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Vamp!Raph// closed RP


The chill night was perfect. The moonlight laying the gentle gleam upon the ones that scurried across the stones. Focused on their busy life.
A grey smile sparkled with sharp canines as dead eyes watched over the scene. Taking in its choice of prey.
When suddenly, they saw a unique figure closing through the night. A perfect silent breeze like the wind. Unseen, even under the full moon.
Perfect. Just what he was looking for.

The Colors of a Bruise


Michelangelo ultimately obeyed his scientific sibling’s suggestion that they refrain from upsetting their father further… refrain from explaining that after five days of being declared “missing in action” they found out Leo and Raph weren’t captured by the Kraang, but rather by Shredder’s henchmen.
As dire as things were they finally knew without a doubt where their missing brothers were, and… thanks to April’s intuition… that they also were okay. So without further delay Donatello forged a plan to get them out, and it was agreed that it would be far less stressful for the rat if they explained the situation after Raph and Leo were safe again.

No Mutanimals either. It was a stealth mission pure and simple: get in, grab their brothers, run for it. No rushing in on a blaze of glory, no confrontation whatsoever…

the situation was far too dire for that kind of risk.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t have brought Leatherhead though?” Mikey whispered, ignoring the fact that Donatello had successfully brought them past the first line of defense and it was now too late for second thoughts.


Leonardo sheathed his gauntlets as he stepped out of the practice room, still overflowing with physical energy even after the long sparring session had come to an end. Despite the fact that his muscles were free of heaviness and aches sweat clung to his black mask as new concepts and twisted perspectives clicked together in his mind, cemented in place by every new move Master Shredder had shown him.

He took the painkillers Stockman provided, as they helped numb the pain of his oncoming migraine.

“Hmph, that went well” he mused earnestly, watching his sibling from the corner of his eye as he swallowed the pills and followed them up with a glass of lukewarm water “Don’t tell Master Shredder I said this, but I didn’t make much sense out of his words during yesterday’s training”

He took a fresh towel from a nearby basin and started roughly cleaning off the sweat dripping down his brow

“I do now though. The way we were used, the weakness we suffered, the opportunities ahead, our true potential, it’s all coming together… I’m just mad at myself for taking this long to catch on”

Leonardo let out a heavy sigh and threw the sweat-soaked towel back in the basin with the sharp precise flick of his arm, hoping that a bit of talk would help organize his thoughts and answer the questions he wouldn’t dare ask his new sensei face to face.

Stranded (closed Rp) @anetteshortie-rp

Raph and Mikey nodded, making their way to cut the fruits for the soup. Standing on each side of a table and started to cut. They would glare at each other from time to time, without trying to make it be obvious for the others. They were forcing themselves to stay put and act on their best behaviour.

“Woah, that’s a deep dream. Not even a dream, but a nightmare. Do you think it could happen?” Casey asked April as they walked hand in hand through the village.

As soon as they arrived, there was other mutants there. The mutants were watching the new people closely, especially Lexi. She thought it must be because she’s human and not a mutant. She offered them a smile and waved to them. “Hi, nice to meet you all.” some of the lizard men walked over to Lexi smirking.


Sirena helped Lana and watched the turtle brothers, she really couldnt believe that they get along this fine. She really hoped it would stay that way, she wanted to get to know more about them. “Raph, Mikey could you tell us more about New York and humans?“ she asked them smiling.

April sighed. “I dont know they seem to calm down so I want to think of it as a bad dream nothing more okay“ the young woman told while squeezing his hand.

Leonardo and Donnie ignored each other but greeted the villagers too and introduced their selfs and Lexi to them. The lizard, ape and snake mutants smiled and welcomed them in their village.


The Island (closed Rp)

Raph nodded and went to hold all the kids and Mikey held all of the woman tightly, whispering calm to them and how his own worry Driel smiled at him “I’m Gadriel, what’s your name?” She said still checking if he had a concussion “all of those turtles are your brothers?”

Donnie helped the men and crew as last the captain over the stones, he really hoped Leo was somewhere safe on the beach.

Sirena walked around the ship and saw the turtle boys help the humans, she jumped back in the water and swam beside them under the water making sure all of them get on the island.

"Leonardo…you helped me…yes” he sat in shock up.. “My brothers!! They need me!” he said shocked and tried to stand up but pain in in his leg stopped him.



Two Donnies in one day? The makings of a good day!

Top picture is from Raph-the-muscle’s chatwing rp. Don came by to visit Kayla with the promises of potato salad and cupcakes! Little did Kayla know she was in for a science lesson all about mutagen. Ask her anything about it!…she probably won’t remember a lick, save for “Do. Not. Touch. It.”

And Donnie turtle tot, just because! Do turtle tots need a reason?

Okay, was anyone else a little excited that Raph was losing control of his anger in this episode??

I mean c'maaaan

He frickin laid Leo out

and then thIS HAPPENED


Yes, I loved how he was seeing that he does have anger control problems after the fact, but I couldn’t help but enjoy this darker side of Raph while it was goin down. 

hopeful-hugz  asked:

Ducking into what she assumed was a sewer Hopeful took off her hood on as she breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against a wall. No no one could see her scarred face now. "Okay. new area, so I need a game plan-" Hearing a noise, the teen goes dead silent and puts a hand on her dagger, hoping she was just hearing things.

– Raph and Mikey made their way down the tunnels of the sewers, on their way to Murakami’s to pick up their dinner. “You know, shell for brains, you probably could have just called Casey or April. They could have been happy to go get it,” Raph told his younger brother. 

“Yeah, but I wanted to go see Murakami-San. I haven’t seen him in ages!” Mikey replied, both unaware of the teen in sewers with them.