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Om at give slip - spildesign essay
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Nedenstående er en fantastisk artikel om dynamisk spildesign i en verden af CoD og alt mulig andet scriptet skidt fra nogle kloge folk (oprindelig fra gamesauce):

Letting Go - On Designing Games with Dynamic, Non-linear Gameplay
by Harvey Smith & Raphael Colantonio of Arkane Studios

   Around 16 years ago, the two of us were drawn into the industry by a love of games that were part first-person-shooter and part role-playing game (for lack of a better descriptor). Games like Ultima Underworld, in other words. Such immersive games are marked by a combination of values and player-experiences: visceral first-person action, exploration, role-playing, player-driven pacing, environmental coherency, physical interaction, non-combat interactions, and AI behavioral simulation.

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