never forceful. Each time he withdrew, his mouth lingered ever so close to yours before drifting to your neck. He pulled at the ribbon binding your dress at an agonizing pace. It was if he was savoring every inch of your skin that was revealed to him, worshiping your body with his own. You wanted nothing more than to cut to the chase, but he was determined to prolong the act. When you tried to touch him in more intimate places, he grabbed your hand and guided it back to his chest. You could feel the smirk as he kissed you, knowing that you were growing impatient.

You removed his robes, cursing under your breath each time a layer of fabric fell to the floor with yet another still covering his body. He laughed, helping you with some of the clasps and ties until he was finally naked before you. Despite his lack of clothing, he never shied away. He stood with the sort of regality and poise you expected from a king, and yet he was but a mage. It nearly caused you to hesitate, but the elf’s lithe fingers threaded through your hair, tilting your head up so he could ensnare you in another kiss. Your reluctance faded, your body aching for him.

You nudged him toward the bed. He lied back without complaint, watching you hungrily as you climbed onto the bed. You straddled him, ghosting your hands over his chest. You could feel him between your legs, the slightest movement brushing him against your entrance. You shivered, both from the cold air against your warm skin and the feeling of being so close to satisfaction.

The elf sat up, his fingertips tracing up your back. Once he reached your shoulders, one hand moved to your breast, then down your stomach. When his palm settled against your hip, he quickly moved. You thought that he was trying to enter you despite lying beneath you to earn a cry of approval, only for your balance to shift. You ended up on your back, your hands on either side of your head and your legs around his waist.

He grinned, “Did you think that you were in charge, little thief? You’ll have it later, but you’re at my mercy now,” He leaned down to kiss you again, his warm touch wandering to your thigh, pulling your legs tighter around him. His hand moved between your legs, positioning himself at your entrance. You squirmed, panting heavily as he went deeper, filling you. You heard humans boasting that elves were miserable lovers in comparison to them, but the elf before you was the opposite. When he buried himself within you completely, your back arced off of the bed. He filled you so well. You had slept with men before, but they paled in comparison. You weren’t sure if it was because of the potion or simply his body and talent, but you knew that you wouldn’t last long beneath him.

His thrusts were slow but rough. He held you close as his hips rolled into yours, kissing your neck. You gripped his shoulders, trying to anchor yourself as you were brought closer and closer to the edge. The elf withdrew, taking a moment to observe you in the midst of pleasure. You wondered if the potion was wearing off on him and he was beginning to regret having sex with a human.

But he grabbed your thighs and gently pushed them back. You shut your eyes, turning your head to the side as he moved deeper. You couldn’t help but moan in approval, squirming beneath him.

“Are you pleased?” He asked. You nodded, but he wasn’t satisfied, “Speak up, cerbin.”

“Yes,” You gasped, looking up at him, “Please, I’m-“

“I’m aware,” His voice still held that amused tone. He was enjoying himself, both from giving and receiving pleasure.

You looked away, nails digging into his skin as you felt your body tense. You were so close. You felt light-headed, but you couldn’t tell if it was from the potion or his actions. Perhaps it was a combination of both. You cried out, legs quivering in his grasp. Your walls twitched around him, which only made you moan louder.

The elf hissed. He hadn’t expected your orgasm to drive him to the edge. He had wanted to pleasure you until you begged, to hear your voice desperate and wanting for him. The potion had clouded his mind and set a fire beneath his skin. He couldn’t hold himself back or separate himself from you. Your soft skin and sweet voice made him only bury himself as deeply as he could, making small thrusts as he panted, coming down from the heights of pleasure.

You stiffened when you felt heat, the warmth pooling inside of you. You felt a strange pressure in your womb, but it only made you want more. The potion was still in your system. Just one bout wasn’t enough. Just as the elf relaxed, you pushed him to one side. When he fell back against the bed, you straddled him, inhaling sharply as he entered you again. Your braced yourself against his chest, feeling the lean muscles beneath your fingertips. His hands moved up your arms, then down your body. His gaze followed his touch, almost mesmerized as he traced patterns. He sat up, an arm around your waist as he ensnared you in another kiss.

When you awoke, you knew that something was wrong. Something was nudging you, but it wasn’t a sensation you were familiar with. You sat up groggily, feeling like you had been drinking too much. But the elf’s bedroom made you remember the events of the night before. He wasn’t in the room, though you could hear the faint sound of clinking glass. He was probably working on something.

His whereabouts, however, were the least of your concerns. The persistent movement that had woken you up was still going. You reached down out of instinct, rubbing your hand over your stomach to stop the prodding. But your sleepiness immediately vanished when you realized that your body didn’t feel quite right. Your stomach had swollen outward, firm beneath your hand. You looked down, eyes widening in horror. You were pregnant, though you couldn’t tell how far along you were. It was far too quick for any pregnancy you had seen. You were visibly showing within hours. You couldn’t recall the number of times he had poured his seed into you.

You looked to the door, thankful that it was shut. You didn’t know if the elf had seen your condition. It was probably a side effect of the potion. Either way, you had to leave. If one night of passion caused by a potion resulted in you being over halfway to birth, then you didn’t want to spend any more time in such a place. You had to find another town with new people to steal from.

But you knew one thing for certain; you never wanted to be anywhere near magic again.

((Hello! Keira Metz here! Sorry that I’ve been MIA for the past little bit, but I have something new for all of you lovelies. It’s a big departure from what I usually write and a longer adventure. If you’d like to know what happens next, feel free to request part 2 in the chat box. Otherwise, I’m going to move on to my next monster subject to keep my monster lovers pleased~))


At Tatsumi PA with Nate Vosburg and his new RWB 964

Met up with Nate Vosburg in Tokyo recently to have a look at his new smooth fender RWB 964 build. Last time I saw the car, it was sitting in Nakai-San’s workshop in pieces. It was black, and Nate and Alex Kyo were working hard to get the car prepared for Nakai-San to do his thing. To see it here in Tokyo, in all it’s glory, with its glistening red paint was something special. The hard work has really paid off.

We took the car up to Tatsumi PA for a little photo shoot. The parking area was full of cars coming back from the Stance Nation event in Odaiba earlier that afternoon. Even so, the RWB didn’t fail to turn heads, and it didn’t take long before the car was surrounded by lads and their camera phones. 

The car is a very lightweight machine thanks to a stripped out interior, acrylic windows and a carbon hood. No AC/heater, no audio system, a sunroof delete and various other weight saving mods make this, according to Nakai-San, one of the lightest RWBs he’s ever built.

It’s been a real pleasure to see this car come to fruition here in Japan. Nate is actually moving back to the States this week, and taking the car with him, which makes these shots of the car in Tokyo that little bit more special. 

Big thank you to Nate and Alex for inviting me along for the ride. Thank you also to Mei-Chan who took the rolling shots on the Shutoko Highway while I tried to keep up with Nate in my Miata!