There are so many reasons why people shouldn’t believe articles attempting to discredit Emma Sulkowicz.

1. The article linked is from Reason.com, and the original article is from The Daily Beast, which are gross conservative news sources.

2. The primary person the news reporter interviewed was the accused rapist

3. The rapist was accused by multiple victims who the writer of the article continually dismissed as lying or having it out for the rapist

4. The “evidence” the article provides is primarily testimony from the rapist, the man who helped defend the rapist, family members of the rapist, and old conversations victims had with the rapist on the internet (the latter of which is irrelevant to ascertaining guilt)

5. The article draws from many common tropes to discredit the victims: them acting in any positive way toward their attackers after the attack, them taking months to figure out they were abused or to report the abuse, their previous sex lives or expressions of sexuality, and them having a history of mental illness or a bad break up or other reason to be on bad terms with the attacker

5. A quick google would tell you that Cathy Young, the journalist behind all this, has been a critic of “anti-rape activism” and is responsible for multiple smear campaigns against rape victims and has many anti-feminist stances

I went on several dates with my rapist before he raped me. I was friendly with my rapist before he raped me. I was sexual with my rapist before he raped me. I was drunk when I was raped. I did not call what happened to be rape for years after it happened, because of these facts, and because of my desire not to be a victim. If you believe Emma Sulkowicz is lying about what happened to her, then you are not my ally, my sister, or my friend, and you can get the fuck away from me.

THREE WOMEN have come forward saying Nungesser, the man accused of raping Emma Sulkowicz, assaulted, abused or raped them

ONE BLACK QUEER MAN has come forward saying Nungesser sexually assaulted him

do you really think all of them are lying?

WHY, why would they lie? This Nungesser is a nobody. Why would FOUR different people come forward saying he assaulted, abused or raped them, when he didn’t? For shits and giggles? Please fucking think critically.


Columbia Student Defamed by Matress Girl is Sueing

Brave Survivor Who Was Not Protected By the System Nor Her University is Sure to Be Retraumatized as Her Rapist Sues for His “Trauma” of Being Outed as Such

I saw the original post before the commentary started. I had hoped he was commenting on our terrible system because why should this rapist get money for the “trauma” he experienced from being outed as a rapist…

But no.

Huge TW for the article above (that I won’t even link because it’s that fucked up and I don’t want to support by offering it up that easy). The victim blaming is rampant. The article sympathizes with rapists more than I have ever seen, and it completely dismisses the experience of how one may respond to sexual trauma and abuse.

Utter garbage, and yes, I deleted this facebook “friend”.

misandrybytes asked:

If being nice to your rapist makes you a bad victim, then what must ppl think of me actually entering a relationship with my rapist when I was 17 because I thought "well, we had sex, I might as well date him" ... (1/2)

So many of us have stories of a similar theme, even if not identical. I sure as shit would never go public with my story and try to raise awareness. Not after the shit I have seen, no fucking way. Some people are just way too ready to declare victims liars and unworthy of sympathy. 

One sad thing about all this is the internalized misogyny. A woman who continually strives to attack rape victims in the public eye wrote that article defending Paul Nungesser. His mother, who identifies as a feminist, discredited his victims and defended her son. Then tons of users on tumblr, a number of them female and self-described feminists, leap onto a post sharing the link to attack Emma Sulkowicz in response…

So many women hate other women–it’s honestly very sobering to see.

This just pisses me off to such an extent. You do realize that perpetrating the myth of the “good rape victim” is just as bad as the misogynistic bullshit that mainstream culture puts forth about rape? Emma Sulkowicz went through a terrible experience, continues to be dragged through hell, and at the smallest mention of her having a complicated relationship with her rapist, you’re all singing a different tune. Now she has to watch people abandon her because she doesn’t fit your faux-activist mold of how a victim of sexual assault / abuse should act. Fuck off and go learn some human decency. 

urthwyrm submitted the following to theroguefeminist:

Where did you hear about three more women and one black man accusing Paul Nungesser of sexual assault? Google News isn’t turning anything up.

theroguefeminist replied:

It’s two more women–I said three women total, including Emma Sulkowicz. Even the Daily Beast article defending him mentions the two other women (tw: for rape apologism and rape denial). 

This Jezebel article written in response to the Daily Beast article also talks about the two other female victims and the male victim. A Black queer man anonymously talked about his experience directly to Jezebel and has not publicly identified himself, nor has he, to my knowledge, spoken with any other media. But he claims he has reported Nungesser to the school for the assault.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like this is going to become a trend, women who are raped who's story is pushed at over and over until something slightly changes. Then it becomes a big news story about the evil woman who lied about rape. The dangers of these false accusations ruining young men's lives! Instead of, pointing out that false accusations are actually an anomaly, and that most rapists don't even serve time.

And we’re all so desperate for “real” rape victims to be taken seriously that we fucking dump them as soon as they are not perfect and we start battering them too. 

So many of us want to talk a big game about victim blaming but be damned if we don’t act like shit is a “PR disaster” when they turn out to be humans and not martyrs. 

anonymous asked:

Artistic expression, doing an art project to help her cope with the pain of being raped is completely different than claiming rape for an art project. It's disgusting how quickly people are beliving her (likely) rapist. I don't believe for one second she claimed rape to do an art project. I do believe art is theraputic and can greatly help after trauma.

There was literally nothing that said she did it all for an art project. She simply said that his claims of “bullying” were just artistic expression and people ran with it like she had fucking confessed to making up a crime for extra credit. 

People make those kinds of leaps because they I want to. 

And it’s funny because at first I wasn’t going to say anything, I was going to just keep scrolling even though it made me uncomfortable and I knew exactly why it did so. I was going to be quiet because people make like you have to choose, fight and die for a side. Like I have to strap myself to her and if she’s lying my “credibility” goes with her. Which is such bullshit, that we have this attitude that can make you feel uncomfortable for even saying “wait, aren’t be just throwing her under the bus for no real reason?”.