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I hope you die a slow and painful death as your family is raped while you watch them in your last dying breath get their throats slashed open and the blood falls onto your face.

Look another tolerant Liberal, really warms my heart seeing the party of acceptance out in force today.

Should add that unlike the Left I support the 2nd Amendment so not happening snowflake.

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Uh yes please 😍

  • Let's tickle Reiji-san
  • Diabolik Lover's guys

The “tickletickle” was too short and it was too hard to predict the voices huhu *cries* Please don’t mind me XD, btw enjoy please and as usual I’m not the owner of the original audio.


Carla : All of you, do it.

Reiji : Ngh!? S-sto…!

Kou : Hehe, tickletickletickletickle…!

Ayato : tickletickletickletickle!

Reiji : W-wait! W-what are you…

Shuu : It’s your fault. It’d be okay if you’re giving it sooner, though.

Yuma : Tickletickletickle! How is it? How is it?

Shuu : tickle tickle tickle…

Reiji : St…!

Azusa : Tickle… tickle… tickle…

Reiji : Sto…! Wait…! It tickles!

Kanato : Tickletickletickletickle…

Raito : Tickletickletickletickle…

Subaru : Tickletickletickle.

Reiji : You can’t! Please stop it! I’m already…!

Subaru : Argh, shit! Just bear with it!

Kou : Tickletickletickle…!

Reiji : There…! Leave it, I cant…! Hahahahaha!

Ruki : Tickletickletickle….

Reiji : All of you! Doing this sort of thing! Hahaha

Kou : Hey, say it already! The “Give up”~!

Reiji : Ha… I understand! That’s why, stop! Please stop it!

Ayato : tickletickletickle!

Yuma : And what do you mean with that, huh?! 

And the tickle show continues ‘till Reiji says that he’ll give the money and Carla mocks him as a troublesome person and he gets pregnant*no*