rap music does this to me

  • After listening to Hamilton for the first time: Oh wow so many words how did the cast memorize all those fast raps
  • After listening to Hamilton for the 1000th time: I mean yeah you can buy The soundtrack if you want but I can just sing the whole show to you right now start to finish nbd but whatever you prefer let me know HOW DOES A BASTARD ORPHAN
Hamilton Things, in no particular order:

- Philip’s piano lesson is the same melody as the countdown to the duel

- Philip is shot by George Eaker on the count of seven, and seven is where Philip dies during Stay Alive (reprise). Also referenced early, in My Shot (when’s it gonna get me/in my sleep/seven feet ahead of me). 

- Eliza is one of the only mains who does not use the traditionally fast style of rap in the musical, perhaps because she was literally the one given the most time as she lived to 97

- The way the names in this musical are sung are significant. Each person has their own melody for their name. Hamilton typically sings his name in his own style, seen in the title song, even when it doesn’t fit with the current melody (see What’d I Miss). Angelica sings it a different way (see Satisfied). Angelica and Eliza trade each other’s melodies to sing each other’s names in Take A Break

- You knock me out, I fall apart is used figuratively twice. Once during Dear Theodosia in happiness, once during It’s Quiet Uptown in grief. 

- Three people describe themselves as “helpless” - Eliza, Alexander and Maria Reynolds

- I may not live to see our glory/Let me tell you what I wish I’d known, when I was young and dreamed of glory

- Burr hands the narration off three times, once to Angelica, once to Alexander and once to Eliza (It’s Quiet Uptown, Say No To This and Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story). Having Burr as the narrator for the Hamiltons grieving the loss of their son didn’t feel right, so it was given to Angelica. Say No To This is a retelling directly from Alexander’s memories. An argument could be made that Eliza is truly the star of the musical so she narrates her own ending. Otherwise, it seems to be that Burr is the narrator, knowing full well how this will end but powerless to stop it. 

- Washington only raps when he’s frustrated

- Not a coincidence that Burr’s line “fools who run their mouths off wind up dead” is directly followed by Laurens introducing himself

- My Shot’s line “Is it like a beat without a melody” echoes The World Was Wide Enough, where there literally is Hamilton singing with no accompanying music

- Peggy is never mentioned again after “Helpless”

- In Hamilton’s pleading to Eliza during It’s Quiet Uptown, he is, for the first time in the play, putting himself in her position, figuratively and musically. He is singing her past melody as opposed to his own. He uses her “look around” melody as well, in an effort to connect with her. 

Ya’ll weren’t talking all this shit when Remy released Another One which was a flaming pile of garbage (the fact that she said “cash me ousside” & “make your head red like lil yachty” or something like that,  but ya’ll ignored it tells me a lot). Also, no one wants to point out how different shether was compared to another one (flow, rhyme scheme e.t.c) cuz then we’d have to discuss the possibility of them being written by 2 different people. 

Nicki made a smart business move which is what I expected from her. You don’t spend almost 10 years at the top of the game by making emotional decisions. Emotional decisions like like hopping on an instrumental, making a diss track, & putting that shit on Itunes without even getting permission from the owners. Now she can’t even perform it live :( 

Nicki gave Remy about a minute & 20 seconds on No Frauds which is more than she deserves tbh. Remy gave Nicki 7 minutes of fan fiction & read it over a Nas beat. Nicki could’ve easily done the same but 1) whose really trying to get some “tea” (real or fake) on Remy 2) that’s lazy.  

