raph x donnie

Broken feet

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Exciting, this is gonna be fun. Thanks for requesting nonnie!

Prompt: “imagine Raph coming back from a walk to find his girl in a verbal fight with leo over who knows what and happens to walk in right before she tries to round kick him, only to break pretty much her entire foot.”

Word count: 750

Warnings: Swearing & nerds

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“Never underestimate an angry child, Leo!” You yelled at the blue-clad ninja who was on the other side of the living room with his arms crossed and a sour expression on his face.

Mikey was between the two of you, reading a comic book on the couch and devouring the packet of chips you left on the couch. “I bet your brothers secretly love seeing how the mighty fall - their invincible leader knocked down a couple of pegs.” His teeth gritted together, coiling one of his green hands into a tight fist.

“Shut up, you ignorant bitch!” He jumped over the table, aiming to tackle you but missing completely after you swerved out of the way to the other side of the table. He picked himself back up from the ground where he landed and glared again, his fingers itching to grab his sword.

“You know it’s true or you wouldn’t be so angry!” Playfully you cocked an eyebrow up at him defiantly. Leo narrowed his eyes at your small form, his lower lip jutting out in what looked like a pout.

“I can break you, like a tooth pick.” He grumbled, making Mikey look up at him and raise his eyebrow.

“Bro, you yelled at Donnie earlier because he killed a bug, by accident, how the hell-”

“Oh my god Mikey, shut up!” Your hands moved to your hips, walking over to stand in front of Mikey, like a protective mother.

“Don’t yell at him, he had a fucking point you backwards dipshit!”

“I’m the backwards dipshit? You were socks inside out so you don’t have to wash them when they get dirty.”

“How the fuck do you know? And at least I can wear socks without ripping them!”

“Really? Your big hairy man feet say otherwise!”

“Actually, [Y/N] has nice feet-” Mikey started before shutting up when Leo sent him a glare.

“Why don’t you just get the fuck out of our lives, I don’t even know what Raphael sees in you!” Leo attempted to walk past, but you yelled another few colorful insults his way, him yelling many back and just as you managed to muster up the courage to turn around and boot him in the face with your foot, Raphael showed up behind you and Leo was no where to be seen. Your foot collided with Raphael’s cheek and everyone heard the loud crack.

You fell to the floor, howling in pain and Mikey’s never ending back of chips on your head.

“Fuck!” Raph yelped, shaking his head slightly. For such a small person in comparison to him, you hit hard. But returning to the problem at hand, Raphael knelt down beside you, his hands shaking as you and Mikey both screamed.

“I can see bone dudette! I can see bone!” Mikey ran around before kneeling next to Raphael as well, picking the chips off of your body. “Can’t let these go to waste though-”

“Mikey, go get Donnie! Now!” Raphael pushed Mikey away, as he picked your body up gently and taking you to one of Donnie’s tables.

“What tha fuck were ya and Leo even arguin’ about that made ya think it was a good idea to hit him?” Raphael lectured, propping your head and leg up on blankets and cushions.

“I-I wanted to watch Star Wars, but he, the stupid prick, wanted to watch Star Trek.”

Raphael shook his head and ran a hand over his face.

“Are ya kiddin’ me babe?” Donnie burst into the room, a serious yet panicked look on his face as he instantly began tending to your injury.

“Ta be honest darlin’” Raph started from a chair next to you, his head leant back and his hand in yours. “Star Trek: Beyond wasn’t that bad.” Getting a look from you and a smack on the head he sat up straight. “Okay before ya murder me, let me explain.”

Quite some time after getting your foot properly treated by Donnie, Leo walked out from the kitchen, a sandwich in hand.

“What did I miss?”

How they act when jealous

How would they act when jealous?


