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[#방탄밤] 가요대전 레드카펫에서 돌아온 멋짐뿜뿜 모습부터 무대 직후 소감까지! 방탄이들의 모습이 궁금해요~ 궁금하면 오백ㅇ….!? ☞바로가기☞ (https://youtu.be/ieaKH5fH__E )

[#BangtanBomb] From their overflowing good looks on the Gayo Daejun red carpet to their comments after filming their stage! Are you curious about Bangtanie’s appearance~ If you are curious, (give us) 500w*….!? ☞Link shortcut☞ (https://youtu.be/ieaKH5fH__E )
*T/N: this is Jungkook’s line in ‘졸업’ (Graduation).

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little bubby fondly talking about his hyungs ♡

or maybe not

힙합하다 - Rap Monster (Pt. 1 of 3)

I was born in 1994 and lived in Seoul until I was 4. my mother and father came to Seoul without any footholds, and after suffering for a while, they wanted to settle down and when I was 4 we ended up moving to Ilsan. therefore, our family’s main house is still in Ilsan. since I was young, my character was more drawn to the humanities, so rather than science and math, I had more interest in society, English, languages, and culture. since I was in elementary school, I had a very strong will to write compelling pieces. compared to my peers, I read a lot, and in particular I read a lot of classical literature and biographies. I asked my mom to buy them for me, and I remember buying a full collection of around 100 books. these days I read the books that are hot at the moment, but being able to acquire them is very different, so I’ve been unexpectedly feeling like I should read the classics again.

until music established itself as part of my life, I did nothing but study and play computer games. if only I hadn’t played computer games, it seems like I’d be doing something completely different. it was basically a life of nourishment. my mother and father raised me well, so I didn’t know what it meant to be lost. I fought with my mom a lot about doing music, but now I’m doing it respectably so of course she likes it. when I was young, I did a lot of things that could be seen as pedantic. I often received awards for my poetry and writing. I sincerely considered going into literary studies. but there were a lot of people doing that. I don’t like living a risky life. so I just studied hard, and fortunately I was able to continuously achieve 1st or 2nd place, so I thought about whether to go into business administration or literary studies.

it’s closed now, but there used to be a community where amateur rookies could meet. if you leveled up there they gave you gift certificates, and when I was in my 4th or 5th year of elementary school I was playing a lot of games and really wanted to get that gift certificate. (laugh) at the time I received a kind of acknowledgement there. I wrote poetry in a diamond shape. to be honest, if I think about it, it wasn’t even really poetry, it was just that I creased it into a diamond shape. (laugh) if you were selected as ‘this month’s best poem’ three times, then you became a 'green poet,’ and I received acknowledgement by becoming a green poet on that site. if you became a green poet, you got a separate board to post on. if you had your own board, then the views were definitely higher. for a year, I wrote poetry and then became a green poet. I wonder if it wasn’t when that poetry met music that my writings became lyrics instead.

in 2006, Epik High hyungdeul came out with “Fly” and won #1 on a music program. of course, before that Tiger JK hyung’s “Good Life” had gotten #1 as well, but this in opposition to the tide, a hip hop song won #1, and the song was really good. their method of rapping was really fresh. I ended up thinking, 'ah, so people can tell their stories in this way.’ in our class there were some friends who liked rap, but there was one friend who I’d been close with since I was 4 who really liked it. thanks to that friend, I ended up listening to Garion and Outsider, as well as artists like Nas and Jay Z, and it was seriously a shock. I thought, 'so there are people who tell their stories this way, and the telling of those stories can become music.’

there were a lot of things that were vaguely difficult in elementary school. because of a girl I liked, because of final exams, because of the short vacations, because I fought with my mom, etc. etc. no matter how young you are, it’s just as difficult as it is for an adult. I thought that things were really difficult for me, but I felt very strongly that the song “Fly” was giving me comfort. I felt that strength. differently from connotative genres like poetry and ballads, rap is primarily progressive, and I felt a huge strength from that detail. if I had been listening for the sake of the melody until then, from that point on, I started to listen to lyrics.

honestly, at that time, I really liked ballads. it was a time when a cowboy-like singing style was popular, and people who sang seemed so cool. but I really couldn’t sing at all, so I thought if I tried rap, there might be a path for me. in hip hop, the lyrics are written as if one is emptying out their entire soul. our homeroom teacher at the time was very young, so I asked the teacher about it. the teacher introduced me to Eminem, and told me that someone like this had succeeded by telling their own story. even though Eminem’s lyrics weren’t the kind of thing I should have been listening to at that age, they were really cool. so I printed out the lyrics and imitated them every day. even when I took a shower, I imitated them. I took pleasure in following the lyrics and showing them to my friends, and having concerts at our school festivals.

in 2007 I became a 1st year middle schooler and started community activities for the first time. there was a hip hop community that was only for amateurs. I convinced my mom and bought a mic, I wrote lyrics for the first time, and I did my first recording with a program called Cool Edit. a little while ago I looked at the lyrics I wrote during this time and I have absolutely no idea what I was talking about. (laugh) I wrote words then that I don’t even know now. I think maybe I saw it in a book and wrote it. why would a 1st year middle schooler be using words like 'secondary’ (laugh) so I looked it up and found the dictionary definition of the word. I think that I wanted to show these ridiculous songs really coolly. I wanted to become a lyricist like Tablo hyung… Tablo hyung and MC Meta are my role models. at that time I got a considerable spotlight from the amateur community. so I really thought that I’d become something big. (laugh) I did my first concert in 2008. after that, I tried for UMF but I failed, and at that time I realized the fact that my showmanship wasn’t all that spectacular.

in 2009, I auditioned for Big Deal Records. I passed the first round, and in the second round there were 7 people. among the people who auditioned with me at that time were Yammo and Samuel Seo. at the time, the audition task was to do a concert with an artist, and I did mine with Dead'P hyung. but when I went onstage, I forgot all my lyrics… but even so, because I was young, people treated me kindly, at that time, Sleepy hyung came and gave me his phone number. sleep hyung is close with Pdogg hyung who is even now still producing music for BTS. even until that time, my parents’ opposition was still strong, so I decided to set music aside and was determined to focus on studying. I shaved all my hair and decided to spend my golden period by studying. but in May, a phone call came from Sleepy hyung. he asked if I knew someone called Bang Sihyuk, and at that time 'Superstar K’ was popular. he told me 'that person is searching, go try once,’ so I immediately sought him out. even though I’d been determined to focus on studying, I think I wanted to do music as much as ever.

to be continued…

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“There are many people who haven’t figured out what they want to do yet, so don’t get discouraged when people say ‘you don’t have dreams!’. Believe in yourself! Work hard and be healthy, like me!”

— Kim Namjoon on 270816 V App Live in Tokyo


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[#오늘의방탄] 어제 오늘 함께 해주신 아미 여러분들이 행복한 시간이 되었길 바랍니다! 함께 하지 못한 아미들은 꼭꼭 다음에 만나요💕 #BTS3rdMUSTER success!

[#Today'sBangtan] To all the ARMYs who were with us yesterday and today, we hope you had a great time! To ARMYs who could not be with us, let’s definitely meet next time💕 #BTS3rdMUSTER success!

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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Hello, I’m BTS’ Rap Monster. Due to urgent matters, our Bang Shihyuk PD-nim can’t be here to receive the award, so I’ll accept it on behalf of him. He asked me to say thank you to Bighit’s employees, our Homme-hyungs, and BTS as well as all the fans on his behalf. Quick aside, he’s going through an intense diet right now. I hope you would success this time and be together with us for a long, long time. Thank you for always staying by our side. I love you Bang PD-nim.
—  Rap Monster (accepted on behalf of Bang Shihyuk), Producer Award, 31st Golden Disk Awards

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Because I'm A Foolish Woman (Feat. BTS)
Kan Mi Youn
Because I'm A Foolish Woman (Feat. BTS)

songs featuring predebut bts 1 2

namjoon’s verse: “I’d rather you curse at me instead of looking away, that way I can hold on to you. isn’t the aftermath of our fights difficult for our foolish selves? even if I call for you every night in the drifting void, only an empty echo is left. even if I cry, my aching heart feels like it’s going to explode. it’s okay. like the cold dawn air, pass by me. like the me who left you said, leave my dizzy mind. now I’ll calmly wake up from this dream called ‘you’. I ask that you let me be born again so that I can resign myself and stop thinking about you.”

161104 BTS Yongsan Fansign - Rap Monster

“Oppa, good evening.”

“You don’t miss me right? You haven’t come see me for such a long time.”

It’s probably because I didn’t come to the last few fansigns, his upset face looks really cute TT_TT

He even looked up at me while signing and said, “Seems like you have gotten prettier since the last time you came.”

I wrote on the post-it note, “If you and I were to have a child, what would you call our child?”

He wrote: 라임 rhyme.

“This name is similar to both your name and mine, so it’s our baby’s name.”

I initially didn’t know what he said, since I didn’t understand the English word he wrote on the post-it note too. After asking a friend, they said “rhyme” means “rhythm”.

