rap won't save you


Band Shirt Of The Day: Mike Mictlan/Doomtree “Rap Won’t Save You”

I got this Mike Mictlan shirt this past Thursday night when Doomtree played at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. It was the second time Officer Lewis and I have seen the Minneapolis hip-hop collective perform as a group, and while they didn’t play as long a set this time around, they still fucking killed. Thursday night’s show was over 2 hours, with the group performing together, and each member doing a few songs solo as well. After the show Officer Lewis got his Doomtree hat signed by all 8 members. I was too busy getting photos of the hat signing to get autographs of my own, until the very end when we tracked down Mictlan as he was heading outside. He signed the back of my shirt in black sharpie right above the eye, as seen in the bottom pic. Doomtree are the best hip-hop around right now, hands down. And they’re some of the nicest people in the music biz as well.

Wings and Teeth.


Fresh New Trash - Doomtree


Mike Mictlan (DOOMTREE) - “Game Over” (Live @ The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, New York)

The “Malachi York Looper” “Super Downloader Bros” performing with Paper Tiger on the Wheels Of Steel @ Knitting Factory’s Last Fridays in Brooklyn. YES!