Leo would be quiet but deadly. He wouldn’t come out and say he was angry and annoyed that you were studying with some guy. He would distance himself from you a little, because he knows is petty. So he wouldn’t speak to you.
That is until you break down the door, demanding he speak to you. He would falter for a moment, seeing the confusion and anger in your eyes. It would be then that he realised how long he had been ‘distancing’ himself, which you considered ignoring.
The second he saw you come into his room, be would break. He wouldn’t be able to pull himself away from any long. In long strides, he would walk up to you and wrap his arms around you. Leaning down, he would press a passionate kiss to your lips.
You would be slightly stunned due to his sudden change if behaviour but wouldn’t stop the kiss. You would wrap your arms around him and pull yourself closer to him because you had missed him. Leo decided that night that if you were going to leave him someday, he wouldn’t stop you. But he would make the most of the moment and not give you a reason to leave.

Raph would hit the roof. He would appear to be angry, but inside he was crushed. He never felt good enough, strong enough or smart enough. SO he would do the only thing he can think of. He would push you away. He was yell at you over the slightest thing. He would try and make it so you couldn’t see how hurt he was. He would never force you to stay or stop you leaving. Even if you weren’t.
During an argument one night, you would break down in front of him, screaming about how much he was hurting you and you didn’t know how to stop him. He would freeze on the spot. Raph would never lay a finger on you so how could he have hurt you? You would continue to sob, asking him if he wanted to leave you, o break up with you. And that would break Raph.
He would fall to his knees in front of you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist and pressing his s forehead against your stomach. He would spill out his heart to you that night. And you would blink in confusing, unable to believe Raph, this big, strong man would ever be threatened by a annoying little guy who was tutoring you. That night, you would make sure he knew you loved him.

Mikey’s reactions would be sunned. He wouldn’t be sure how to deal with it or bring it up to you. He knew you went to Donnie for tutoring in some areas but you had never been so someone else. He would try and act normal but every moment he spent with you was filled with worry. Anyone could tell there was something wrong, especially you. You would ask him one night and he would reply with a not so convincing “nothing, sweet cheeks” followed by a laugh. But you saw the pain in his eyes. After pressing him some more, he would sigh and turn away from you. He couldn’t couldn’t look in your eyes as he as he confessed his jealously to you. Mikey had to have this front, a wall almost, of never really caring. It was how he had dealt with his brothers, so it was strange to break it down. Like Raph, he would be unsure how to get passed that wall. But when he did, he’d be able to full say to you how he feels. You would walk around him and press yourself to him, wrapping your arms round his neck, pulling him into a kiss. He would instantly melt at your touch. When you pulled away, you would assure him it was fine. You said you were getting tutoring from this guy because he was in the lectures good book and he would get better warning about tests and assessments. Something even Donnie cant get. Mikey would laugh before swooping you into his arms.
Donnie would try to rationalise it somehow. He would attempt to look at it from your angle. You were perfectly open about going to see this guy and he had no reason to doubt you. But why did it feel like he was being torn apart?
He’d lock himself in the lab, trying to figure out what the other guy had that he didn’t. He easily came up with a list along with a list as to why you would be better off alone in his eyes. He wanted to show you off, to treat you to romantic meals in fancy restaurants, to stroll down a sidewalk with you on his arm. But he couldn’t. in his eyes, he would never give you what you deserve.
So when you come along one night, he would pull you into his lab, his mind trying to memorise your face. He would watch as your eyes widened as he said the words he had always thought. “you’re better off without me.” He had prepared himself for you to start crying but you did something completely unexpected. You didn’t cover your eyes and run, screaming you didn’t want to see him again. You just stared at him, your eyes welling with tears and muttered “Are you breaking up with me?”. Donnie could hear the fear in your voice and the pain in your eyes. But he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. So he would say again you would be better off without him. You would look down, search the ground for something then look back at him. “And you?” You would ask, taking him by surprise. Donnie tried to say something. To be as flippant as Raph or as carless as Mikey but he just couldn’t. He could never deny his feelings for you. “I’ll always love you.” He mumbled, looking to the ground. Then something would crash against his lips. You threw yourself at him, smashing your lips to his in a heated kiss which broke him. He couldn’t leave you. He couldn’t just let you go. It would be that night, after you told him how much he meant to you, that he vowed never to take you for granted. He would fight for you.