라임 is read as “lime”, rhymes with his stage name “Rapmon”.

The 임 in 라임 is the second word of my name in Korean.

“If it’s a girl, she would definitely be beautiful like you. And she would only have eyes for me, just like you.”

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2015/08/27 BTS’s Rap Monster’s Post in Daum Fanclub Translation

‘Love Yourself’

It’s easy, but at the same time hard to talk about this phrase. What is love’s definition and how many colours does love have? Love is almost like a prism. I think that that phrase is something that only people who truly loves themselves can say (t/n: and understand). However to the majority of the people who can not love themselves, those words are like a mirage (t/n: to simplify. He originally says ‘like heat shimmer that you can not grab’)

So in my perspective, two specific keywords are ‘bravery’ and ‘forgiveness’. These things probably happen because of your own negative (t/n: also translated as wicked, or evil) sides or because you have no bravery to be honest to yourself, for if you had the bravery to face yourself than that would result with you loving yourself, or so I think. Because I’ve been thinking a lot about how everything is derived from that bravery. All of a sudden, a word that held no meaning to me started being really special to me.

Because, a funny thing is that bravery, in another word, can also mean ‘plate/bowl’ (t/n: 용기, ‘yongi’ which means bravery, in the old days also meant plate/bowl). And that’s why it is even more special to me. Because in the end the important thing is the plate/bowl that you place your heart into. What is my plate/bowl, I wonder…

In a recent interview, there was time I received a question about what kind of life I ultimately wanted to live. I replied that I wanted to live a life where I could forgive myself. I have no way of knowing how much they understood, so I was truly thankful that they nodded their heads. Well, there is nothing as difficult (t/n: to do) yet powerful as forgiveness. Not only do I want to forgive my faults, I want to live a life where I am able to ‘in the end’ forgive my everything. To love yourself is in conclusion to forgive yourself, or so I think.

What I’ve been thinking about as the endless waves of time pass by, is that there is no one in the world who ‘is the same as me’ but there are more people than I think who are ‘similar to me’. So you, if you think that there is not one person who is similar to you, there will be not one person who will understand you. So don’t cry. If you have a warm heart than I am sure that somewhere someone with a heart a similar temperature as yours will appear. One day it will happen.?And because there is nothing as impressive as living with a warm heart

In this world there are definitely, definitely times where you can’t do anything.

So let’s

forgive ourselves.

(t/n: summary of the post over here by minigloss​)


To my parents, sister, Mon. My grandparents, my relatives who are with me.

To Bang PD-nim, Vice President Yoojung, Director Shinkyu, Director Seokjoon, Director Chaeeun, Director Hyuk

To Pdogg-hyung, teacher Sungdeuk, Dohyungie-hyung, Donghyuk, Gaheon, Joonsang, Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoung-nim, Head of Department Hobeom, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Sunhakie-hyung, Assistant Manager Sungseok, Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Seolhee-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona, Seul-noona, Nayeob-noona, Yoori-nim, Joy-nim, Onnuri-nim, team leader Heesun, Hyojin-nim, Hayeon-noona, Jinah-nim, Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim, team leader Hyukki, Eunjung-nim, Eunsang-nim, Junho-nim, team leader Jaedong, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, Hyunmin-nim, Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-nim, Seungwoo-nim, Hyewon-nim, Yeji-nim, Miryung-nim.

To Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Seoyeon-nim, Jieun-nim.
Head of Department Dareum, Head of Department Naejoo, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, Head of Department Jihye.
Jinyoung-nim, teacher Jiyeon, teacher Hyundeok, Jinwoo-hyung,my beloved friends, hyungs, noonas, dongsaengs.

To Bangtan. And above all, to A.R.M.Ys. I dedicate this thanks to to all of you.

I love you. No matter where you are, I’ll head to you with all of my heart.

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook

161113 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 2 - Rap Monster Ment

Everyone, let’s smile. If we smile, luck will come to our way. 

What’s our first fan song’s alternate title? “Still, there’ll be better days ahead”

I think from today, there’ll be even more good days. 

When I was young, there was a quote like this. “Among trust, hope, love, the love comes foremost.” 

Recently, this quote feels a little different. I thought if you alll turn off the ARMY Bombs, we would fall from this universe, this galaxy we are standing in. 

Purple was my favorite color when I was a child. Looking at this purple sea today, I got goosebumps. Back then I once thought the universe was purple. 

Right now, I feel like I’m in the midst of a very peculiar universe. 

ARMYs, I love you.

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