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Two amazing things happened today. I overheard two students talking to one another, with one student saying, “Yeah, Harry Styles is Miss X’s boyfriend.”

I then gave said student a ride home. I always have Harry’s CD on repeat and Kiwi was playing when I started my car. I asked my student if they knew who it was. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Do you know who this is?

Student: I feel like I know who it is…like I know the sound but I don’t know the name. Have I heard it before?

Me: Probably not. But you know me. Who would I have playing in my car?

Student: Oh, it’s Harry Styles, isn’t it?

Me: It is Harry Styles, yes.

Student: I like that one song of his…the one with the signs.

Me: Sign of the Times?

Student: Yeah! That’s the one. It’s a really good song. Like it…it gets to you, y’know? And I don’t say that about a lot of songs, especially with those One Direction guys.

Me: Do you want me to play it right now?

Student: Yeah, I love that song. How do you have it right here? Is it hooked up to your phone?

Me: No, I have his CD.

Student: Oh. I didn’t know they even made those anymore. They play this song like four times every time I’m at work.

Me: So you like it, then?

Student: Yeah. You ever heard of James Arthur? I like his song. I never get sick of it. Four, five times they play it and I never get sick of it.

Me: Do you get sick of Harry’s song?

Student: First three times, I’m good. Then the fourth I’m like “Harry, man. We get it. It’s the times. We’re reading the signs, man. It’s gonna be okay.”

Me: I can understand that. It’s a pretty long song.

Student: I wonder what the rest of his songs sound like…

Me: I can burn you a copy of his CD if you want. Or I can gift it to you on iTunes, if you prefer that.

Student: I would really like that. He’s a cool guy, I bet. Like he wouldn’t snitch on you. Nah, Harry Styles wouldn’t snitch.

Caged - Epilogue

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2336 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 39

The black silk of your dress was cool against your skin and the light draft in the staircase gave you goosebumps. You were sitting on the top step, enveloped by the cold December air that had sneaked its way into the building through cracks and crannies, but you didn’t mind. The ballroom you had spent the last few hours in had been hot and stuffy, and you welcomed the opportunity to cool down your thoughts and your body. A smile played on your lips as you dipped the spoon in your hand into the ice cream cup that you had taken from the buffet and brought the chocolate-y goodness to your mouth. When you heard the heavy metal door being pushed open, you hurried the motion, well-aware that your precious peace and quiet were about to come to an end.

“You should go back inside. People are looking for you.”

You chuckled at the familiar words, even though it had been over a year since you had last heard them. Still smiling, you turned around and smiled at Jungkook.

“Five minutes?”

He sighed in fake exasperation and walked over to where you were seated. He took two steps down before sitting down next to you. His suit jacket stretched across his shoulders and arms as he leaned forward and rested his forearms on his thighs.

“Five minutes.”

“Thank you. Do you want some ice cream?”

“Noona, this is not the-”

“Oh please,” you interrupted him and shoved a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. Jungkook rolled his eyes, but then he smiled and licked his lips. His right hand reached across and landed on your right forearm, his thumb gently tracing the scar that had faded into a white mark.

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But you don’t understand! Hero was the first ever video I watched of Monsta X. And now they’re singing it in Japanese (my favorite language and the one I’m trying to learn)!!! This line was the reason I fell in love with Wonho! Oh my gaawd my heart is engulfed in so much nostalgia and feels I cannot…

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Namjoon scenario where you two are dating but since you almost never see each other its like your not dating? so one day you ask your friend [on the phone] what you should do but he hears it?<3

Sorry, this is insanely long, but I was really feeling it while writing. XD Enjoy!

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say it isn’t over - rap monster x you

word count: 2,037

warning: mild swearing [ one or two swear words XD ]

“I don’t know what to do,” You sighed over the phone, leaning your back against the closed door as you slid down, sitting on the floor with your knees touching your chest. You were in the Bangtan dorm, getting something for Yoongi; he had forgotten to pack his hard drive again.

“About Namjoon?” Your friend, Shin Ah, said with a sigh of her own.

“Yeah,” You muttered, picking lint off of your leggings.

“He still hasn’t contacted you yet? Hasn’t it been nearly a month already?”

“Over,” You dryly answered, not wanting to talk about it, but wanting to talk about it at the same time. Shin Ah was your only form of comfort these days, ever since Namjoon became completely focused on his idol duties.

A part of you knew you were being selfish and a little greedy. By forcing him to stay by your side even when he was busy meant that you could be preventing him from growing as an idol and an artist, and you didn’t want that. You were so proud of him for reaching the stage in his life he was in right now, so proud of him for staying strong as the leader of Bangtan, but it was honestly so hard for you to cope with all the side effects and the aftermath.

What made the absence of Namjoon even more difficult to you was the fact that you had known this would eventually happen when you had started dating him. It had been your biggest fear, that Namjoon would gradually lose his head into making music and slowly forget about you. How could it not have been your biggest fear, when all you felt was doubt? When all you heard were the whispers around you that already talked about your break up, the voices of fans that disapproved of your relationship with him? You had gotten so much hate and was getting so much these days that it was starting to take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It hurt.

It really did.

And you didn’t know what to do to make yourself feel better.

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