How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

TMNT React to Military S/O Going To War


Hi I’m in military school so how would the 2k16 craw react to the S/O going to war? Take as long as you want.
- @mcartminec4

Warnings: Light Cussing 


“You do realise how dangerous this is? Just think for a minute about what could happen to you!” Leo exclaims, whirling around to face you with wide eyes. 
“I have!” You reply, eyebrows furrowing as you remind yourself not to get mad at him. This is a big thing for Leo to have to process and there’s always the chance that you might not come back. 

“Are you sure? You need to make sure that you’re sure because then I’m not sure that-” Leo continues to ramble as his hands begin to raise towards his head- his mind slipping into overdrive. Viewing this from a leader’s perspective, you’re a member of this team, you’re a valuable asset. This, however goes beyond that. You’re his partner, through thick and thin you’re the person he loves in a way that he didn’t know he was capable of doing. 

“Leo,” you whisper, taking a cautious step towards him. “I’m sure. Have faith in me.” 

He pauses, eyes flickering to make contact with yours. They burned with intensity as he attempts to swallow his fear of losing you and look past it to the bravery and courage you’re displaying. “I have faith in you… if there’s anyone that I have faith in- it’s you.” 

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“No! End of the damn story!” His roar reverberates thoughout the lair. You could even swear that you felt the structure of the makeshift sewer home shake and you inhale deeply. 

“Raph,” you plead softly, stepping towards the towering giant of emotions. 

“No!” He snaps arm flinging out to prevent you from approaching. You eye the limb warily, taking note to cautiously remain out of reach upon the sight of his bulging bicep. “Please, just don’t.” 
His voice has softened and the harsh edge has almost been eradicated. His voice wavers and nears cracking mid-sentence, upon this observation you ignore the arm in front of you and approach him anyway. 

“Raph, it’s okay. You taught me to handle myself and protect others, now people need my help and I need to go help them… okay?” You whisper as your hands glide over his chest to wrap around his neck as well as you can manage. He lowers himself to your level, seating himself on the sofa behind him and pulling you into his embrace. His grip around your waist resembles a bear hug and you feel as if he has locked himself there and never planned to let you go. 

“You better not get hurt otherwise I’m prepared to take on an entire foreign army…. and you know I’ll win,” Raph warns. His voice is slightly muffled as his face is buried into the crook of your neck, as if seeking comfort from you being near. “You have to come back to me.” 

You smile softly, fingers slowly stroking his cheek as you hold him tightly against you. “One way or another, Raph, I’m coming home to you.” 

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“Okay, you don’t want to listen to my proffessional opinion that’s fine. I knew this day would eventually come and I knew that you wouldn’t listen to anything I say so I’ve taken the liberty to compile a file of statistics that may make you reconsider your decision. Reason number one includes….” 

Donnie has been pacing the floor of his lab aggressively for the past hour, you’re suprised he hasn’t worn a hole into the floor yet. You smile softly at the words spewing from his mouth at lightspeed, taking the opportunity to allow the very image of him to seep into your being while you can. 

“Donnie,” you call lightly, watching in amusement as he only pauses to rush to a bench and clumsily attempt to neaten the papers before trying to read off of them. 

“Homelessness rates for veterans are soaring through the roof and while you may have that one covered just imagine what would happen if you had to move into the sewers if something happened …” 

“Donatello,” you sigh, rolling your eyes at your boyfriend who flips through more pages. You stand to your feet and move to place yourself in front of him. You reach up and put a hand on either side of his face, tugging slightly to gain his attention. He does a double take when he realises his position and he slowly puts the thick pile of papers down onto the table. 

“I’m not a statistic,” you say, searching his eyes for agreeance. 

He sighs, lowering his gaze and leaning into your touch. “I know you’re not. I’m just trying to prevent you from becoming one.” 

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“That’s so cool! You’re gonna be like some super sexy….” Mikey stammers for a moment, looking for an appropriate description of what he was imagining, “special ops chick or something.” 

You grin at him, throwing your arms around his neck and leaning into the sturdiness of his being. You hear the infamous goofy chuckle, a rumble throughout his chest. 

