WikiLeaks Doesn’t Care It’s Naming Teenage Rape Victims And Outing People

Radical transparency is no excuse for outing people, naming teenage rape victims and disclosing health records.

But WikiLeaks, the website famous for publishing classified and otherwise-secret government information, doesn’t want you to fixate on that.

Instead, in response to a damning Associated Press report which found WikiLeaks has published extremely sensitive information about hundreds of innocent people, the group would rather distract you by claiming that the AP is being partisan, or that the information in its article is “recycled.”

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Honest question, why don't you believe abortion is right in cases of rape? (If you don't- I may have read something wrong, and if so, I'm very sorry)

jury foreman: your honor, we find the defendant guilty on all counts

judge: very well please pass sentence

jury foreman: your honor, we sentence the court reporter to death

judge: wtf, she didn’t have anything to do with the crimes

jury foreman: think of her like a rape victim’s fetus

judge: *bangs gavel*

judge: the court reporter is hereby sentenced to death sorry nancy

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What do you feel about the whole Zelena raped Robin being turned into Zelena hurted Regina by raping Robin?

I can get Regina being upset that her bf was raped but she made it all about herself. It wasn’t “Oh God Robin I’m so sorry and I feel so guilty that this happened to you are you okay?” it was “I should’ve known life would kick me in the teeth again”. To me, it seems like she is prioritizing her feelings about having a bad romantic life over Robin’s feelings about being raped. I honestly wanted Robin to just go “Regina this is not about you!” 

It shows how Robin was not really a character, just an extension of Regina. Personally I think it could have been a really interesting story to see Robin actually deal with it rather than have his feelings pushed aside for Regina’s (funnily enough, if the genders were reversed everyone would be screaming ‘Man Pain’).

The focus should have been on Robin (the rape victim) not using his trauma to make Regina sad.

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Chief Dodds! #13, “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

“I’ve seen the way you look at me wheny ou think I don’t notice.”


This is sort of part 2 to this prompt I wrote a while ago

William couldn’t help but stare at you as you and your friend laughed about something that happened the previous night. He was captivated by the way your nose scrunched slightly, how your eyes widened and sparkled when you laughed, the way the light captured you perfectly making you glow. He was utterly in awe of you and he knew he was in trouble. But as his assistant brought him the paperwork of an old SVU case for him to review and he sucked back into the dark world of politics and rape victims. “Hey.” Your voice drew him out of his work and for a moment he stared at you and words escaped him. “Hi.” He mentally smack himself upside the head. Hi? Really? But once again you were smiling and it took him another moment to realize you were talking again. “….Anyway, you want to go grab a cup of coffee? You look exhausted.” Now William was smiling and he nodded, grabbing is coat and gesturing for you to go first.

The coffee break was exactly what he needed and the more time he spent talking with you the more at ease he found himself. It was rare for him to get along with someone right off the bat, his stubborness and his blunt way of expressing his opinions sometimes deterred others. But you seemed to find it endearing and only scoffed or nodded along with what he had to say. “You know….I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Your words had him panicking now and he was at a loss for words once again. Luckily, you were quick to finish your thought and spare him the embarassment of stuttering over his words like a high school boy. “I’m just surprised you hadn’t seen that i stare at you the same way.” Now it was your turn to feel the panic rise in your chest once your sudden burst of confidence faded and the words were hanging there waiting for a response. William brought a hand to his face and you saw his shoulder shaking slightly. “What?” You’re voice was strained and you felt tears prick your eyes. Was he laughing at you? As you stood to leave, trying to save yourself further embarassment, William grabbed your wrist gently. “I’m just laughing because we could have saved so much time if I would’ve listened to Mike.”