♥ favourite lgbt characters of 2017 ♥

“Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place.”

How Shadowhunters has diverted

- All of them are over 18

- Therefore Alec isn’t a 17 year old being pursued by a 400-year-old

- Malec communicate

- Jace isn’t an asshole and actually shows some emotion

- His sense of humour isn’t at the expense of others

- (He isn’t the type of person who brings a cONDOM ON A RESCUE MISSION TO A HELL DIMENSION)

- Max didn’t die!!! Whoop!!!!

- Jace and Clary went through the siblings plot line without any incestuous scenes

- Magnus talks about his past

- We get to see Alec’s insecurities without him accusing Magnus of cheating

- Magnus is also insecure

- Casual banter and teasing


- Simon isn’t going to cheat!!

- Healthy relationships everywhere

- Magnus and the fire-breathing snake

- Alec did a practically impossible shot while being flung backwards (see Alec not having killed a demon until he’s 18)

- We actually get to see how the downworlders feel about things and see their sides

- The effects of Jordan’s abuse isn’t reduced to ‘Maia doesn’t trust pretty boys’

- We see Luke being the badass leader he is

- Same with Magnus and Raphael

- Garrowbane brotp starting to show

- Clary and Izzy don’t hate each other because they’re girls

- Izzy is open with her admiration towards other girls

- She is a genius who knows she’s beautiful and uses it to her advantage w/o being over-sexualised


snippet: Red Scrolls of Magic

Another snippet for Pride Month: Alec and Raphael bond in Red Scrolls of Magic, coming March 2019. A dryad is disappointed.

“I am trying not to make eye contact with anyone here,” said Raphael. “And I’m not a snitch for Shadowhunters. Or a fan of talking to people, of any kind, in any place.”

          Alec rolled his eyes. At this point, a faerie woman came twirling through. She had leaves in her updo and was swathed in ribbons and ivy and not much else. She tripped on a trailing line of ivy and Alec caught her.

          “Good reflexes!” she said brightly. “Also great arms. Would you be interested in a night of tumultuous forbidden passion, with an option to extend to seven years?”  

          “Um. I’m gay,” Alec said.

          He was not used to saying that casually, to any random person. It was strange to say it, and feel both relief and a shadow of his old fear, twined together.

Of course, the declaration might not mean much to faeries. The faerie woman accepted this with a shrug, then looked down at the floor where Raphael was sitting sulking, and lit up. Something about the leather jacket or the scowl seemed to appeal to her strongly.

          “How about you, Vampire Without A Cause?”

          “I’m not gay,” said Raphael. “I’m not straight. I’m not interested.”

          “Your sexuality is ‘not interested’?” Alec asked curiously.

          Raphael said: “That’s right.”

          The faerie thought for a moment, then ventured: “I can also assume the appearance of a tree!”

          Raphael looked scandalized. “Young lady tree person, reconsider your life and your choices. In church.”

          The faerie frowned. “Oh, are you Raphael Santiago? I’ve heard about you.”

          Raphael made a gesture of dismissal. “Have you heard I like it when people go away?”


Lilith is coming *dramatic music plays in the distance*