“Yeah. A sexy- a sexy soldier.” He whispers, the excitement in his voice draining from the tone and replaced by a sombre note. Your heart lurches in your chest, you know that he’s trying really hard to be as supportive as possible. He wants you to do what you dream of doing and he’d rather be damned than to be the one restraining you from pursuing a life you loved. He knew all too well what being limited by society and people you care about felt like. 

“Babe?” He murmurs into your hair. You hum in response. “You’re- you’re not going to die right?” 

You inhale lightly at the forwardness of the question. “Mikey,” you begin, heart pounding in your chest, “unless it’s by pizza overdose with you, I’m not dying anytime soon.” 

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TMNT x Reader

Imagine having a bad day and your favorite turtle comforting you. Each turtle has his own way of comforting his S.O. but each is just as sweet.

Leonardo knows that he can’t always change the world. He can fight an alien invasion and stop crazed scientist from taking over the world but he can’t fight the little things.
He tries though.
He makes you tea, just the way you like it, and stays with you. He mediates as you read, sipping on your tea. Opening his eyes, he looks at you, smiling softly.
“What are you reading?”
“The Princess Saves Herself in This One. It’ s a poetry collection.”
He climbs into bed with you, pulling you close to him.
Sometimes, it not saying or doing anything grand. Sometimes, it’s just doing something small. Like making a cup of tea and holding someone you love and assuring them that it’s okay to be sad. And that you’ll be right there when it’s over.

Raphael understands that, when you’re having a bad day, you might feel like you need to get away from it all.
He knows that he often does.
So he sneaks out and takes you on a midnight bike ride, out of the city. He drives until it’s quiet and there’s not a single soul around. He tosses a blanket onto the grass and you both lay down, staring up at the sky. And you rant.
You rant on and on until there is nothing more to say except for thank you.
“You always seem to figure me out, Raph. You know just what I need.”
“I’d do anything for ya, tiger.”
And he would too. He most definitely would.

Donatello can be a bit awkward when it comes to emotions but he’s not completely hopeless.
He know what you like and don’t like and he knows what comforts you, even on the worst of days. After all, he is your beloved boyfriend.
“Welcome home, Y/N.”
He has strung fairy lights all around, neon purple filling the room. A playlist of all your favorite songs is playing softly and best of all: him. He’s locked up his lab for the night (and gave Leo the key) and is prepared to do whatever you want.
“Can we just cuddle?” you ask.
“Of course we can, darling. Whatever you want.”
Donatello can sometimes space out and, yeah, he doesn’t always make the right move. But he has his moments and they are amazing.

Michelangelo goes all out.
He wishes He could make the world perfect and wonderful and full of only good people, just for you. But he knows that can never happen (a turtle can dream though, right?) So he makes up for it.
He has pizza, popcorn, and ice cream (your three comfort foods). He has your favorite movies and the biggest blanket fort in the entire city, built by yours truly.
“Just tell me what you need, babydoll, anything!”
“Disney movies and cuddling?” you ask.
“And as many kisses as my lady desires. We got Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid…”
He continues to list the movies and you can’t help but smile. All of these things are totally awesome but in the end…you’re happiest that you have your favorite ninja with you.

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How the turtles would act when drunk around their crush?


He’s very self controlled so when he gets drunk he knows better than to go around you. He’d avoid you and you’d try to get to him. Because he’s drunk he can’t really say anything so he just stays quiet while you chase him and he runs aways from you as best as he can. Of course him being very fit he is way faster than you and you have no choice but to give up. When he gets sober he walks towards you with a blush on his face and apologises for what he did and explain to you why he did it.


Run, just run. Oh boy, when raph’s drunk you gotta run as fast as you can that is if you still want to be able walk tomorrow. When raph’s drunk he’s SUPER horny so you better watch out. He’ll scream “I LOVE YOU S/O, PLEASE SLEEP WITH ME” and chase after you. You run as fast as you can to run away from raph, well you tried at least. Raph is of course way faster than you and catches you immediately. well get ready for some good fucking


This little cinnamon roll would be extra clingy. He’d never leave your side LITERALLY. He’d cling to either your waist, legs or arm. He’ll keep on showering you with random compliments and he’d wont stop saying “I love you so much s/o please accept my feelings” over and over again. The next day when he’s sober he apologises over and over again to you saying that he was drunk and he didn’t mean anything. You get sad and said “so does that mean you don’t like me”. Donnie gets flustered and his face turns red while trying to tell you that he loves you.



