De todos los peces, el rape es el más feo en el que puedes acabar metiendo la mano.

Yes, it is racist to suspect that all brown men […] are rapists. It is bigoted to presume that all Muslim men […] advocate religiously justified rape. It is xenophobic to assume that all male refugees are sexual predators awaiting their chance to rape. But let me be absolutely clear: What will feed this racism, bigotry, and xenophobia even more is deliberately failing to report the facts as they stand. Doing so only encourages the populist right’s rallying cry against “the establishment.”
If liberals do not address such issues swiftly, with complete candor and courage, the far-right and anti-Muslim populist groups will get there first.
—  Maajid Nawaz, “Why We Can’t Stay Silent on Germany’s Mass Sex Assaults”, TheDailyBeast.com
I’ve been halfheartedly following the news out of Germany

And admittedly I’ve only given reports a cursory glance so I may be missing something. But I have two reactions.

1. Throw the book at the rapists. And anyone who encouraged a coverup or attempted to silence the victims. Rape is rape, period.

2. We still have an obligation to take in as many refugees as possible. Because they are refugees and we are capable of helping them. 

It’s an old craft dirty campaign machinery, the heck I get discouraged from those aspiring to sit as president but maligning others. The people had spoken, the people had made their choices, the people are tired of #OPMs #Oh #Promise #Me for it is simply a #Mess, we need to thwart all the bad histories, and in doing so we need an #iron #fist against #Corruption #Rapes #Killings #Robberies #improvement of #Government #Services take us all out from #Poverty,we need #Work for everyone uplift our morals and take us to a best awesome standard and development. Where are told promises before? what have we experienced and witnessing? #ENOUGH and in doing so we need #KAMAYnaBAKAL #Rodrigo #Digong #Roa #Duterte #DU3O ang ating kailangan, huwag ibenta ang VOTO, Batayan ang #Makasaysayang #Halalan2916 para sa atin, para sa mga anak natin at mga anak ng anak natin. (at Philippines)

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the world where children are massively killed, women are raped, men are crucified and their heads are cut off demonstratively, is the fragile, weak and vulnerable world.

 it doesn’t matter how often we will use the words  “humanity”,  “civilization”,  “human right”, “politics”, “safety”, “ United Nations Organization” - these words have already lost their connotation and become useless, empty, dull words. 

please keep your bullshits about enlightened and gentle world  for yourself in order to sleep well in your warm and cozy cities, homes, rooms, beds.