“Despite the differences in lifestyle, I sense we shared mutual feelings and ways of looking at life. I could understand him and help him understand me, as well as understand himself. Our friendship evolved naturally, and he soon became my closest friend. Lewis Nixon as the finest combat officer with whom I served under fire. He was utterly dependable and totally fearless.”

anonymous asked:

Top 15 favorite people/blogs on tumblr?

Hardest question ever, but I did my best. I’m one of those people who can never tell their favorite movie or song, so this list too is mostly 15 people I could remember first, I would really have to go through all tumblrs I follow to decide on top 15. So, here’s just 15 amazing tumblrs that make my dashboard a very pretty place and my tumblr life better than my real one. :D

 1. merlinismymanservant Because Puja inspires me to always do better and try new stuff. Without her my tumblr would have died. And her tumblr has everything I love.

2. fuckbees (I don’t think I need to explain why I follow Rossella, do I? I mean. BREATHTAKING. ♥)

3. sweetcurse She has the best MCR stuff and she’s alwo a sweetheart. She’s been my #1 tumblr crush for ages.

4. & 5. sweetkilljoys & nitegnome also have MCR stuff I adore. They’re my tumblr crushes forever.

6. warp69 Merthur heaven, best fandom opinions and flaflwess gifs is what you get if you follow this tumblr.

7. thelaneveur Katerina’s tumblr is shiiiiiny and pretty and we share an undying love for Lancelot. *sobs*

8. orangelusik Liza’s stuff is not from this world, I’m telling you. I love her unique style and her blog is forever quality.

9. biliousgreen She makes stuff that makes me feel all the feeeelings. And I love her style and Ninn is an amazing friend.

10. samecoin If you don’t follow Anna, you’re missing out the best Merthur stuff. Everyone should follow her. 

11. forgers Anika may or may not be one of the first people I followed here. I stalked her LJ and I stalk her tumblr. You should too.

12. raphmike I think my life was a pretty sad place before I discovered his tumblr. All the laughs I’ve had, oh god. INCEPTION.

13. amaranthine-dreams Iza is the sweetes girl you’ll ever meet. And we have a pretty similar taste in TV shows. And boys. :D

14. thatnortherndownpourgirl PANIC! :D + my ask box loves her. :D

15. heavenly-fire she makes pretty things and is a really friendly and nice. and her coloring is so perfect it hurts.

And basically all of the 100 people I follow, because I wouldn’t follow them if I wouldn’t like their tumblrs. :D I really don’t want to hurt anyones feelings, I love you all and I mean it. ♥