TMNT Boyfriend Headcanons

First official post on Tumblr. Here we go. 
♡Leo is the kind of boyfriend who would buy you flowers and chocolates when you’ve had a crappy day, and who loves sending you “I love you more than the sun loves the moon” messages
♡Raph is the kind of boyfriend who is soooo insecure, but when it comes to you, you are the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world. 
♡Donnie is the kind of boyfriend who buys you gifts and presents for every occasion, and tells you that he loves every five seconds. 
♡Mikey is the kind of boyfriend who would pull pranks on you, but immediately apologize with pizza and cuddles. 
♡For dates, all of the brothers would consult each other (and April and Casey) for what they should do. 
♡Leo would probably make you a nice picnic on top of the TCRI building and you guys would stargaze and talk about everything. 
♡Raph would bring you a bunch of his favorite movies to your apartment, and you’d have an entire movie marathon.
♡Donnie would take you out for a night out on the town in the Shellraiser. 
♡Mikey would take you camping out in either the sewers, or at the farm house. It’s actually pretty romantic. 
♡All of the brothers are worried about your safety. 24/7.
♡If you are dating one of the bros, you are definitely going to be best friends with his brothers. 
♡Expect a lot of teasing, as well.
♡All of the guys have nicknames for their S/O.
♡Leo calls his S/O by their full name a lot, but likes to call them Love, Kitten, and Flower as well.
♡Raph calls his S/O Shortie and Babe
♡Donnie mostly calls his S/O Princess, with the occasional Honey or Dear.
♡Mikey calls his S/O many nicknames, but mostly Bae. 

That’s all folks!

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Imagine Your Favourite Turtles Favourite Features


Leo going crazy over your neck. He doesn’t know why, but he always finds himself looking from your collarbone up to your jawline whenever your around. The way it curves ever so slightly and throbs when you have an adrenaline rush drive him wild. When your in private, he’ll never hesitate to kiss all the way up your neck until your a blushing mess.

Raph staring at your ass whenever possible. He can’t help but bite his lip whenever you decide to come over in shorts or yoga pants, and he has a perfect view of your ass. The way it curves outwards to the perfect amount and how it seems to lure him in whenever you bend over, make him insane. When your alone, and heck even sometimes in public, he’ll grope and slap that booty until your left unable to sit properly.

Donnie going Gaga for your thighs. Thigh gap or not, the purple turtle has always had a thing for thighs, especially yours. Whenever you hug or cuddle, he’ll usually hold and stroke your thigh, tracing his thumb over the sensitive skin and making you blush. When he notices how flustered it makes you, he’ll smirk teasingly at you as he continued.

Mikey adoring your breasts. Big or small, low or perky, Mikey can’t get enough of the gorgeous feminine features, and will usually find himself staring whenever given the chance. He’s not even seen yours yet, let alone felt them, but he always hopes for the day to come when he’ll get to show you how perfect you are to him.

Your First Kiss

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Turtles (2014/16) x Reader


Prompt: “:D can i have a first kiss drible with raphael or donnie :P{ there my favs :3 unless not its ok XD ]” @the3musesanglena-lucinda-markus

  • Leonardo

It was late. You should’ve gone home by now, but you craved his time, his attention. You were sat next to him, your head against his shoulder as you were slowly drifting to sleep. You’d already gotten a few missed calls from your parents, but in that moment you didn’t really care. It felt like something from a movie. Leo thought you were asleep, and kissed your forehead delicately. It was barely there, and he hoped you were too tired to even tell. Your eyes fluttered open to smile at the turtle sat next to you. Blushing, he turned his head; he knew he’d been caught. 

“You missed Leo.”

