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It was like a disease Raphael Balbaboco injected on the three of us. Me and two other classmates back in college. We were tumblr noobs and the next thing we knew, we were on our way to a commercialized coffee shop where a couple of tumbloggers from Batangas were waiting. That one fine afternoon, when (if i’m not mistaken) we have to skip a minor subject for an experience we’ll never forget, to take part on the the first Tumblr Ala Eh Meet Up.

Eleven meet up in three years, 2 from back in 2010, 5 in 2011, 2 in 2012 and a couple of blockbuster meet up from last year, TAEMU 10 and 11, done in two consecutive months. As the hype increases so are the attendees, it’s safe to assume that Tumblr Ala Meet Up might be one of the most anticipated, most attended, consistent and most successful local meet up there is. 

For our 30th issue, we welcome 2014 with our Annual Power Issue dedicated to all the tumbloggers’ gathering on the record. This month we magnify the timeline that brought Tumblr Ala Eh Meet Up on nearly a dozen cycle, a special interview with the organizers, and what we can learn from them. We’ll also tap our resident tumbloggers on how they feel about their first meet up experiences. We also have James Hernando on the Tumblr Meet Up for Dummies: Everything a Newbie needs to learn, expect, and know in able to Survive a Meet Up. Plus, Pael balbaboco on the roster of active celebrities on tumblr. All that and more on our primer issue this year.

Happy New Year to our beloved readers. Our deepest gratitude to you all for all your messages, submissions, comments and suggestions. your participation really matters to us for it keeps our online magazine alive and still on the run. Thank you!

Have a good read!

Special thanks to the men behind our amazing cover (prolly our first inanimate cover) Photographed by Jarvis Lon Buquiz (@jarbitchandpieces) and Doodle art by Cris Israel Lumanglas (@israelmekaniko).

                                             THE NEW RELIGION.

It’s crazy that at the rarest of times, we find a great company with an edible inanimate object we call food. Be it during the happiest and most depressed times of our lives, most of us give in to the calling of our intestines. More than being a necessity, eating evolved into this exercise that’s addicting and now a resort for socializing. 

Year three for tumblr magazine begins here and we welcome it with a plateful of treats for our resident foodies here in tumblr. This month, we focus on everything about food, food, and food. Gracing our 26th issue is renowned food blogger/photographer and eventologist in his own rights, Rudstin Estrellado (@paresatbp). We’ll get to know how things are running in every food bloggers’ event, the best, must-visit and finest restaurants in the Metro, the must-try dishes, recipes to become an effective food blogger, and why we think he is a cut above the rest.

This month, we’ll also highlight our resident food photographers as we open our Dashboard Food Photography Exhibit that caters a space for their best photographs that will surely tickle your cravings. We also have Melvin Tordecilla (@beben-eleben) on why he’s got the best cooking momma in town and Cris Israel (@israelmekaniko) on the famous DIY burger meal at The Burger Project. Also in this issue we have two of the cutest Robs in tumblr PH, Robby Romero (@robirobster) and Kevin Rob Isidro (@robiotics) on their love for food and cooking. 

Plus! A special feature on some of the Pinoy food bloggers you must follow, The Ultimate Milktea Survey and a tour de feast on the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga.

All this and more on the issue that will take you to a gastronomic ride on everything about the art of eating.

Bon Appetit!




On the Cover: Rudstin Estrellado

Photographed by: Benedict Bigalbal

August 2013 | The Food Issue

Project Felicity 160/365

June 9, 2013

Unexpected twist ba? Nainis ako sa isang tao na kinatutuwaan ko naman dati. Nagbabago din naman ang tingin ng tao. Masyado lang kasing naging OA. Hindi ko maintindihan. Nawalan na lang ako ng ganang kaibiganin siya.

Galing nga pala ‘kong TULB. Kanina sa SM Calamba (before pumuntang Los Baños) nakilala ko sila Paolo at Pael. Madami akong nakilala sa TULB pero pinakafavorite ko si Jimmy. Hindi ko din inaasahan na makakaclose ko yung ibang bloggers na nakakabatian ko lang at 'di pa talaga nakakausap.

Sobrang nag-enjoy naman ako kahit sumabak ako sa meet-up na nagbabalat pa yung dibdib ko at ang negra ko pa. Nakakailang pero wala akong pakialam.

                                                  A BEAT THEORY

Billy Joel once said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Music is one of those forms of art which you can observe both in sound and in silence. In a way, it has become a unifying agent between the divided and the broken, and ironically, a destructive measure among those who are together. Music is a pole of two opposite impacts - it can either make or break someone, a pair, a group, or a race.

But music’s essence was never to destruct but to inspire and create, unite and heal. Music can introduce you to a whole new world and experience. It makes you make friends and meet new people. It inspires you. It can set you free, or set you fighting for freedom.

And that’s what Tumblr Magazine PH’s September 2013 issue is all about. MUSIC. Date it, back September 2012, when Corinth Gonzalo (@loveagirlwhoreads) graced our very first Music Issue. We were thinking that it would be the first and the last of its kind, that on the coming years, a music feat will not appear on the magazine anymore. Guess, we were wrong.

This month, we will go back to basics. September is an introduction for us. And here, we introduce to you, Shaun Danielle Sager (@misshaunsager) and Sheena Alcantara (@sinasaludo) - two opposite women of attitude and perspective. They are not new to Tumblr, but they are not known by many. But that’s not the reason why they are here. More than the beauty and the innate feistiness that exudes wherever they are, the two of them are definitely the perfect muses we can ask for, for this issue.

In this issue, Pael Balbaboco (@raphaelandthemachine) will get to know Shaun, and her knack for photography, art, fashion, and why is she not the perfect person to ask about music; and Sheena, her feelings about this comeback [Sheena was with Cris (@israelmekaniko) on the cover of our March 2013 Fashion Issue], her love for music, bands, jam sessions, red lipsticks, and that lovely shaved hair.

Aside from that, we will also talk about RAC (Remix Artist Collective), a music group of international members, which re-creates music for artists; the California-brewed hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar; new music albums from John Mayer (Paradise Valley), Lady Gaga (ArtPop), and Katy Perry (Prism); and the much-anticipated Diamonds World Tour in Manila on September 19.

We’ll also feature Paolo Dimaculangan (@paolodee), why his music will never fade, and why Collide was his Tumblr’s claim to fame; what’s next for Glee on its fifth season (and rumors say this is their last); Migz Haleco (@migzhaleco) and his love for guitars, his soulful music, and why he is not a stranger to the music world; and we’ll dive into the world of turning red chairs with a feature on The Voice of the Philippines.

Plus! We have a couple of music and arts festivals this year to sing, jump, and jam with like Sonar Music in Barcelona, Big Mountain in Bangkok, Malasimbo in the Philippines, and a whole lot more.

Special thanks to our resident photographer Maikhoben Franco (@maikhofranco) for the cover and the editorial, our guest lensman Dexter Torres (@thedextertorres) for the BTS clips and photos, and Bialetti Cafe and Gig-A-Bite Bar in Tanauan City, for making this issue a go!

As we go back to basics, we realized that no one can escape sound, or music in this matter. Music is everywhere and anywhere. It is a propaganda set to be imbibed in your youth, and to be taken in your lifetime. Tumblr is a very musical world - the angst we shout, the grin we pay to each other, the like on every post, the reblog of every photo, and many more - combine these together, and we can create a whole new sound, ready to roar.

It’s issue number 27, baby!!! We hope you’ll enjoy our September offering.

Now, we can let the beat go on!




