Request for taichounokame

(Whew, finally finished with it!  She requested the turtles as Marvel characters according to their weapons!  Leo is Psylocke (katana), Raph is Elektra (sai), Donnie is Gambit (staff), and Mikey is Daredevil (nunchucks).  It looks cleaner since I got the art pens I’ve desperately needed.  I really like this, to be honest, and I may color it soon and post it on my deviantART!)

(Also consider this a welcome-back present for Sunny.)


A Peck on the Cheek
i told myself i wouldn’t draw mona lisa until she appears in the episodes but here i am posting art ˇvˇ oh well… couldn’t help myself.
i don’t know much about the old mona mostly just how her old design looked and i must say i am so happy with the new one. thank god they didn’t go for the lizard lady with hair and boobs. that was just weird…
since it’s already official she’s going to be raph’s lady …why(-_- ) i can just hope the creators won’t go for the ‘love at first sight’ for the fourth time already. i mean this is raph we’re talking about. he doesn’t like anyone new. plus since the love interest is already unavoidable i wish mona will at least be as sarcastic and mean as raph and that they’ll have one of those love/hate relationships. that’ll actually be really great to see OvO just them annoying each other