  • Raphael

You’d been arguing, yet again. It was about a tiny mishap, yet your best friend took it to the extreme.

“I’m getting real sick of you, Raph!”

“Well maybe ya should leave then!” Fuck off, you big lug. Like hell you were going to leave. In the spur of a moment, you turned him around, to stop him from leaving. 

“Wanna know why I can’t leave, you insensitive prick?” He mumbled something along the lines of ‘enlighten me,’ so you jumped up, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to is. He wrapped his arms around your body instinctively, stepping back in shock but not before returning the kiss.

“Yeah, pretty good reason ta stay…”

  • Donatello

You were getting ‘help’ from Donnie for Algebra. Little did he know, the only reason you acted dumb about math, was to get his help. It was pretty low, to act like that, but you’d tried everything else. Food, candy, even just sitting in the control room with him and trying to spend as much time with him as possible. But he was completely oblivious. You had told your best friend about the situation (but not the fact he was a mutant turtle, obviously) and she suggested that you just kiss him. And that’s exactly what he did. 

As soon as he clambered through the window, you took his face in your hands and kissed him, and boy did the little nerd love that. 

  • Michelangelo

Mikey was always flirty with you, but unlike with April, you actually flirted back. You actually paid attention to him, and laughed at most of his jokes. You were both playing a random game on his xbox, your legs over his with a Red Vine in your mouth whilst laying on your back. 
“[Y/N]…” your eyebrow rose. He never called you your real name, always just cute pet names.

“Yes?” you said slowly, sitting up slightly, about to move your legs from his lap when he lifted your chin with his finger (removed the Red Vine from your mouth to the table) and kissed you, the light from the TV illuminating your faces.

Imagine keeping your favorite turtle warm in the winter. It’s incredibly cold out and the poor boys are suffering horribly!

Leonardo would need tea and you’re more then happy to make it for him. You stock up on all sorts of tea leaves and use your favorite cups; the one Master Splinter gave him and you’re bluebell one. He huddles under the blankets as the kettle boils, trying not to look quite so miserable.
“Here you are. Do you need another blanket?”
“No…well, maybe. Yes.”
You smile to yourself and rush off to find him another cozy quilt.

Speaking of quilts! You have mounds of them stored away, in bright and colorful patterns and themes. And it’s a good thing too, because Raphael really needs them!
So you pull them all out and pack them tight and warm, with the two of you snuggled in between it all. Raphael holds you close, embracing your warmth, and buries his face in your hair.
“Feeling warmer?” you ask.
He takes a breath, smelling your conditioner, and smiles.
“Yeah, tiger.”
You kiss his cheek, smiling as he holds you tighter. Perhaps the season wasn’t all bad…

Donatello has about twenty heaters and blankets and everything a turtle needs so you didn’t think he would need anything from you (which did actually make you feel a bit down).
So you’re surprised when he comes to visit. You had been in the middle of baking cookies and your apartment is toasty and smells of cinnamon. You see a shivering Donatello climbing in and nearly drop The tray you were holding.
“Donnie! What are you doing?! Get in here.”
You shut the window and Donnie climbs into your bed, stealing your favorite blanket.
“I-I miss-missed you, Y-Y/N.”
Oh. Oh! It was very sweet and very stupid. So you give him the biggest cookie and more blankets and a kiss, because you love him.

Michealangelo stays over by accident. It was snowing and he wanted to visit you and maybe build a snowman and the whole shebang ends with him being herded inside.
“Mikey, what were you thinking?! It’s six degrees out there.”
“I’m s-sorry, baby. I wa-wanted to s-see you…”
Who can resist such a sweetheart? So you pull out some extra blankets and pillows, just for him. You make some hot chocolate, grab some cookies, and put on Home Alone (his favorite).
And Mikey absolutely adores the attention and probably sends a few smug selfies to his brothers.

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Could you do an imagine where the boys first time sleeping with their girlfriend and how they would feel about it? Thanks. Love your work btw.

glad you enjoy my work


     “you look tense leo” you said while looking at him laying on the bed 

“w-what? I-I’m not tense what are y-you talking about” leo replied while chuckling shyly 

     You just laughed a little and got on the bed with him, you snuggled up closer to him and you could feel him tense. You leaned your head towards his chest and looked up to see his face and you kissed his nose.

