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i am livid that y’all are putting me in a position where i have to defend robin, but seriously, i’ve unfollowed like half a dozen people just tonight. robin. is. a. rape. victim. whether zelena is really pregnant or not, you can’t believe you got a woman pregnant unless you were sleeping with (in robin’s case, being raped by) her.

a character who was a WOC died and a man was raped for a ~cool plot twist~ that’s not funny. that’s not upsetting from a ship perspective. that’s fucking disgusting. 4b is officially the worst arc this show has ever had.

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mom im literally so mad, my mother is being rlly gross and saying "if youre walking around dressed like a whore, youre asking to get raped" and i told her that its never the victims fault and she said "yes it is, if you tempt men theyre going to do something. men will be men." and im just so mad im shaking shes so gross and i hate it i hate her honestly i wanna mov out but im too young

oh my god im sorry that’s so nasty… i hate hearing stuff like this it makes me wanna fight someone,, honestly if you can’t educate her and she continues to be ignorant despite the facts your best bet is to just avoid the conversation :/

Okay but how ironic is it that she tries to establish Christian as a hero saving Anastasia from her douchey friend trying to kiss her without her consent only to have him use and abuse her and practically tell her later on that if she struggles he’ll just tie her up and rape her. Such hero. Much wow.

( open to attacker/savior idc )

He was on his way home as it poured down, trying to shield himself with just his arms. Jordan knew the minute he got home it probably wouldn’t be fun, hell, he’d probably end up bleeding on the floor because his father would be so upset in his drunken state about the fact that it was raining all over his new car. However, his thoughts were interuppted when he was slammed against the wall. They were trying to take his clothes off. Oh my god, he thought. He knew what was happening now. So he did the only thing he could think of—
Help !!”

By Amy Clark

tw: rape mention, misogyny, racism body policing,

Call me Medusa,

for my monstrosity is not mine to bear

but yours to fear.

When I first started writing this article, it was going to be about …

the rape of Medusa and the analogy between her punishment and the treatment of rape victims in modern society. A god raped Medusa and she was punished for it with ugliness and exile from society. When women are raped today they are blamed, ostracised and ‘othered’ in an eerily similar manner. Because when the perpetrators of a crime are untouchable – whether because they are gods or simply because of their dominance in society – it is the victim of their crime who ends up being blamed for it.


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do you like any riot grrrl bands

I like Heavens To Besty, Bratmobile and Bikini Kill, as well as a few others.
I enjoy the angsty 90s punk of riot grrrl bands- their bold and brandish attitudes, the actual sound they produced, and the confronting issues they’d address in their songs such as that of rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, patriarchy and female empowerment.

However, last year I did a Sound and Music course, and I actually wrote an essay on the ‘Riot Grrrl Movement’, and upon research I actually discovered very important criticisms in regards to Riot Grrls bands, really making me question the glorification of the era and of this kinda of feminism. A quote from the essay being;

The Riot Grrrl movement has had it’s criticisms, notably only focusing on the experiences of strictly white, middle class, cis women. In response, the song “Polaroid Baby,” was written. Wolfe sings, “We’re so white and we’re so cute,” suggesting white people parallel whiteness with desirability, pointing out the inherent advantages of being white and suggests that people need to address this issue and do what they can to minimise it. Heavens to Betsy also examines the predominantly white punk movement in the song “White Girl,” - “white girl/I wanna change the world/but I can’t change anything/until I change my racist self.” Both Bratmobile and Heavens to Betsy cast a critical eye on the predominantly white punk scene and call for more examination of white privilege.”

I am incredibly glad I actually did research into the movement and discovered such criticisms, since it really has made me go further out of my way to examine the movement more. Being white and cis, it basically completely flew over my head that the movement was rather “exclusive”, but upon further research I did discover essays and articles by WoC that really opened my eyes- 

I think alot of white feminists get very easily caught up in the badass 90s punk aesthetics and hence will often overlook such things, as I very clearly did, or simply just don’t get the opportunity to hear the criticisms from these WoC. It’s important to get people listening to such criticisms and really going out of their ways to hear the different voices of the community- particularly those whom suffer from more oppression than us, and who’s continued oppression is because of us.

I do still ‘enjoy’ Riot Grrrl bands, but I don’t see them nearly as inspiring or cool now I’ve opened my eyes up to the real situation.

Mogeko Drama - The re-telling (English)

Okay, so I’ve had enough of lurking.

And although it seems that it’s sizzled down for quite a tiny bit, I just can’t help but let my point of view/stand out on the matter. I don’t care if everyone goes ‘tl;dr’ on me.

Warning : Potential triggers (Rape, molestation, swearing, the like), extremely long post. Also a bit of raging, but I’ll try to be as calm as possible.

