rape and death threats are never needed and people that do those are assholes that i want nothing to do with

Response to Notes on Open Letter to WTNV Fandom

Okay. So, considering my Open Letter to WTNV Fandom is now (as of time of this writing) at 750 notes (which is 749 more than I expected) maybe it’s about time to address the reblogs. I’ve said repeatedly I don’t have time to track each one down and respond individually because my blog will become nothing but endless reblog arguments, which I am not interested in. So. Below are the most common things I have heard in tags and reblogs (Yes. I read every tag and every reblog.)

I PROMISE TO KEEP MY TLDRS FREE FROM SARCASM. Because I know I’m long winded. Even though it irritates me.

Disclaimer: Tag and reblog numbers are combined because I cannot possibly open every single reblog that only has tags, I used tagviewer for the tags. Also numbers classified under Neutral may boost negative response numbers, because some people just tagged things that didn’t classify their opinion, and I couldn’t tell by the tag. I took the most outstanding trait of the tag or reply and counted it under one category, or a combo category.

I did not even count the Ask responses I received, all but two of which are published for you to see on the #wtnvletter tag. Two wished to remain private.

 TLDR: Responding to notes. tag + reblog = numbers below


  • General support (including Thank Yous): 60
  • Feel this is important: 12
  • This/bless this/read this: 18
  • Gentle pleas to be kind to each other within fandom/can we discuss this topic without screaming: 7
  • Injured by/scared of the fandom: 13
  • Cannot listen to podcasts/post fan-material or opinions anymore: 8
  • Demands/requests to stop policing headcanons: 14
  • Someone said it: 5
  • Worried about direction fandom is taking/change things: 8
  • WTNV is worst fandom/friends resistant to joining/friends hurt: 6

I’m not making up these responses. Look through the tags yourself. This is a good chunk of the fandom here, some ex-fandom. Does this tell you anything?


  • Neutral/unsure of category because of tags: 52
  • First they’ve heard of it: 15



  • Personal attacks/cursing/this post is complete BS: 4
  • I hope more people leave the fandom/I don’t believe you: 5

*slow clap GLaDOS style*

  • Takes issue with Brony comparison/word-twisting segway about bronies: 3

For the Brony comparison, I have two things to say. First, thank you for educating me on the fact that there was a campaign against a 16 year old by the bronies involving rape and death threats. I was completely unaware of this, and will research it, unless one of you is kind enough to provide me a link.

Second, not once did I say that WTNV’s issues with race were similar to the issue stated above. Not. Once. Exactly what I said was “I do not enjoy the extremely vocal, forceful, and spiteful part of the (MLP) fandom. Not all Bronies are like that, but Bronies are often typified by their loudest, angriest components. In that case, my good Nightvaliens, you are worse than Bronies.” Important parts bolded. How that turned into me suddenly comparing social justice warriors to rapists and pedophiles I will never know.

TLDR: Brony point blown totally out of context.

  • Anti-SJW: 3 or 4 (did not count exact, more recent label)

Let. Me. Ask. You. Something.

What is a Social Justice Warrior supposed to do?

Because I have been under the impression all this time that Social Justice Warriors are the ones that go after the people with malicious intent in a given social issue, giving THOSE people the brunt of their anger, while trying to gently educate people who don’t understand and never meant any harm. Am I wrong?

It FEELS like, too often, the term SJW gives SOME the license to bully. In my note I specifically said that if someone is intentionally causing misery to X demographic, be my guest, go shred them. But that it is not appropriate to slam people who have no ill intent.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of words to cause change, for great good or great harm. I have a cause too. And my cause is calling out the abuse of one. Human. Being. By another. Through their misuse and weaponization of words. For this reason I have greatly censored my reaction to several of the above reblogs/tags in writing this.

It’s not just “being mean doesn’t solve anything”. It’s “Cruel words breed exactly the sentiments you say you’re trying to avoid.”

TLDR: No. Not anti-SJW. Anti-cruelty, anti-creativity-controlling.


  • General disapproval: 3


  • Rational responses using logic and basis, if a bit angry: 6

I appreciate your viewpoints even if we disagree. I admit I wrote the letter defensively, angry at seeing how many people have been hurt. But there is something very wrong if there is this much bitterness around. Yes, there is blame to share, but that is the point. It is not just one faction’s blame. The knee-jerk reaction breeds worse poison that rots the whole, and I don’t think anyone wants that. I’m more than happy to discuss with anyone the content of my letter in messages, private or not.

I realize you have no way of knowing this based on the letter I wrote, but I am not someone who enjoys confrontation. It takes great incivility to drive me to anger, and in that letter I did not 100% lose my marbles, as I have in the past. (I’m not even sure that linked note presented any kind of coherent argument, I was seeing red.) I did not 100% lose my marbles because there is validity in what you say, yes there needs to be representation, but attacking people for attempting to express their fandom love is not helpful, it’s abusive, and is alienating quite a few people. And not just the “assholes” you think you’re pushing away or shutting up.

The letter was reaction to hurt and abuse I’ve seen. It was a reaction to seeing people, who already struggle to produce creativity, completely shut down because of an aspect of their expression. Civil discussion is more than welcome. I’m not perfect, but I try my best to be honest and calm when people are honest and calm with me.

TLDR: Respectfully disagree. Message me if you want to talk. I don’t bite rational people.

  • Angry at me because they appreciate Nightvale for making them look at their own privilege more: 2

Bravo. Good. I am glad. I admit I also need to understand more about my own privilege. But it should never ever come in the form of a backhand to the face, or a kick in the teeth. And that, more often than not, is how I have seen it dealt out. Emphasis on what I have seen. And if you want to say I’m oversensitive, please, refer to the people above in the Positive section who are now afraid to post anything, or have been hurt badly by people in the fandom.

TLDR: Self-examination good. Method of rage education questionable.

  • Don’t shame the whole fandom because of a few of us: 7

This is the most difficult to address, although I have done it a few times now. Here is my response concerning this. My blog format jumbled it up, so you might want to read the person’s main post which is bold and toward the end of the note for some reason. Then go back up and I answered several points.

TLDR: I know it’s not all of you. Telling you what the fandom appears like from the outside. Emphasis on “appears”.


Positives: Thank you.

Neutrals: ….okay?

Negatives: Believe it or not, this is not me attempting to undermine social justice. But social justice was never supposed to steamroll and abuse. And whether YOU IN PARTICULAR READING THIS have or have not partaken in the abuse, it is happening in the fandom. And it is happening way too much. And that is undermining the entire fandom. And if the fandom wants to survive, the entire fandom has to figure out a solution. And THAT is what I meant.

Open to Asks. No time to respond to every reblog. I do, however, read all reblogs and tags.

Goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight.