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1. Come Back Ft. Marc E Bassy; Skizzy Mars // 2. The Afternoon; Blackbear // 3. The Hills; The Weeknd // 4. Sunday; Earl Sweatshirt Ft. Frank Ocean // 5. Slow; Lido Ft. Halsey // 6. Chill Bill Ft. J.Davis & Spooks; Rob$tone // 7. Long Live A$AP; A$AP ROCKY // 8. 222 Ft. Bridget Perez; Flatbush ZOMBiES // 9. Child’s Play Ft. Chance The Rapper; SZA // 10. The Purge / Rapfix Cypher (20syl Remix); Schoolboy Q // 11. Thoughts From A Balcony; Mac Miller // 12. Nikki; Logic // 13. 90210; Blackbear Ft. G-Eazy // 14. Loft Music; The Weeknd // 15. No Better Blues; Chance The Rapper



Rap Fix Live Cypher- Pro Era

The Prodies joined Sway on MTV’s Rap Fix Live a couple hours ago for this monumental joint freestyle. Godamn this is fire

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GRAFH interviews with MTV RapFix about his streets- supported Rule EP, signing to Sony, future projects, and his support of MMG. Check my boy Stage (shades, purple tee) in the background – his project is coming soon!!!!

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Nas x Sway - MTV RapFix Interview…. Talks about the New Album, Trayvon Martin, Divorce, Angola Controversy, and Life. Check out the entire interview here: http://on.mtv.com/GZh2V8 

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“I love it so much. I really want to make a homemade video of it. I don’t know, like, rainbow exorcism. I hear that song, and it makes me think of puking rainbows.” -Florence on The Weeknd’s remix of Shake It Out

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Wale Is Finally Getting What He Put In via MTV Rapfix 6/26/12

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Locksmith freestyling on MTV’s “RapFix.” He was amazing. Gangsta Boo was HORRIBLE.

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I never thought I’d see Lupe get emotional but this is real. Things like this are the main reason why I want to achieve my dreams & aspirations because I have friends and family who live like this when they shouldn’t have to. This isn’t the life that kids should be forced into.

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