On the Cover: Shaun Danielle Sager (left) and Sheena Alcantara (right)

Photographed by: Maikhoben Franco

September 2013 | Music Issue


It’s pretty ironic that we work on an issue that’s all about looking for new talents, activities, interesting stuff and tumbloggers, when every Tumblr Mag issue is an ode to discovery. We get to feature different people and their craft, like people you’ve never heard and people that might catch your interest. Tumblr is a canopy of personalities and young minds with creative takes on the art of blogging and sharing their craft. Here, we get to meet that tumblogger who’s a friend of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend of ours. We are connected with one another. There is always a thread, a relation. We get to know  these people after they appear on our dashboards out of the blue. it is an unending cycle of discovery.

This month, our concept for discovery is engaged with anonimity. I know you guys don’t have any idea who’s on the  cover, but who cares? This is tumblr magazine. A creative fusion of anonimity and discovery. In two years of bringing you relateable entries, we always strive to be the mutual link you have to the unheard and unraveled side of Tumblr Philippines. That more than the most talked about bloggers you know, is a sanctuary of silent tumbloggers who’s blog truly matters.

Dashed with mystery and anonimity, peeled and sealed, We give you our October issue. 



On the cover: Pransisko De Castro

Photographed by: Dexter Balita

October 2013 | Discovery Issue


Knowing what your blog is gonna be. That is rule number one if you want to put up a fashion blog, and tell the world “Hey, I am wearing neon over Aztec prints with leopard brogue heels!” Fashion blogging, clearly, is not an immaculate walk in the park, nor is as easy as counting up to three.

BryanBoy (bryanboy.com) did not become one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world (as per Tyra Banks) with being safe and mediocre. He had become a barista, a window display designer, and a hotel receptionist with his fashion blog. Tavi Gevinson(stylerookie.tumblr.com) took the world by storm back in March 2008, as maybe the most successful, youngest fashion blogger in the world, at the age of 15, and she’s been consistently invited on major fashion shows of international brands and designers. Jane Aldridge (seaofshoes.typepad.com/sea_of_shoes/) at the age of 17 already had collaborated with Urban Outfitters back in 2009, with a shoe line called Sea of Shoes by Jane.

There must be something about them that made them succeed in the crazy world of fashion blogging. So future David Guisons and Laureen Uys, sit back and relax, and let Tumblr Magazine give you some tips on how to be an uprising fashion blogger, in Tumblr and out of it.

P.S. We will teach you how to start and keep a fashion blog active, not what to post or what to wear, sorry.

Know what your blog is gonna be.This is the first step of giving birth to your fashion blog. Your online space is most probably your lovechild with fashion so you have to define how it would look, what would it look like, and what it is going to be.

To fashion blog is to start with a mission, and this mission has to be plotted out before you post your first blog entry.

Will it be an online representation of your sense of style? Will you use this as your personal fashion rack? Will it be an online space for your fearless fashion reviews and critiques? Will this just be some pastime when you’re not at school? Or will you use this blog to get in the fashion industry?

Name it and make it unforgettable. Naming a blog is just like choosing a school for college. You have to feel comfortable with it as you will spend most of your time keeping up with it. Argue with yourself whether your blog name is going to have some “the” or “in” or “on” on its name. Make sure your blog’s name is unique, so do some research if the blog “The Fashion Blog of Me” already exists.

You can also ask for some suggestions from your fat-brained friends. Your blog name must be catchy and most importantly, it must reflect your personality. And once you’ve chosen a name for your blog, keep it like that for the rest of your life.

Choose your online platform. The internet is so huge that you would have a hard time choosing which blogging platform will nurse your blog. You may take the most popular already like Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress, or you could take the risk and use some underrated blog sites like LiveJournal, TypePad, Posterous, SquareSpace, or YogoFair.

For the first few months, just stick with the normal blog link name (the one that includes your blog name dot blah blah dot com) and once your blog is fully-established, take it to the next level by paying for a web domain name.

Make the layout simple but with a bang. Choosing the best layout for your blog will depend on your taste. Consider using the blog site that is easy to be tweaked, laid out, and edited. You could try finding out which blog site or web developer is being used by your favorite fashion blogs. Most fashion blogs are easy to be read, clean, and sleek. Most are also colorful but still organized.

