Okay but seriously.

If you go up to a murderer and say “Don’t murder”, do you think that will stop them from murdering?

So if you go up to a rapist and say “Don’t rape”, do you think the outcome will be any different?

This is the type of logic that will do more harm than good. By teaching men and women self-defense, we can prevent a lot more rapes than if men and women were simply told “don’t rape”. Both murderers and rapists know what they’re doing is wrong and illegal. Don’t get caught up in the lie that men and women can be taught not to rape. Learn self-defense.

So then the question becomes how do we, as a society, decide what is or isn’t allowed? How do we define the lines of consensual sex and sexual assault? For Dunn, the answer was obvious. “I get a lot of questions from teens like, ‘How do I know if this person likes me?’ or ‘How will I know if they want to kiss me?’ And it’s like - we read body language all the time. You learn not to slap an old lady in the face. You know not to call your teacher a dickbag. You just know certain things in society, like how to behave. So when someone’s like, ‘How do I know if this girl doesn’t want me to feel her up?’, it’s like you read signals all day long! How is it all the sudden you don’t know how to read signals?”

OMG is this Charles? 

There are no lines connecting him to anyone.

Even if it’s not, who is this? He is not the Theater Manager that ID’d Garrett, we met him with Aria, he looks nothing like this man.

And who is listed on that TRO? It is placed on the line between Garrett and CeCe….

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today in class we were talking about how chivalry was sexist and i mentioned that it puts social pressure on women to react to it positively like for example if a man approaches a woman to perform a “chivalrous” act like opening a door for her, giving her his coat bc she is cold, buying her a drink, etc. and she rejects this action and doesnt act grateful, she will be written off as a bitch and even potentially harassed over this.

everybody acted like i was a jerk, saying that if men do things like that for women they SHOULD be grateful bc it is a nice thing to do and if you dont react with gratitude and thank them youre an asshole.

so then i reiterated that no, you should not do something thats “nice” with expectations of a positive reaction. you should only do nice things to be nice, not to seek out a reaction. then, i added on, that many women have been physically and sexually abused by men, suffer from PTSD and do not want to interact with strange men they do not know and are put in a weird position when strange guys do things just to be “nice” or “chivalrous” for them. 

after i said that, this girl in my class raises her hand, says that if women have PTSD from being beaten or raped its their own problem. if they want to be left alone they should wear a sign on them that says “battered woman” so people know. ive been really upset by her saying that and super offended. am i overreacting? everybody acted like i was. every time i bring up giving people their own space bc of potential PTSD or anxiety they might have that we as outsiders are unaware of, people argue with me about it and act like im a total jackass,..

My views on Magic

Magic is something that is complex and hard to understand. I’ve taken many years to understand it as I do today. When I first started, I was wary of things like curses, healing spells, and love spells. I felt, at the time, that I would be messing with someone’s free will by doing those things. 

Today, I don’t really have the same thoughts. Magic, as I found, is a force that can only really do what it does if there is a way to actually achieve it. Basically if there is no kindle for the flames, a fire will never start. If there is not a place to start or go from, the magical intent has a difficult time taking hold. It follows the flow and goes with the easiest way to do the job. It needs something to latch onto.

It is possible to go against the flow and force a fire with no kindle or way to easily start it, but its difficult and not many can achieve it. It takes a lot of focus, dedication, patience, and skill. 

Here are some examples of what I mean: Person A wants a specific job, so they perform a spell to get it. They have to turn in an application, otherwise how can they get the job if they don’t even let the employers know they’re interested? How can the magic take hold if it doesn’t have a starting point to go off from? 

Person B loves Person A, so they perform a love spell. If Person A doesn’t even know Person B exists, how can the magical intent reach them? If Person A doesn’t feel anything for Person B, the magic has no kindle to ignite the flames of love.

From my experiences, I’ve come to realize that magic doesn’t always work the way we expect it to do. When we focus on the intent and what we want as an outcome, the magic will, most of the time, look for the easiest and best way to achieve this. For example: The Person A had done the job spell and got the job. But what happened from it? The easiest way was to make all the other candidates look terrible was potential hires, while making Person A look amazing for the job. It tipped things in Person A’s favor. 

Person B had gotten a date with Person A. How did this happen? The magic found that the easiest way was to take hold of the feelings that already existed in Person A and cause them to focus on those feelings. Person A liked Person B, but never thought about romantic feelings. The spell caused them to realize the romantic potential for Person B.

Practical magic that seeks to benefit us tends to go with the easiest flow of things. It will swim with the currents to reach the other side, while magic like curses tend to go against the flow and force things as we desire. I believe curses that go with the flow to cause negative things to happen are usually jinxes.On the other hand, curses force bad things on the target, sometimes they are already present and sometimes they are not. For me, the curse goes against the opposing force until it snaps and smacks the target. 

Now, below are my views on a specific thing with love magic. Certain triggers may be below

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That blog gayapocalypse is saying some seriously damaging things. They say that heteromantic aces can get over whatever "shitty times" they face and is mocking their struggle. My heteromantic ace friend was raped because she didn't want to sleep with a guy and that blog is literally telling her "boo hoo get over it" because she doesn't experience homophobia so her issues are basically trivial. I don't know how to handle this I'm so disgusted and upset. I don't understand their thought process

Aces like your friend are the reason we are so vehemently opposed to what that blogger is doing and saying. Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Do not interact with them. Do not message them, do not reblog anything from them.
  2. Block them. 
  3. Reblog something from here to warn your followers so other aces can also take steps 1 and 2. 
  4. Make sure you never, ever say anything as damaging as what they are saying. 
  5. Help others to see how hurtful those words are and why they should not be said.
  6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with anyone who refuses to see that. 