"Hamilton" Act One in a Nutshell
  • Hamilton: yes hello hi, that is me
  • Hamilton: Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, Sir?
  • Burr: That depends, are you going to rhyme my last name with a bunch of words for the rest of the show?
  • Hamilton: Oh, well sure, sir.
  • Burr: ...
  • Hamilton: ...
  • Burr: ...
  • *SPOILERS*: he does
  • Angelica: GIRL POWER!
  • Eliza: WOMEN'S RIGHTS!
  • Peggy: ...and Peggy!
  • King George: YOU'LL BE BACK (and my scenes will be the primary reasons for your return)
  • Washington: can i be real a second?
  • Eliza: Boy, you got me helpless!
  • Angelica: I will never be satisfied...
  • Peggy: ...and Peggy!
  • Burr: I have the best songs in the show.
  • Hamilton: We need some conflict...
  • Charles Lee: washington is a stoopid losr
  • Charles Lee: *gets shot*
  • Washington: Son--
  • Hamilton: I HAVE DADDY ISSUES!
  • Washington:
  • Hamilton:
  • Washington:
  • Hamilton:
  • Washington: Go home.
  • Eliza: Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.
  • Me: There's a war on, and rap won't be invented for another 200 years. You're just the LUCKIEST.
  • Washington: Alright, Hammy-boy, breaks over. Get back to work.
  • King George: Y'all suck, I'm going home.
  • *Act One Ends*
  • EDIT: I made a video for this! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WyzsFnDJtM
min yoongi probably.....
  • *group meeting continues*
  • Seokjin: namjoon how the fuck are we gonna do three music videos
  • Namjoon: what do you mean
  • Seokjin: are you trying to run my children into the ground
  • Namjoon: YOUR children?? What about me?
  • Taehyung: oh no they're fighting
  • Jungkook: guys it's fine we can handle 3 music videos
  • Seokjin: no it is NOT fine jungkook
  • Namjoon: stop acting as if you're his actual parent hyung he doesn't need you to when he already has a mom
  • Bangtan:
  • Seokjin:
  • Namjoon: ....*backing up slowly*
  • Seokjin: kiM NAMJOON YOU ARE DEAD TO ME *lunges*
  • *namjoon trying to escape seokjin's wrath, both crash to the ground, the other members trying to get them to stop fighting, chaos ensues*
  • Yoongi: *watching*
  • Yoongi: good. i thought all this flower boy shit was turning us soft

Now about a week ago, I added on to an ask about black alternative kids, and I said i would expand some more on that. Let’s just say I keep my promises.

If you think that this kid

or this kid

Is less black than these two

YOU are who I have a problem with. Let’s start with why. Why is the black kid with the scene hair less black than the ones with “swag”? Give me one good reason. The answer is, you can’t! At least, not without sounding like a racist. Here are the reasons I have previously heard

“Those kids act too white!” The FUCK does that mean? What is acting white? Is it wearing snake bites? Liking rock music? Breaking the mold? That’s all I hear when I see this excuse. You can’t act a certain race. That’s stereotyping and racist. You wouldn’t like it if someone said a white kid who listen to rap and dressed like the last two kids was acting black would you? I thought so

“They aren’t embracing their culture!” I don’t think you know what culture is. The bottom two aren’t embracing their culture either. They’re embracing a subculture, you dimwits. Like hipsters and geeks and shit. The heavy use of swears and bad grammar? That isn’t black culture, that’s a “gangsta”/hoodlum subculture. Same with the style of dress and music. That isn’t “black people music”, it’s called rap or hip hop. THe only culture you likely belong to, unless your family was somehow able to keep up traditions from slave times or you have immigrated from somewhere, is American. And either way, someone not ‘embracing’ their culture is not somehow kicked out of that race. If that was the case, everyone would have to take a course in their respective race’s culture before being considered that race.

Let me tell you something about black alternative/emo/goth/scene kids. A lot choose to represent themselves this way because of small disagreements they hold with the typical “black” culture. From being told that they can’t like school because they are acting white, to being told they are talking too proper. This alienation is a big problem. 

