rape apology

Hey, full offense, but having “aphobe” jokingly in your title literally is mocking a-specs who’ve been abused because of aphobia.

To mock the real experiences those a-specs have faced is horrendous, and to act like they don’t exist is a form of gaslighting (and in some cases, rape apology.)

They’ve spoken out about the trauma acquired from aphobia and yet you willingly align yourself with it, whether because you think asexual and aromantic experiences are funny, or because you don’t care when they happen to a-specs, doesn’t matter; any reason is equally as disgusting and you all are terrible human beings.

As a bisexual who has witnessed the root of a lot of aphobia often stemming from biphobia (and often requiring it to be logical,) I find this shit personally offensive and consider anyone who thinks aphobia is a joke to be on par with (if not exactly) a biphobe, as well as an active perpetrator of biphobia, and an abusive, gas lighting, rape apologist.