raphael cohen


So, I’ve seen a few people reply on my posts regarding the recent episode, and they were mostly focused on how the writers decided to portray God. Now, I have nothing to say about that, only that I am quite a fan of the idea of God being a small nerd who knows jack squat about how to write a damn story.

That’s why you go to school, Chuck.

But I can totally understand where you’re coming from with this. This was slightly unexpected. God is the mightiest, most powerful being in the universe that no other creation can possibly beat in strength. And while we all expected a cold ass Chuck to show up with 0 emotions, they showed us a little dude bro nerd who likes to play guitar and has a kitten positive blog – but if you think about it, it’s not bad.

It’s actually fucking great. It’s so original that it grabs your audience in a surprise. Chuck is such a comical  and charming guy in contrast to what we used to believe was going to be fully unsensitive.

The character itself doesn’t have to look strong, he just has to be strong. And Chuck is. Behind that sweet and nerdy personality, we have BAMF!God who will launch you through five solid brick walls for calling him a coward. And that’s great because we’re not losing a part of what we expected him to really be.

Though what I am disappointed over, is Chuck’s reaction to everything Metatron lectured him about concerning his four children; the archangels.

Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael.

Rank #3 in the Top 10 most powerful beings in existance. His children that believed in him more than anyone else, trusted him, loved him, prayed to him, worked for him even in his absence and on top of all that - never gave up.

As you may can remember, Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel were the three that we got the most on screen - and they explained that they truly did love their father.

You know why God cast me down? Because I loved him. More than anything.

Shut your cake hole. You don’t know anything about my family. I love my Father, my brothers. Love them. But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each other’s throats? I couldn’t bear it!

You know, you haven’t changed a bit, little brother. Always blaming everybody but yourself. We were together. We were happy. But you betrayed me – all of us – and you made our father leave.

Raphael is the one who had lost faith sooner than his other three brothers, even thought that God was dead or that he was somehow erased from existance.

How horrible is that? And how horrible is it to know that Chuck knew from the very beginning that his archangels missed him deeply and were desperately seeking for him all along with myriads of lower-ranked angels behind their backs. All of his children he put down in the first place.

And there’s no shame in admitting it; Chuck is even more of a terrible father than John.

When Gabriel and Lucifer were in the middle of a free-for-all, he never stepped in to stop them like a father should. Never scolded them for both doing something so remarkably stupid.

When Lucifer and Michael were standing in the cemetary, and Michael shouted at Lucifer for how blemished and unreliable he was, that he was a monster, Chuck never stepped in between their conversation to tell him to tone it down and make peace. Chuck could have ended it. All of it.

He never once thought that the so called “failures” that occured down on earth were initially his fault. Instead he puts the blame on his creations. And fuck, I’d be sad if I got to know that my father (who I don’t have but oh well) had been alive the whole time but just decided that he didn’t want to see me for whatever reason. And Gabriel, Raphael, Michael? They would be too. Because they did all the dirty work for him while he was out, and even despite that, they loved his everything without an end.

Castiel had never seen his Father either - but he believed, just like a majority of the other angels in Heaven. But he sought because God was the first person he ever showed affection to.

“Tell me why you abandoned me – us ?”

“Because you disappointed me. You all disappointed me.”

I could have hit Chuck in the face for saying something like that. Disappointed in what? In the archangels?

In Lucifer? The one YOU transferred the mark to that corrupted him afterwards? Are you telling me that you did not have anything to do with that?

Are you disappointed in Gabriel who skipped out of Heaven because you didn’t do anything about the constant fighting between his two beloved brothers? Lucifer became Satan because of you, and Michael turned his back on the brother he partially raised because you commanded it.

And Michael, are you disappointed over his everlasting devotion towards you even when you weren’t even remotely there?

And about Castiel, who killed his brothers and sisters, rebelled against Heaven and got exiled just to find you. To rescue two humans who could save the world whilst you were idling god knows what place and watching that shit show happen, sipping on a cocktail and sing-songing about how life fucking sucks?


I love Chuck, I really do - but he absolutely needs to step up his game, get the band back together and fight. I hope Gabriel comes back soon, even Michael perhaps - and I have no clue if there’s a possibility for Raphael but I don’t care because this season, each of their names are written in big letters on the cardboard. This is about them, their past and Chuck’s irresponsible decisions. It’s time to redeem yourself, bud. Seriously.