I count myself as an ‘emo’ or scene kid. I like the music. I like having my hair flat ironed with a bang over my eye. I LOVE band shirts, skinny jeans, and beanies. I hate improper grammar and the n-word (hence me referring to it as the n-word). I am no less black than someone who listens to rap music and uses “AAVE” regularly. I am no less black than someone who wears snapbacks and varsity jackets even though they don’t belong to any team. I am no less black than anyone except a person who has less than 1/16th of something else, because I’m 1/16th Cherokee.

i hope namjoon never stops updating #RMusic and sharing his playlist with us.

not only does it show that he’s committed to growing and developing as a musician by constantly expanding his library, it really is a personal way for him to share a part of his life when he doesn’t have to.. and a huge part of his life at that, because music actually is his life.

also it speaks volumes to me that he’s able to support and love so many different artists from all over the world and respect their art, while traversing genre, language, and time barriers. music truly speaks to our souls when words and actions fail. so thank you namjoon for speaking to us. stay inspired we love you

guys seriously how does bts do it. they’ve been filming for variety shows. they’ve been preparing for their concerts. they’ve been preparing special stages for the gayo daejun’s. NOW THEY’VE BEEN RECORDING SONGS FOR THEIR ALBUM? THEY’VE BEEN PRACTICING ALL THE TIME FOR THEIR COMEBACK? THEY’VE BEEN FILMING MUSIC VIDEOS SECRETLY? this all takes SO MUCH TIME. honestly, i’m so amazed. they’re so inspirational and hardworking, it makes me want to work even harder.
~ BTS Reacts to you being addicted to your phone all the time ~

Jin: *Gets jealous because you don’t pay him any attention*

“You know I’m here too right?”

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Namjoon: *Ignored you until you get bored of you phone and want to talk to him instead*

“Oh so now you want to speak to me?”

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Yoongi: *Does the same thing to you when he is recording*

“I can’t hear you over the massive amount of lit music I am producing.” ( He would never say lit WTF XD )

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Hoseok: *Hides your phone*

“I haven’t seen your phone jagi.”

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Jimin: *Tries to take your phone but you yell at him and he gets scared*

“Oh I’m sorry jagi.”

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Taehyung: *Throws your phone off a balcony*

“I’m your boyfriend not this device.” (ignore caption btw)

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Jungkook: *Starts to flirt with someone so you get jealous*

“Yeah my girlfriend pays attention to her phone all the time, she won’t see.”

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Johnathan POV - I got Big Mama in the studio

Here is a couple of facts about Bambee ya’ll didn’t know. Before makeup she use to rap, sing and produce. Not for long but she was good at it. Of course makeup is her passion but she has a love and appreciation for music. I think that is one of the reason why I fell in love with her. She puts a lot of love and passion in everything she does. I convinced her to hop on a track with me and our friend Joon Kyung stopped on by. 

This about to be magic 😎 #MoneyFlow #NewAlbum #NewMusic

  • Me: guess what?
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: I JuST WanT TO reMiNd YoU I LoVE HaMiLtOn aND LiN MAnuEL MiRaNdA iS a cInnAMoN rOlL ThAt mUsT bE PrOtecTeD aT aLl CoSTs
  • Friend: good lord, stop talking about Hamil-
BTS Reaction to You Secretly Fangirling Over Them

I hope you like it anon! The gifs don’t belong to me~ <3

Note: This is after they find out.


“Isn’t it a blessing that you have me, Kim Seokjin himself?”

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“Wow, I like the music you’re listening to! It’s my jam!!!”

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“I am J-Hope of the group you are secretly fangirling to >:)”

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Rap Monster:

*super bashful and flattered that even his friends are super into their music*

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*does fanservice for you personally to tease you*

holy shit i don’t think anyone would survive that

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“Aren’t you jealous that I have Jungkookie to sing with~?”

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*dabs hardcore*

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Rachel vs. Victoria (rap battle)
Rachel vs. Victoria (rap battle)

I was requested to write a rap. I’m sorry it took so long. And the music is not mine. I found it here. Credits to Mixla for the beat and @jeevesandcrow for being Victoria for me.