Also feel free to send me anon hate; I’d perfectly understand.

I’m seriously praying that the fandom is only in the typical Phase 3.

Go beyond the cut at your own risk!

So today I didn’t really have any plans to stalk to check mogeko’s websites or any tags related to them, mainly because I was so tired yesterday. But today, I scrolled along my dashboard, and I saw despairbot’s post. So of course I got curious, which led me to go to Mogeko’s tumblr. And so bamf, I saw it. That artwork. In case you guys didn’t know the contents of the artwork, it was basically Sal somehow molesting Young!Wadanohara while she’s tied up. Of course, I insta-saved it for collecting purposes, but I’ll have to admit that it was really disturbing for me to look at it. But then I’m somewhat neutral, not because I don’t care, but because I know that Mogeko can do whatever they want with their characters. And of course there’s still the fact that the artwork can really come off as offensive (I told Mogeko the same thing when I sent them an ask a while ago). But keep in mind that even though the picture has the words ‘happy end’ on it, they aren’t necessarily aimed at the players or at Mogeko. I personally believe that it was aimed at Sal, seeing as how he thinks that as long as he has Wadanohara with him then he’ll be happy, despite the knowledge that Wadanohara herself doesn’t like it. (Sal, I believe, is forever a piece of trash. Yeah.) So even at that point, if one were to analyze the artwork, and if you’ve played the game yourself, then you would understand that Mogeko had no intention of offending anyone. Heck, they even used a read-more. And when someone asked them to put a trigger warning, they went and did just as they were told. So supposedly, all’s well that ends well.

But no. Apparently it got worse. After I saw that post, the first thing I went to was the #mogeko tag. And I was slightly shocked at what I saw. I’m not kidding, there was a lot of hate. So many people turned away from Mogeko. Some even said that Mogeko was ‘trash’. And the saddest part was that when I scrolled down a bit more, I saw positive stuff. Funny how shit went down that fast. Like, REALLY.

So some time after that (I think about 30 minutes? 1 hour?), Mogeko posted something. In that post they wrote, “I’m so sorry .” And that was it. Then after that, Mogeko took down that controversial image.

Okay, I’ll admit that it would’ve been much better if Mogeko was more specific in their apology, but the mere fact that they said it in a language that they’re not good at, I just… wow. Kudos to you. So when I saw the apology, I somehow expected that everything would somehow simmer down. (But of course, I was also expecting that a small portion of the fandom is still feeling hurt.)

Now this is where SHIT REALLY WENT DOWN.

After they released their apology, I went back to the #mogeko tag, while I was checking the reblogs of the apology (because of possible tags essays). While it did simmer down, there were, unfortunately, some people who weren’t contented with the apology. I remember one even saying that their apology was ‘shit’.

And from there on, bamf, chaos in the fandom. What chaos, you ask? Well, let’s just say that from that point on, some people raged somehow. I would understand if they were disappointed in Mogeko, and that it makes them decide to leave the fandom. If it was just that, it’d be okay. But no. You see, it so happened that Mogeko still had some fans left. THERE. THAT’S WHERE IT STARTED. The people who didn’t like what Mogeko did started targeting the people who liked Mogeko. What’d they do? Why, not much, they just sent random anon hate, stuff like ‘if you like Mogeko and their stuff, then this means you support rape’*. That sort of stuff. And from what I hear, they targeted Mogeko as well—woahwoahwoah. That is crossing the line.

Now this is where I’ll enter.

First of all, I acknowledge the fact that that image will really come off as offensive for some people. Yes, Mogeko has a fault in it. Yes, what Mogeko did can no longer be undone. But take not that there are other factors that you need to acknowledge.

First off, the language barrier. I heard that Mogeko didn’t put a trigger tag on the artwork. Of course they wouldn’t be able to do it immediately. First off, I’m sure you all noticed how limited Mogeko’s tags are. Actually, they have other triggering artwork here on Tumblr that they don’t manage to tag. And Mogeko themselves stated that they’re weak in English. What else did y’all expect? Just because Mogeko is well-versed in computer language/jargon doesn’t mean that they’d immediately understand how Tumblr works. But for that part, I think someone messaged Mogeko to add trigger tags. So that’s okay for now.

Second thing to take note of is the culture difference. Feel free to correct me for this one, but from what I know, the Japanese are actually quite restricted in terms of these stuff, to the point that even the simplest form of PDA (i.e. hold hands) can make people squint at you. With that, let’s remember that the more restricted something/someone is, the more they’ll do whatever they can to get out of it, which explains the amount of fanservice and shiz in most of the animes we see today. This includes rape as well. Trust me, I’ve already tried browsing before for this type of content out of curiosity, and guess what? Yes, such content exists. So in a way, it means that they are somewhat lax with these types of stuff as long as one doesn’t do it in real life. Now, this would apply to Mogeko as well. Since we consider art as a form of expression of ideas, then of course the artist has the right to draw whatever’s on their mind. Would they ever think as to whether or not they’d offend a lot of people? No. As soon as you get an idea, you grab onto it before that idea is lost. And even more so since they’re their characters, so Mogeko has the right to do whatever they want with them.

