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Good night mom (chubby!Reader x turtle tots)

You came home (to the lair) later than you had intended to. It was already past midnight and you felt bad, like REALLY bad.

You had to go here and there for all day and you didn’t know when you would get back home and now you felt bad. Because you had told your ‘boys’ in the phone that you’d be home at least before their bed time, which had been three hours ago.

Mikey had cried in the phone because you weren’t home at five pm, like you usually where when you had a long day at work/school. At least at five! 

Damn Donnie had taught his brothers how to read your agenda!

Now you went to check on the boys, everyone of them sleeping in their rooms, peacefully. You sighed for relief that they were all asleep. 

You went to the living room and layer on the couch, watching tv for a while and then shutting it out and falling asleep.

When all the little signs of your conciseness had died, Donatello being 100% sure you had fallen asleep, he went to wake up his brothers and all four of them tiptoed to the living room.

They stood next to the couch and eyed your sleeping form.

“Mom’s home!” Mikey almost cried out of happiness, his brothers shushing him.

“Why isn’t she wearing a blanket? She might get cold!” Donnie thought out loud, of course being the most thoughtful of them.

“Why didn’t she wake us up and apologize for being late?” Raphael grumpily snapped, crossing his arms.

“Well at least she’s home and safe!” Leonardo snapped at his younger brother and was just about to start arguing with Raph, but Mikey caught their attention.

He had started to climb up the couch and when he was on top of you, he signed his brothers to join him.

“What are doing Mikey?” Leo hissed, waving him to come down.

“Awww, but isn’t she just the cutest mom ever? She’s so chubby and warm and I bet she doesn’t want to wake up alone on the couch…” Mikey gave his brothers the puppy eyes and when they sighed for agreement Mikey giggled from victory and curled up on your belly.

Raphael took a place next to your head on the pillow, Leo settling to your armpit. Donnie dragged a blanket over you and his brothers, then settling himself to the other armpit than Leo. They all cuddled closer to you, holding on you tight.

“Night mom” They all said and then fell asleep.


Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept by Raphaël Belly


Ferrari F12 TDF by Raphaël Belly

tmnt-maggie9  asked:

What's each of the guys favorite memory of the kids when they were newborns?

Raph: Well there is one Mikey and I cherish a lot, when Rosie was just 3 days old, Mikey was rocking her to sleep and when I came into the room she woke up and started reaching out one of her tiny little hands for us. 

Mikey: It’s like she wanted her mommy and daddy with her. *sighs happily* How I wish to see that again…

Leo: For me and Donnie, when the twins were 5 days old, they didn’t exactly know they had a twin *chuckles* but they did know one thing: there was something next to them to nibble on. Kotaro would let Amy stick her little fist into his mouth and he would suck away until she decided to pull it out. And our little Amedea did the same with her brother.

Donnie: We could stand there for hours just watching them do their little cute discoveries. I really hope to one day see that again.

Leo: And we will *rubs Don’s belly*