Hey, Rachel, I’ve got a few words to say
You can’t touch me I’m the bad bitch of Arcadia Bay
I’m rich and mighty while you’re laying six feet under
Now you’re gone, I’ve moved on, I’m stealing your thunder
I gotta wonder, what the hell does everyone see in you
You’re a slut and a poser and a druggie to boot
You lost your crown, and your grip on this place
now you’re totally stuck in the retro zone. Sad face

Ha, oh deer, you think I give a damn
When you don’t even come close to being who I am
You’re rude and cruel, so you can keep the title
Queen bee, bad bitch, no one cares, you’re in denial
You’ve got the money and you’ve got the gear
But you don’t have the talent to make it for a year
You won the contest, so what they booed, not cheered
While I’m still the POI, even after I’ve disappeared
Think you’re the shit, girl, just keep walking
Got a 4.0, call me Stephen Hawking
Yes, people are flocking, guys are gawking, girls are talking
Even you’re in on the fun when it’s me you’re mocking
Knocking people down to proclaim your reign
It’s insane, inhumane, causing people pain
And you’re just jealous because you know that I’m better
Nice try, Victoria but I’m the real trendsetter

Ooh, you think you can take me out
Do I need to remind you again  you’re in the ground
I’m drowning in money so why should I care
Bout what a girl says with a feather in her hair
A princess with no flaws? A rebel with no cause
A low life loser who feeds off Blackwell’s applause
All talk for a Santa Monica dream, er
Wait hold on, aren’t you fucking your dealer
Oh my gosh, ha, your life is falling apart
Getting caught with the weed and alone in the dark
Rooming with Chloe for a future in fashion
But at 5’ 5’’ good luck following your passion
Oh yeah, by the way how do you feel about Maxine?
How she’s always around Chloe, replacing you in every scene
Fly, fly little birdie Go bother someone else, see
It’s time I put you in your place, so go fuck your selfie

At least my selfie can get a thousand views
Your eye for framing is just a sad excuse
Despite your own parent’s outstanding salary
They won’t risk a couple grand to put your work in their gallery
And bringing up Max? Now you’re calling her out
Oh wait, I forgot, she’s all you ever talk about
Your reign, so sad, isn’t going so well
And when Arcadia falls, I’ll see you in hell

It truly really does make me happy that namjoon is taking time away from working and time for himself. He’s probably clearing his mind from everything that is happening and I just hope he doesn’t take this so much upon himself. He is such an AMAZING, CARING, WONDERFUL, LOVING leader. He writes the music for us A.R.M.Y and a majority of us take him for advantage by saying how he is less appreciated and so much more. You know he tries to do so much for us and some just take him for granted. For my view I honestly believe that without Namjoon there wouldn’t be BTS, you can disagree all you want but that’s just me and how I see it. All the boys need to showed how they are loved, they are all just human, why point out so much wrong in them. I’m not really good with making I guess you can call it a rant because I don’t know how to really end this but I hope you just get my point. I’m not looking for response so if you type one just know I won’t type back cause I don’t want to argue why I’m wrong or how something isn’t right about someone, etc

anonymous asked:

Would Lena get mad that she can hear Kara's LOUD Kanye West music when she's literally across the room?

Nah!! She thinks it’s funny that her sweet gf blares hardcore rap!! Plus she finds it kinda hot when Kara raps!!

Sometimes she does have to tell her to turn it down though!! because it can be very distracting when she’s trying to work on financial reports!!

“The first thing that motivated me to create BTS was leader Rap Monster. I began thinking that I need to make a hip-hop group after listening to Rap Monster’s rap, and then I gathered the members. I also believed that this group would not simply become an idol group who does hip-hop, but a group where each member can tell their individual stories. This thought of mine was reflected in the music of BTS and it still does today. I wanted them to become a group not only capable of composing and writing, but also producing music and performances. And they are slowly achieving that.” - Bang PD