But you also need to take note that just because Mogeko drew in that context doesn’t mean that they support that idea. I mean, look at me. For instance, I ship Kurovan, which is obviously incest and something that’s looked down upon. Do I support that ship in any context? Yes. Is it incest? Yes. But do I support incest in real life? Fuck no, because it’s downright disgusting (tbh this was what made me think twice about shipping them). The same goes for Mogeko. Just because they portray rape in that way doesn’t mean that they like rape.

And finally, fiction. While it’s true that fiction is sometimes a portrayal of reality, we need to know when to separate those two things sometimes. I won’t say anything more about this for now.

Now, if you disregard these factors and you still don’t like Mogeko, then that’s fine. I can understand that. But you see, there’s a little problem with the way some people expressed distaste, and this is where an additional factor (not really) is left out.

Respect. Or if you guys want, RESPECT.

Seriously. I would understand (and I’ll even leave it alone) if this factor remained. But that’s the problem, apparently some people forgot about it. How do I say this… ah, anon hate! Of course! Is it okay if you don’t like something? Yes. But is it okay to voice this in a way that you really intend to offend other people? Fuck no. Keep in mind that no matter what mistake Mogeko may have done, they’re still a person, a living and breathing person. You are saying ‘I hate you and your works’ to a person. You are saying ‘you support rape and shit I wish you would die’ to a person. We could’ve just told Mogeko ‘Excuse me, but the content you posted is considered very offensive. Would you be so kind as to take it down? Just that would’ve been enough. Isn’t it obvious that Mogeko is doing whatever they can to make the Western fandom happy? See here, they could’ve stayed in their illustbook. They could’ve said that they won’t answer our asks due to the language barrier. But was that what Mogeko did? NO. instead, they went out of their way just to make a Tumblr account. As for the games they made? They could’ve sold them, considering the quality and just how long it took to finish making them. They could’ve decided to make it available only in Japan. But did they do that? No. Why? That is because Mogeko is willing to do what they can to please us, THE FANS. Don’t believe me? Well, do you guys remember Mogeko’s response to some asks earlier?

“I am sorry for not to reward your expectation.”

Now if that doesn’t prove anything, I don’t know what else will. I’ll bet Mogeko was like, “I did not share my art for this motherfuckery.”**

Also, just because Mogeko made a single mistake doesn’t mean that you have the right to send such stuff. That’s the problem with some people. Despite all the good things that one’s done, as soon as they commit a mistake, we immediately put them into some sort of shameplay, even going as far as saying that Mogeko’s apology isn’t enough. While I do understand that Mogeko has a lot in their games that needs to be improved, but of course those improvements don’t necessarily come quickly. Improvement comes slowly. What else do you guys want Mogeko to do, kneel in front of us? Post a detailed apology? Excuse me, but just because they posted a short apology doesn’t mean that it isn’t sincere. But it seems that some people don’t understand that, sadly. BRAVO FOR HUMANITY.

And one last thing before I end this post; like someone had said earlier, do not judge a book by its cover. I repeat, just because someone likes a work doesn’t mean that they condone its contents. Again, please separate fiction from reality. This is not only in defense of Mogeko, but also for the other fans that got harassed simply because they remained as Mogeko’s fans.

Honestly, people, if only we took these factors into consideration, then maybe Mogeko won’t go into a hiatus. Maybe no one would hate each others’ guts. Maybe the #mogeko tag would still be normal. But the damage has been done. So all we can do now is pray that Mogeko returns and everything calms down.

These are all I wanted to say, really. All in all, most people including Mogeko had a mistake of their own, the only problem was how people reacted to it.

* - Not exactly what’s been said, but you get the idea.

** - referring to the unneeded hate.

If women were so oppressed and sad back in the old times in western culture, why were there so many happy women, not if most?Are these smiles fake?Besides cry baby feminists, please point out all these sad hard done by women?Where are all the black eyes? Where are all the depressed rape victims?

Manslation: I’ve never seen a photograph of an actual dinosaur, therefore dinosaurs never existed. While we’re at it, I’ve never seen actual photographs of Galileo, Napoleon, King Tut, OR Shakespeare, and only one or two low-quality pics of Abraham Lincoln. Did feminists make them up, too??? Seems likely to me! WAKE UP SHEEPLE

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More importantly, Equality is nowhere to be found in the word Feminism. When we break it down, we get the root words Femininus, and Ismus, which translate to 'To act on behalf of women'. This is why there are so many people who prefer to be called Egalitarians. When you break Egalitarianism, you get Egality, an obsolete word for Equality, and, again, ism, which translates to 'To act on behalf of equality'. If the term Feminist is more important than the goal of Equality, you've lost.

