Happy Mutation Day

i know there’s already a lot of art on how raph got spike. most of them that he found him in a sewer and resued him. but my theory is that splinter gave spike to him.
i think raphie has trouble expressing his feelings with words cuz he feels like others will judge him. so splinter gave him a pet for their birthday so he’ll have someone to talk to UvU
raph’s a little upset at first since he wanted a toy but soon finds out his new friend is much better.

anonymous asked:

Under the assumption that this is possible - either via their own cunning, maybe superhuman abilities, or both - how do you think the turtles would handle defeat at the hands of their ladies? (Before and/or after they get together?)

Hmmm. (also,adding this without a before or after, gonna let you guys handle that ;>)

Leo: He’d be surprised and filled with pride. Because he’s the ‘oh-i-am-the-leader-and-i-am-a-ninja’, he’d appreciate if she used her brain and tricked him on his own game, maybe pressing a spot that she found out it’d be weak and would make him crumble. He also would be lying if he didn’t found it attractive.Very attractive.

Raph: Listen, he is big. He is big. Taking him down would involve a lot of body power, cunning and maybe some sex appeal. He knows he’s stronger, so he just uses it around, until she flips over and lands on his shell making him fall on the ground with a loud ‘thud’. How did it happened?He had no idea, but…he was glad he was facing the ground and she wasn’t seeing…what was forming on his lower half.

Mikey: He’s all up for wrestling and playfully touching her, laughing when she asks for a real fight. He says ‘sure’ with a throw of shoulders, giggling at her attempts to hit him, avoiding every single one until she avoided his own attack, making him fall on the ground and her whole form stand above him triumphantly. And he could swear, by all of his comics, she was looking just like Wonder Woman.

Donnie: Donnie is a lot faster and his weapon is a lot longer than his brothers

meeeeeeeaning he has a lot more room to maneuver.

(snnrk,im so sorry) Anyway, since he has a lot more room, she needs to be careful and try to avoid it as fast as she can. And believe me, he’d make it hard for her, even teasing her enough to get under her skin.But what he wouldn’t know, is that she has special tactic called ‘master splinter taught me this’ technique. She’d roll and avoid his attack before tackling his leg in a firm grip, making him land on his side. Besides feeling surprised, he’d laugh and throw his head back with a ‘unbelievable!’ coming out of his mouth.

They’d all like it, in the end :3