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This is something I was working on before I fell very ill. Was able to finish them up this morning. My Haiku’s.

This is a gift to all my family. The Hamato Clan. (Yes, includes Casey).

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s to many more year to follow, here on Tumblr!

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A commission for @reader115 featuring Leo and Raph from their amazing RaphLeo fic ‘Fog Catchers’. Ahhhh, I am in love with that fic!

Click here to read it! <3
Or click here to read the sequel! <3 <3

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Addressing a concern...

I didn’t want to have to do this…but this is getting out of hand. I will no longer be taking asks from those tied to other dimensions of my brothers and myself. It is far too confusing and I am finding that it is upsetting a few people.

I won’t be taking asks from other turtle dimensions. The following are my brother’s and others blogs that I answer to and follow:

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My father and Karai:

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I’m sorry if this makes me a mean turtle…but I am getting so much of it recently. As well as people claiming they are related (brothers, sisters, daughters, sons). The only relations I have are those above. You want to talk to me and interact on Tumblr…please do.

But understand that I don’t want to upset the family I have by taking asks by others like them from other dimensions.

It isn’t fair to them or fair on me.

Thank you for understanding.

- Leonardo a.k.a. ichiban-turtle

Shelle: I’m in a huggy mood today…who to hug? Who to hug?

Pie: Everyone!!

Shelle: Everyone? O.o

Pie: Okay, well maybe not everyone.

Shelle: Then who?

Pie: Faithy, Poetique and Kayla!

Shelle: Shelly and Danyel!

Pie: DG and Tori!

Shelle: Leonardo, Raphael ((ok maybe no hug, just an awkward pat on the arm)) Donatello, Michelangelo and April!

Pie: Ooh ooh! Millin, Ciara and Raymond!

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WHAT!? I’m not drooling! YOU’RE drooling!


Who am I kidding?! God, he’s glorious… homina, homina, homina…. Screw Casey Jones, if I were April, I would’ve jumped Raph’s bones within twenty minutes of the first movie……

BROKEN FOOT: @redworld96

She didnt really request it from me, but I remember her asking for someone to draw fanart of the guys comforting Donnie after his awakening.

Sure the brothers would comfort the shit out of their dorky brother, but after a while Donnie will just feel like he’s suffocated. Its just how Donnie is in my eyes. He wouldnt like the attention, but will deal with it anyways, of course with griping buuuut his brothers could give two shells about it. They are just glad for their genius to be okay <3

I tried my best on the background, but all in all Im pretty proud of how this turned out.

I might do some brotherly bonding fanfictions, if anyone wants me to, I dunno yet. I suck at fluffy, cutesy moments. x..x 

Anyways I hope you guys like this. Please reblog if you do, itd mean a lot to me!