Oh for the love of the goddess I get this message numerous times every day. 

Aside from the fact that we don’t have to take all words literally, which I would have thought was obvious, but apparently not, this is why I think egalitarianism (although admittedly sometimes well-meaning) is in fact useless and actually counter productive to the goal of equality: 

Egalitarians approach the issues of inequality with the false impression that we all started off equal to begin with. This way of thinking is majorly and obviously (I should think?) flawed. 

For example, you have a rich person and a poor person. The first has multiple flashy sports cars, three homes, takes many gorgeous holidays every year, can afford all the latest gadgets, and still has cash to spare every month. The second is living on minimum wage, does not have enough money to afford/maintain even a cheap car, can barely feed their children on the small salary they are on, and is struggling to survive and provide for their family. 

If someone gave me one thousand pounds and told me to distribute this money between the two people in a way I thought was fair, I would have to give all one thousand to the poor person, because they are the one that needs it. One thousand would mean little to the rich person who earns more than that per day. It would mean a month of paying basic living costs for the poor person. 

I think most people would agree with this decision.

Now imagine the poor person is a woman in a patriarchal society and the rich person is a man. 

Women are the ones who suffer the most from gender inequality. When men are hurt under patriarchy on the basis of their gender it is because they are displaying traditionally ‘feminine’ traits or behaviour. See male rape victims, male victims of domestic abuse, men being mocked for crying, men being expected to be hyper sexual, men not being aggressive or assertive as they ‘should be’ under patriarchal gender roles and ideals. 

Once we understand that both problems stem from a lack of respect for women and a cultural attitude of demeaning and degrading them, we can better try to help the situation. 

Women are unquestionably suffering far more under patriarchy. This is not even debatable. Of course men suffer too, but this is whenever they stray from  toxic masculinity. 

Therefore, we have to support women. That is the only way the problem can be solved. We help the person in most need. This is ESPECIALLY important when in helping this person you will also end up helping everyone else! 

Back to my analogy. I would give my help to the woman who is in most need. 

Now the man might be unhappy for other reasons. In fact his wealth might even have backfired and made him unable to appreciate the little things in life. He might feel empty because he can purchase whatever he wants. 

Is his problem going to be solved by giving him more money?

Are either of the problems going to be solved by giving them the same amount of money/help/whatever the hell I’m using for this analogy? 

No, that would only further support the inequality between the man and the woman. 

He can quite easily give away his power/money if he wants. (You can see what I’m getting at here, right? That men have more power under patriarchy and therefore if it backfires on them they have an option that women don’t. To work to change it from their position of privilege.) 

Basically (and I do not know why I rambled like that it is late and I doubt I’ve been particularly articulate, but I hope you get my meaning) I believe we need to help the person in most need. Or the group in most need. 

And I don’t mean that in the sense of some misery grading system or trying to pit oppressed groups against each other. I mean in the sense that the oppressed must be supported and the privileged must not, simply because they have the power in the situation already and giving them more power only furthers the inequality. 

So I don’t believe egalitarianism will achieve equality. It’s a nice thought (from some egalitarians, although not all) but in terms of actually making progress it doesn’t stand. It won’t do anything about institutionalised inequality or cultural attitudes. 

In a situation where one group is in trouble and the other is benefiting from that, it would be morally wrong to treat both the same. It’s no good giving the privileged the same as the oppressed because they will only continue to use said privilege to further oppress and the oppressed will remain where they are forever and ever. 

(This is long and I am sorry for that. Ignore any parts where I don’t make sense. Anyone can add to this if they think they can be more coherent than me, which will not be hard.) 

Feminism is the only way to create equality/liberation/a generally nicer society. 

Egalitarianism is the easy way to be everybody’s friend and manage to achieve nothing in the process. 

you know, ive been very patient with bronies.

i gave clear reasons why i dislike them. i showed to be open to discussion. i avoided using easy insults to stay respectful. I gave them chances. 

yet, in the last 4 days, ive had my feminist art edited with malicious intent, had rape art of my underage oc drawn, received around one anonymous hate every 1-2 hours and have been misgendered around 5 times per days.

I am fucking done with bronies. I gave them chances. I hoped for them to prove me they were working on getting better, they spat on my face instead.

If you have the chance to be in a my little pony community that hasnt been ruined by bronies yet, cherish it and protect it. Bronies are the most disgusting and disrespectful fangroup i have ever seen in my 18 years of life.