“don’t worry, you don’t have to be shy leo” you said while smiling at him

“o-okay (y/n), sorry” he said and kissed your lips 

     “no need to apologize” you said and cuddled into his chest. Leo blushed a little but he liked the feeling of your body against his, he was happy you were safe in his arms.


     You played down on your bed and turned off the light getting ready for bed. Once you were all tucked in and ready to sleep you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You were very surprised to see your boyfriend raph spooning you from behind. 

“hey babe, sorry for scaring ya” he said while smirking

   “w-what are you doing here raph?” you asked and started to blush

Raph just yawned and closed his eyes “I wanted to sleep with you, thats all” he said

   Before you could protest any further you saw that he was already asleep and you just sighed and continue sleeping. Deep down raph was actually squealing because he finally got a chance to sleep with you and boy did it feel good. 


     He was a blushing mess the whole time from walking towards you room until you two were laying on your bed. He didn’t dare to make any moves because he was too scared and shy to do it so you ended up doing it yourself. You moved closer towards him and you could see that he was slowly moving backwards as well.

“what’s wrong? do you not want to sleep with me?” you said while pouting

     Donnie felt guilty and so he hugged you tightly and he blushed a darker shade of red “s-sorry, I was j-just a little shy” he answered

You just chucked and continue sleeping so did he.


      he was so hyper the whole time. You almost thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep because of all the energy that he had inside him, but alas he ended up sleeping anyways. You two cuddled adorably and he held you tightly not wanting to let go.  The whole time mikey couldn’t stop smiling like a nerd and you just chuckled.

The next morning you woke up because you wanted to pee and you saw that mikey was still sleeping. You heard from the others that he was a extremely deep sleeper so you didn’t have to worry about waking him up. You tried to stand up but sadly mikey had an iron grip on you, like you were literally pulling his arms of you and he still wouldn’t budge. Well rip you buddy


Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thanks for the idea, ily b <3 @llturner7 IT’S A SHORT DRABBLE BABES

Prompt: “How bout a Leo x reader, something comical and fluffy. Where Leo discovers one of her phobias or something. Not sure about what kind of phobia”

Word count: 459

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“Leo!” you yelled, jumping on top of the chair Raphael was sat on, who looked extremely annoyed

“Leo!” he bellowed, smacking his comic on your leg to get you down, “Control yer woman!”

“Excuse me Raph,” you grumbled, take a pause from your screaming, “I am a strong, independent woman. Leo does not need to control me.” ‘Unless in the bedroom.’ You kept that thought to yourself and started screaming again, Raphael becoming ever more irritated. “Just fucking move and kill it Raph!”

“I ain’t movin’ nowhere, I was ‘ere first.”

 After a while, Leo came into the room and looked very amused by what was happening. You were literally sitting on Raphael’s shell, screaming at him to get up and kill the tiny spider that was on the floor of the lair. It was literally the size of a pinky nail.

“What’s going on here-” Both you and Raph started yelling at the same time about what was happening, you jumping from the chair to the table, to the couch and jumping on to Leo.

“Leo! Kill it!” you screamed into his ear, hiding your face into his neck.

“Babe, it’s not there any more,” you screamed again in his ear, crawling further up his large body. Raphael was howling with laughter at this point, probably the sight of Leo’s face as you clambered up to his shoulders, sitting on his shell like you had Raph’s. “[Y/N]. It’s just a spider.”

“It is not just a spider! It’s a demon with multiple limbs and the power to crawl into your mouth while you sleep and kill you from the inside out!” you yelled at him, narrowing your eyes at the ground to find the little critter. “There! There it is!” You screeched, pointing frantically at the ground where the small spider was sat there. Not really moving at all.

Leo walked with you to the kitchen, grabbing a cup and a piece of tissue.

 Getting rid of it was easy; trying to make you stop screaming whilst he carried you and it to the entrance of the lair was the hard part. It was apparently too close to you for comfort.

