Widdle headcanon hur: With Spike gone, April has coerced Raph into venting his frustrations to her, (instead of taking it out on his bros during training, haha) and he’ll braid her hair and they’ll chat over anything and everything. (“I wish Leo would just get off my case!” “Mhmm..”) 

Ajir is so nice, she’s doing the Raphril week with me, which is especially fun since I missed out on the official week. Since her picture is really sad this go round, I decided to switch gears and not do something angsty as I had originally planned. She’s got that covered. *sniffle sniffle* x)

Wow, there’s been a great response so far. I’m glad so many people are excited about this!

The prompts have been made! They are:

  • Day 1: Red
  • Day 2: Competition
  • Day 3: AU (Alternate Universe)
  • Day 4: Surprise
  • Day 5: Kiss
  • Day 6: Midnight
  • Day 7: Secrets
  • Day 8: Safe

Thank you so much for submitting prompts! I couldn’t use all of them, and some couldn’t quit fit, considering the nature of the ship week, but I’ll go ahead and post them to give people some ideas. Make sure you go to the blog's /tagged/prompts if you’re ever feeling stuck!

Don’t forget the dates are Jun 29th thru Jul 6th. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Day three - AU

Look at them sitting and pretending that they don’t give a shit about each other. AU where April was raised as Shredder daughter is truly precious.

Today’s drawing is lazy. I might seriously need some inspiration or motivation to finish this week because I feel pretty burned out right now.



Surprise! I actually managed to draw something for the prompt after all. I was pretty uninspired momentarily. *__* 

Um. I think Mikey must’ve made a comment on Raph being too macho to kiss April, so Raph took it upon himself to prove him wrong. Or something. You can probably come up with a better backstory. <3 



Photoshop for the illustrations, import to After Effects for some cheap and cheerful fireworks, export image sequence and import back into Photoshop to be gif-ified. 

April taking Raph topside to see fireworks on New Years Eve was my original idea. The more I thought of it though, I realized that I can’t ever imagine April or Raph going to do something such as this without the other bros. 

So this turned out Familial. But that’s okay, I kind of like it better this way. 

You wanted a Raphril Week, so let’s make a Raphril Week! 

The proposed dates are June 29th thru July 6th. That means 8 days of Raphril related things–whether as an otp or brotp, it’s entirely up to you–but I’m going to need your help.

As of right now, I have no prompt ideas. Like, at all. Please send me prompts via ask box, I’ll randomly choose a grand total of 8 and let make an official prompt post.

For now, get the word out, and make sure to follow this blog for more updates!

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Raphril Week: Day 4 (Surprise)

Summary: Leo knows that listening at doorways is wrong but after hearing a conversation that wasn’t meant for his ears he decides to take matters into his own hands. April and Raph have gotten themselves into deep trouble and it is up to big brother Leo to get them out…Probably.

Note: This one went a lot longer than I had intended it to be. I really like writing from Leo’s perspective but I’m always worried that I’m not doing it right. Also Master Splinter is a little old school in his thinking so please take it with a grain of salt. If you want a fun game try to figure out what happened as you go along.

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