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Adrià the Magiko man...

This is Adrià Uyà from Sabadell, a little town near Barcelona. He draws a lot by hand then renders after on a computer, he has also now started to experiment with watercolours. As well as Illustration and Design he spends his spare time writing on walls under the name Magiko and has a rad style! Check out more of his stuff here on his flickr

E sono un figlio di puttana però lascio sempre spazio per te solamente. - Marracash

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(this is going to be long, not in order, and bittersweet)

- namjoon was soo enthusiastic like he was pulling weird faces and dancing his heart out especially during hip hop lover and he looked so happy when he held the mic out to the audience  and we completed his raps 

- all of their english improved but yoongi was being rly cute about it and jimin said the word aspect i dont know wh y i remember that so clearly

- at one point jhope said something like “its really hot in here” and they all took off their jackets it was an experience

- jungkook was smiling and giggling the entire time during the talk breaks especially after he talked and even during performances he is so cute and tall

- hobi killed every single rap sdjkha and he sprayed the crowd with his water bottle and threw it into the crowd what a blessing 

- jimin was flirting soo much with the front row

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MBTI Reactions To....

At/being invited to a party (Requested)



“Consider it considered.”


“I suggest you leave my presence immediately.”


*Suit, rapping glasses, spray repellent*…‘Now. Let’s PARTAY!’


“Uhhhh. If there’s no one I know, I’ll pass.”

(Credits to GIF Makers)

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