Adolf Hitler: The ’Man to Come’, the 128th year since the herald of Kalki came into being. Hitler was the penultimate avatar for mankind and prepared the way for us to continue, as we depart from the Kali Yuga (Dark Age and decay) onwards into the Krita Yuga (Golden Age and rebirth); Think of it as a voice, harking from a distant, primordial past, still lingering in those persons still loyal to their Race. A voice beckoning the ’Hyperborean Archetype’, urging those attuned to it to a final, finite fight to the finish, against the Eternal Enemy. A spiritual battle comparable to the Mahabharata – a battle closing a cycle and opening another. There is memory in our blood and some of us shall continue the fight even past the spiritual and cosmic sense, but the physical, also. The way has been paved and created, the battle was lost but not the war– This is merely another cycle to be endured and overcome. Bring forward the coming aeon through fayen. Believe in Europe.

Ich gratuliere Ihnen zu Ihrem 128, Adolf Hitler.

Look for yourselves: Diversity means being the only Briton on the bus!

Why is your government broadcasting promoting the erasure of British identity? Do you really want your country to resemble India, the Middle East, or Africa?

Britain is unique! Let her remain unique!

This is what TRUE British Identity looks like! You used to look like this!

Multiculturalism is not a natural occurrence. You are being invaded, your leaders are letting it happen, and you don’t notice it because it happens quietly!

You’ll pay for doing nothing, so say something! Say NO to non-European replacement in Britain! 


The Brown Rainbow belovéd by the spectrum people

Humanity’s coerced destiny, even those seeking to bring such a fate about for those they abhor will be powerless to stop the horde they’ve unleashed once it inevitably turns on them, even their nukes won’t save them - perhaps we’re held to ransom by a suicide cult.


This warrants self-defense.

Try and tell me it doesn’t.

Image source: Angelo John Gage

No more wars for israel

No more wars for jews

Not One more Drop of Blood for the kikes

No More Brother Wars

It’s Humanity or the jews & their shabbos goyim accomplices