rapid apathy


Because a) I am a terrible attention-seeking nerd who constantly wants validation, and b) because the lovely, the super gracious @rapid-apathy graciously gave me permission to share her Christmas present, a homemade John Graves Simcoe action figure! (with added back view to show off his jacket)

Because some days a girl just needs a Queen’s Ranger army (for… reasons.)

But don’t worry, this particular major is 100% friendly and helpful!

He’s especially good at holding sharp pointy things for you whilst you sew, (although what he does with it during that time is totally his own business, not yours)

(I’m sure it’s fiiiiine…)

He looks more like he’s been plucked from a “kid-friendly” stop-motion animated Turn. The most dastardly thing this Major Simcoe could get up to is stealing strawberries from George Washington’s picnic! See, waving at you!

And Major Simcoe would like to remind you all he is a gentleman who patronises the arts. Especially poetry…

The Making Of…


  • 1 eight-inch artist’s poseable mannequin figurine
  • Fimo polymer doll clay
  • 2 black beads for the eyes
  • green linen fat quarter
  •  white linen fat quarter
  • cream muslin fabric
  • black cotton
  • black leatherette
  • black felt
  • 1 silver sequin, cut into a crescent moon shape!
  • silver beads/lace scraps/braid
  • scraps of russet/auburn fabric (for the hair!)
  • 2 feathers, white and black
  • some watercolour pencils for the cheek/face details.

 I think I’m most proud of his hair! (Which was a bugger to make; brown fabric, hairspray, superglue and thread were involved, as well as v. small curling irons in the shape of a pencil)


the day simcoe almost saved setauket

@rapid-apathy  I honestly couldn’t have worded it any better. XDDD  And we totally can’t say Simcoe never did anything good for the town…. even if most of the things he has done are kind of bad. XDDD But he would have spared Setauket so much heartache if he had been successful. Think he ever regrets not getting rid of Woodhull Sr.?