Mother-of-two Caroline Salisbury, who had been ‘looking for love’, pleaded guilty to four charges of sexual activity with a child after earlier telling a neighbour she had been raped by him.

Married woman repeatedly rapes a fourteen year old boy she meets working as a school bus monitor, is *repeatedly* warned by police to stay away from the boy, continues to rape him anyway and when she’s finally caught falsely accuses him of raping her, and then blames the whole thing on her husband because he didn’t give her enough attention.

Judge let’s her walk. No time.

Feminists everywhere tell us Feminism is about equality for men and women everywhere.

Numerous Feminists are banding together to protests this travesty of justice never. One prominent Feminist blogger was quoted as saying nothing because absolutely no prominent Feminist blogger has so much as breathed a word of this at all, despite absolutely fetishizing rape in general.

The UK continues to be one of the most Feminist nations on earth. You know, for equality.

Is this what a rape culture looks like? Where one person can repeatedly rape a child entrusted to their care and not be punished at all so long as the victim and the abuser are the correct genders?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again., Feminists don’t give a fuck about rape. They care about male rapists. Not female rapists, not male rape victims, not even female rape victims.

abiellafreedman asked:

Rape isn't a joke but a joke can be about rape. We might as well ban all jokes!! Just in case someone gets there feeling hurts!

You’re dead wrong. 

Rape isn’t like other joke topics because of the sheer number of people it affects, and the way it destroys your life. When someone tells rape jokes to a group, the odds are that they are telling the joke to one or more RAPE VICTIMS, OR RAPISTS.

We are talking about TRIGGERING people, not offending people. 

The fact that people can’t see the difference between rape jokes and other jokes shows how little concern society has for women, and for the epidemic of real violence going on EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY IN EVERY STATE AND COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Literally laughing at the suffering of others.

Did you read my whole post or did you just respond without thinking about it? If you read it, read it again

THEN READ THIShttps://mainweb-v.musc.edu/vawprevention/research/mentalimpact.shtml

Afterwards if you still want to argue for rape jokes - 

Rape victims often feel like they’re the ones being put on trial, but Joanna Walters of the Washington Post published a story late last week about a young victim of repeated gang rapes who actually was. When Danielle Hicks-Best was only 11 years old, she says a group of two…

Don’t Call Me Sweetheart: an open letter to the gentlemen who refuse to acknowledge their inappropriate behaviour.

To the man who thought calling me honey would make me work quicker: fuck off.
I may be forcing a smile at you, but I am not sweet.
To the man thought grabbing my hand to get my attention, and refusing to let go, was a good plan: hands off.
I may be smaller and weaker than you, but I’m not your toy.
To the man who thought calling me love would dull any other insults he said: you’re a jerk.
I may not have done what you would have done, but I’m not yours to belittle.
To the man who thought whispering to make me move closer to him was kind: piss off.
My shirt may not cover all, but I didn’t do it for your benefit.
And finally, to the man who thought my smile was invitation for leering at me, screw you.
I’m polite because it makes my life easier, not because I want you to like me.
—  my friend I.B

There have been a lot of ridiculous claims made about apps and what is loosely called “the sharing economy.” And, to be fair, not all of them have been made by tech boosters. But the email that went around last week from ride-for-hire app company Uber about its new and exciting partnership with UN Women to “Step it Up for Gender Equality” by hiring 1,000,000 women might have been the most laughable yet. Or it would be laughable, if the UN didn’t appear to actually have put its stamp on Uber’s latest branding ploy.

The ride-for-hire app company has a well-known woman problem. It’s latest PR ploy doesn’t offer much of a solution

The sculptures are beautiful even though the subject matter is terrible. That book Lolita is like that too. And I wonder about that—about taking pleasure from these women’s pain. Of course they’re not real—they’re mythological—they’re pretend, but whatever. It’s only because real women were raped and real men raped that any of this makes a connection for people. All around me people look and point and discuss, faces neutral or lit up in delight. Their pain, our pleasure. I wonder—does that make us complicit? Guilty by association?
—  Infandous, Elana K. Arnold

Hey everyone! I want to ask your help…this horrifying email was sent by a UMD student named AJ Hurwitz to his fraternity brothers. In the email he is the words “nigger”, “niggas”, “curry monsters, and “slanted eye chinks”. He also explicitly tells his “brothers” to RAPE women. PLEASE SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE. Get his name out there! This is not just SAE and it’s not just UMD, this needs attention and this ignorant, sexist, racist, violent child needs to know that what he has done is not without punishment!

Fraternity Suspended Over Notebook Detailing Rape And Lynching

On Thursday night, employees at a Raleigh’s restaurant near North Carolina State University


a green notebook that had been left behind by members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity on campus. Among the many comments scrawled in the small notebook were references to rape and lynching, recycling familiar narratives about entrenched misogyny and racism in fraternity culture.

“That tree is so perfect for lynching,” one note read.

“You can never trust a n***** as far as you can throw them,” scribbled another.

Additional entries included: “It will be short and painful, just like when I rape you”; “if she’s old enough to pee, she’s old enough to me”; and “let’s go to Raleigh and yell at some n******.”


The political arm of the nation’s fraternities and sororities (which is not, as you might have inferred, the majority of the U.S. Senate) plans to lobby Congress this spring to make it more difficult for colleges and universities to investigate sexual assault allegations. The Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee, known as FratPAC, will organize scores of college students in Washington on April 29, in an effort to push Congress to adopt “a requirement that the criminal justice system resolve cases before universities look into them or hand down punishments,” according to Bloomberg. FratPAC is also seeking to prevent schools from suspending all Greek organizations following an incident at a single fraternity, and is pushing to limit “any mandate” that would force chapters to go co-ed (such as the one instituted at Wesleyan University last year, for which it’s currently being sued).