April 28th - There are a couple of unsung hedgerow stars at the moment. For everyone else, right now it seems to be about oilseed rape, bluebells, and cherry blossom. But look around. Pretty much everything is having a great year so far. The dandelions - the yellow, beautifully delicate yet ubiquitous wildflower - are really, really prolific. The apple blossom too is astonishing in its density and clarity.

It might be about the spring classics right now, but look beyond them and there’s a whole host of other stuff just trying to get your attention.

These were all on a very short section of canal bank in Walsall Wood.


Ume blossoms in the clear soup | I bought the cute wheat glu… | Flickr

by Miki Nagata (bananagranola)

I bought the cute wheat glutens in the shape of ume blossoms at Kyoto Daimaru. I let them float in Japanese clear soup (suimono).

dashi, lightly flavored soy sauce, salt, rape-blossoms, wheat glutens (fu)

Akaashi Keiji
Fukuroudani High School 2 year 6 class
Volleyball club’s vice-captain
Height: 182.3 cm
Weight: 70.7 kg (as of April of 2 year in high school)
Date of birth: December 5
Favourite food: Rape blossom dipped in soy sauce and mustard
Recent worries: I want to add more power

Bokuto Koutarou
Fukuroudani High School 3 year 1 class
Volleyball club’s captain
Height: 185.3 cm 
Weight: 78.3 kg (as of April of 3 year in high school)
Date of birth: September 20
Favourite food: Yakiniku!!
Recent worries: …how do you write “worries” in kanji??

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