“My hero!” you grinned as he picked you up off his shoulders and set you down in front of him, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Just doing my duty.” He leant down, kissing you softly.

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He love, hope your day is going well today! I have a little imagine or headcannon idea! How do the boys (or more specifically Raph and Donnie) react when they're cuddling or waking up next to their new s/o and discover their s/o's tattoo, which is normally out of sight.


~shocked at first because he never thought that his s/o would have a tattoo

~Depending on the tattoo he would actually really like it

~Thinks that hit makes his s/o look 100 times more hotter

~would probably go get a matching tattoo with you later

~Would ask when you got it and why 

~Raph would probably like tattoos that have a deeper meaning to them or symbolic to something important or memorable 

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~like rap he would be very shocked at first

~isn’t really to fond of tattoos himself but that depends on the tattoo honestly

~he’s find it very badass of you to get one

~wouldn’t be too bugged about it though he really wants to get one now

~like raph he would probably get matching tattoos with you

~prefers small and simple tattoos rather than the big or sleeve ones

~he would be very interested about it and start throwing questions at you

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Be Together

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Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you for requesting nonnie! And thank you for the complement (; If you have another idea for a tattoo feel free to change it in your head c:

Prompt: “Love your Donnie imagine! Keep up the good work- here’s a little request with any of the boys, although I have a soft spot for my boy in blue and the hothead ;) just something fluffy like- the boys waking up next to their s/o for the first time and catching a peek of a hidden tattoo their s/o has.”

Word count: 700

Warnings: Swearing, mention of smut

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.” Leo mumbled with his arms wrapped around your body and his thumbs running up and down your sides. You both had been together for quite a while, and you hardly got alone time. But tonight, the other turtles were out and Splinter was doing a 10-hour meditation session in his room. You were alone, finally.

You’d spent most of the night wrapped up in each other’s arms, watching movies that he’d missed out on. It was nice not to have to worry about whether he’d come back from patrol with injuries. It was nice to just lay with one another and be together.

“Not what you had in mind?” You turned around so you were placing him, one hand on his plastron, the other running along his lower lip. It was also nice to be the same height for once; it was nice to look at him straight instead of up.

“Such an inconvenience…” he’d closed the distance between you, his lips soft against yours. Your arm moved up his plastron slowly, wrapping around his neck. He gripped your waist with his hands, squeezing your sides lightly. The feeling sent waves of electricity through both of your bodies; your senses went from 0 to 100.

“I’m not sorry…” you smirked at him when you reluctantly pulled away from him, your eyes heavy and short of breath. He smiled back, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before lifting your chin up to meet his lips again for a small peck.

“Neither am I, darling.” Running his hands up your side, he brought your shirt up as well. The cool air mixed with Leo’s captivating touch sent a shiver up you side. He pressed his body against yours before gripping your hips again and sitting you on his lap. You traced circles around his plastron, staring down at him as your hair framed your face. He cupped your cheek, running a thumb up and down before bringing you closer to him and kissing you once again.

Mikey was dead when Leo got his hands on him. The young orange turtle was screaming that breakfast was ready, but Leo was nowhere near ready to get up. Especially when he woke up to the love of his life lying next to him. Smiling, he took a moment to reflect on how lucky he was to have someone like you in his life. You were amazing, unlike any other. Kissing your shoulder, he turned back around on to his side and wrapped his arms around your naked body.

It was only then that he noticed the tiny tattoo between your shoulder blades. It was small, some sort of flower. It was beautiful, but he was quite curious as to why you hadn’t mentioned it before. He ran his fingers over it, but not before leaning down and placing a kiss on it. You were utterly stunning, and apparently full of surprises.

“I got it on a whim. I forget it’s there most of the time.” You mumbled sleepily, turning around to face him. “I picked it because it’s pretty.” He chuckled as you curled into him, placing a small kiss on your forehead.

“You know what’s prettier?” you looked up at his with a raised eyebrow

“If you say me, I’m going to punch you.” Poking his nose, he chuckled and shook his head.

“Of course not, I was going to say me.”