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I thought u stood with the LGBT community. How wrong I was. How terrible is to discriminate L&G in favour of B. :( Sara advocates for lesbophobia, she doesn't give a fck how bad is when biwomen identifies as lesbians.'She just needed to meet the right man all along.' How many lesbn (esp black lesbians) faces a corrective rape because the bi women identifies as lesbians and then ends marrying dudes. I'm bi/my wife's a platinum star. She's a victim corrective rape. This needs to end, Sara's wrong

Okay, I’m not a rude person. And as Sara says, educate not hate, right? But honestly I’m finding it a little hard with this. So I’m gonna politely say that I think you suck.

And also, please explain what you mean? I honestly do not understand? Are you suggesting that bisexual women rape lesbians when they have sex if they then date a man? Do you not understand the concept? Bisexuals are attracted to men and women. Statistically, do you realise how much more likely it is to date a man than a woman, as a bi woman? It’s freakin’ common sense?

“How many lesbn (esp black lesbians) faces a corrective rape because the bi women identifies as lesbians and then ends marrying dudes.”

That’s not corrective rape? That’s two women having a consenting sexual relationship, breaking up and one then dating a man which in no way impacts a previous relationship?

I don’t mean to be rude but Sara and her voice, the incredible, amazing light she brings, exist because of people like you. And as long as people like you exist, so will Sara and every other advocates voice.

“I’m bi” congratulations, you’re still biphobic as fuck.

Just Like Me Series Summary

Just Like Me Series. Stiles/Derek. Teen. 

Stiles, Derek, and their FBI team are called in to hunt for a serial killer. While in Portland, the bonds of the team are tested as relationships change and one of their own becomes the killer’s next target.

Sooner or Later. #1 Stiles and his team are called in to help catch a serial killer hunting around the Pacific Northwest. Stiles becomes obsessed, and Derek keeps him grounded. [01/10/17]  For @shealwaysreads 

Better Safe than Sorry. #2 Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp. [01/11/17]  For @sterekseason 

Open Your Eyes. #3 Stiles and Derek get some new information Danny before going back to the hotel to get some rest and review case files. [01/12/17]  For @im-a-feather-in-the-wind 

Nothing But Trouble. #4 Stiles gets Boyd’s assistance with his theory about the killer the team’s hunting. Then he has to deal with a suspicious Derek, a sleazy Matt, an annoyed Allison, and a relieved Jordan. [01/13/17] For @eeyore9990 

Me Too. #5 It’s been three days since Paige disappeared, and Stiles knows they’re running out of time. Still, he and Derek somehow manage to steal a personal moment together before they’re forced to get back to work. [01/14/17]  For @loveactually-rps 

Countdown. #6 Paige has been missing for three days. The team is on a countdown, but Stiles is finally ready to share his theory and put his plan into action. [01/15/17] For alexanderhal

Just Getting Started #7 Stiles and the team are in place and ready to carry out the plan. It’s time to catch a killer. [01/15/17]  For @allirica

We’re Family Here. #8 The team goes out for pancakes to celebrate another killer caught, and Stiles kisses Derek because that’s a thing he gets to do now that they’re together. [01/15/17]  For @cobrilee​