There are two options to choose from: you could choose a pre-defined theme from the blog site you are using and tweak it regarding your preference and style if you have a background on CSS and HTML; or you could hire a web developer to start up a whole new look for your blog. But the truth is, it doesn’t really matter what your blog will look like. Yes, a cool design is a plus point but what’s in store for your readers is the most important thing.

Start blogging. What’s the point of creating a blog that you will not update? To keep the blog up, of course, you must start and keep on blogging. Since this blog will be an online persona of your foolish world, you must always blog about what is inspiring for you and what will inspire other people. There are no rules in writing – and really, writing is not a must. You can take photos of your daily outfits, design a collection, or create something that would have a buzz.

As what Teen Vogue said, “Posts can be photo-heavy entries about personal style filled with outfit photos or day-in-the-life snapshots; they can be heartfelt ruminations on style evolutions and trend reflections. Maybe you’ll prefer posting just one picture of your outfit and a short snippet of what you’re wearing, or you’d rather focus on the detail shots and include a whole roll (hypothetically speaking, of course) about what you wore and did that day.”

And you don’t have to worry about blogger’s block. You can create a calendar of posts so you’d be organized and not cramming of what to do. A calendar could be also very helpful to keep track of your posts so you won’t have similar posts in a month. Your readers will expect new things from you and they have keen eyes to detect whether you have blogged about the same tunic dress twice. Also, you can stir up conversation with your readers (and within them) by leaving questions or asking suggestions at every end of your posts.

Back it up with promotion. Once you’re established with the blog and you’ve passed the time when you felt you want to delete the account, back it up with social networking. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Molome, and other social networking platforms are very helpful to lift your blog up. Also, it is important to appreciate other fashion blogs. The secret for your online space to be known by people is by connection – leave praises and positive comments on posts by co-fashion bloggers, especially those who are already known in the industry. The comments you will make will redirect their readers to your blog. You can also send them e-mails telling them how great they are.

You have to make yourself more visible because visibility creates a big impression on readers and fans. You can back it up even more by submitting outfit photos on Lookbook, and by promoting and advertising it on Bloglovin’. Also, it could be helpful if you will join online fashion contests (not the cheap ones) so you’d have more time to connect with people who are already established in the industry.

Express yourself creatively. The important point of fashion blogging is self-expression. Your blog reflects who you are and your posts must reflect your inside. It is always good to find inspiration from someone else’s work but inspiration should always come from within.

Nina Vir of HuffPost High School expresses her fashion taste on Daily Dress Me – a fashion blog that gives the readers an idea of what the weather today would be, and what would be the perfect outfit to wear. Trashness (trashness.com) is an online men’s style blog that lets the male pheromone spread online by photo submissions from their readers. Emma of The Emma Edition (theemmaedition.blogspot.com) prompts herself with personalized fashion DIYs. Soren Jepsen (sorenjepsen.com), a former photographer, took her skills to another level by walking the streets of Copenhagen and taking photos of fashionistas on the streets. Style Savage(stylesalvage.blogspot.com) and The Urban Gentleman (theurbangent.com) are two men-centered fashion blogs that keep its readers updated with the in and the new, in the fashion world.

Locally, David Guison (davidguison.com) shows his street-smart and laid back style. Shai Lagarde of Love Chic (lovechic.com.ph), though going solo right now, shows her funky and flirty style with prints and florals with some edge. Laureen Uy (breakmystyle.com) masters the art of accessorizing, and Robbie Becroft (robbieoffduty.com), Laureen’s boyfriend, shows his boy-on-the-loose personality, with his endless long-sleeved polos, rucksacks, caps, boots, and brogues, on his travels locally and abroad.

Blogging, per se, is a crazy world. Mix it up with fashion and style, which is way crazier, gives you more reasons to be challenged if you want to put up your own fashion blog. The secret of being a successful fashion blogger, or blogger in general, is being true to your aesthetic, ideology, and artistry. Show the online population who you are, and keep your fashion on fire.

Happy fashion blogging!