This kind of identity policing and gatekeeping is utterly  unacceptable, and anyone who participates in it is not welcome in our community. Period the end. I don’t care how you identify - if you think you can tell other people what labels they should use, or that they don’t belong in a community that is for people like them, or that their oppression isn’t “enough oppression,” then you need to disconnect your internet, staple your mouth shut, and forget how to use any known language. No one needs to hear that toxic shit.


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if people change this horrible way of looking at rape it would probably happen a lot less. that's the only thing the name rape culture is ment to do. did you know according to a study from the University of North Dakota, 31.7% of the men surveyed said they would force a woman to have sexual intercourse. That's one out of every three men who said they could see themselves raping a woman. Unless you asked them that question and then only 13% (still way to much ofcourse) say they’d rape a woman.

I read a debunking of that ‘study’ just the other day but annoyingly can’t find it  - if anyone reading this has the info, please reblog with the details and I’ll edit them in here.

Anyway, basically it was a very flawed, unrepresentative study that only asked about 70 young men, and got its factoid statistic the same dishonest way Mary Koss did, by asking leading, unclear questions and counting acts that are not rape as rape.

Actual rape (not feminist ‘rape’, which can, as I demonstrated in my previous post, be just about anything) is a horrible crime but thankfully a rare one. The fact that your poor impressionable mind has been allowed to be filled up with this toxic and nightmarish garbage for political gain by a hateful ideology is one of the main reasons I speak out against feminism. Indoctrinating young boys and girl’s into believing most sex is violent crime is just as much child abuse as making them believe if they masturbate they’re going to go to hell.

Why I need feminism

I’ve realized that we really do need feminism. Honestly when 4 in one women get raped every millisecond, can you blame me?? Not only that but women make half a cream pie to every mans dollar; it gets even worse when you factor in hair style. There are 47 giraffes in the senate and not a single woman. Yesterday a guy pointed his fork at me while I was eating at femdonalds, rape culture. TELL ME THAT WE DONT NEED FEMINISM

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both halves of the issue.. women's half of the issue is that they get murdered, molested and raped and men's is... they're uncomfortable with femininity? like i get your point but... talking of "halves"? yeah, no

That person talked about “to engage both halves of the equation”. No matter the circumstances generally speaking (gender binary discussion aside) when people talk about male and female in this context it just means that around half of the possible audience is male and around half of the possible audience is female. As far as I’m aware. Not that everyone is super equal.

And let’s not forget that men embracing femininity also ties in with LGBT issues and definitely does not come without its fair share of danger. And let’s also not further the idea that male victims of rape are a non-issue.

The way girls are taught to be cautious about their drinks, their clothing, their demeanor, their attitude, of the state of inebriation of the men around them, are all ways in which a rape culture puts the responsibility of girls not being raped and assaulted ON them, instead of on rapists and abusers. It makes them have to consider things that aren’t even in their control, and takes every opportunity to make them responsible for a crime they are the victim of. Rape culture is what boys are raised in, letting them know that their reputation, even as rapists, is what matters more than the dignity of their victim and justice in general. It shows them that it is easier to demonize and take advantage of girls because of their sex, than to actually be punished for a heinous crime.   

Purvi Patel got sentenced to 20 years in jail for being pregnant in Indiana and voicing doubts about continuing with it.

Bear in mind, they did blood tests on her and found no evidence of abortion pills or anything of the sort: there was no proof whatsoever she was lying about it simply being a miscarriage. 

Basically, she lost a pregnancy and they didn’t believe what she said about it and sent her to prison. If that doesn’t frighten the hell out of people it damn well should.

“1 ½ times...”

I’m honestly amused by the fact that folk are pinpointing Warren Graham for literally naming the “one… and a half times” he watched the “katesvid” link as though he’s done something horribly unique.

Half school, Brooke and Juliet included, participated in watching that video, with no real mention of how many times they’ve viewed it before and only one person, Juliet, tells Max “yeah, I won’t watch this anymore” and that’s because Max made a parallel to her situation with Victoria using a sext lie to frame Dana and humiliate her. 

Beforehand, you had Brooke and Juliet were making “hot seat” judgement of Kate’s character and morality like they had the right to do so, and knowing it was wrong. You have Warren reacting in the same way as Juliet and Brooke after admitting he watched it. Some took it one step further and recorded Kate when she was up on the rooftop.

Warren watched it. Half school watched the video and they’re all guilty of participating in online harassment and likely rape culture.

There’s being legitimately creeped out by the fact that dude was chilling outside the dorm to ask Max out to a drive in (an optional story branch you can say no to) and tried to see if she was awake though the window, then there pretending homie is the only “trash” who watched the video more than once. That’s just being disingenuous, especially when we consider one of the persons who was spreading the link to the video (Victoria).

The same people who say “rape is illegal and people still do it” in response to the ‘teach Men Not to rape’ narrative are the same people who say “everyone is paid the same by law because of the equal pay act” in response to wage gap discussion

So….statement one says people don’t always follow the law.

And statement two says that people always follow the law.

I’m not going into my take on either topic, this is purely an observation of the contradiction being made.