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  • I’m Not a Kid: one | two (m)

Heyyy my babes. It is I, Kaylee! 

So this is my first masterlist and it’s pretty crappy but whatever. So please enjoy this and send me any requests you have, I will be happy to do them! 

Smut content: ♡ 

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation 
As Your Lover ♡
Eating Appreciation 
Shoulder Appreciation 
Thigh Appreciation 

Dick Outline
Hand Appreciation
As Your Lover
Tongue Appreciation  
Thigh and Leg Appreciation 

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation 
As Your Lover
Thigh Appreciation ♡
Forehead Appreciation

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover ♡
Tongue Appreciation 
Lip Appreciation 
Smile Appreciation
Arm and Leg Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover 
Lip Appreciation 
Booty Appreciation 
Thigh Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation
As Your Lover
Tongue Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover
Eye Sex ♡
Leg Appreciation
Vein Appreciation 


Choker Appreciation 


BTS Reaction to Their Gf Sending Them a Video Of Her Masturbating ♡

BTS Reaction to You Wanting a Quickie Before Heading Out  ♡

BTS Reaction to Their S.O Hugging Their Arms and Hands When They Walk Together 

BTS Reaction to You Saying That Some Of Your Tattoos Are Private

BTS Reaction to You Accidentally Calling Them Daddy In Bed  ♡

BTS Reaction When Their S.O Wakes Them Up By Giving Them a BJ ♡

BTS Reaction When Their Best Friend Is Sick

BTS Reaction to You Being Shy and Having a Conversation About Wanting To Have Kids

BTS Reaction to You Moaning One Of the Other Members Name In Your Sleep

BTS Reaction to You Being Upset And Them Trying To Comfort You

BTS Reaction to Their S.O Saying They Don’t Want to Sleep With Them Because They’re Insecure 

BTS Reaction to You Rejecting Them After They Confess to You


BTS Favorite Sex Positions  ♡

BTS Kinks  ♡

BTS Pet Names/Nicknames For Their S.O

BTS When They Orgasm

BTS Sex Songs  ♡

This Masterlist will always be updated, so if you want, check every few days to see if there is any new content. Thank you. :)))

Mobile Masterlist!!!





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spellbound | fluff
raising demons | fluff ; smut



Rap Monster


Fake Texts





  • Bulletproof | hitman!au | fluff

chapter 1 // chapter 2 // chapter 3 // chapter 4 // chapter 5 // chapter 6



Fake Texts

Mobile Masterlist

and just like that it’s the end of october?? what even this year doesn’t even exist. but that also means an updated mobile masterlist yay!!!!



I Can Fix It



Just Wear Mine

Just Stay


Dance With Me

Cafe Kisses

Happiest Place On Earth




Never Bored Around You

Just Talk To Me

The Godfather


Sweater Weather


Needy Baby

Smile For The Camera


Too Hot


Baby Blue


Needy Boys

Part 1 - Markjin

Part 2 - Jackbam

Part 3 - 2Jae

Seven Deadly Sins

The Soulmate Principle

Who Killed Jackson Wang?

Pt.1 - Pt.2 - Pt.3 - Pt.4 = Pt.5 - Pt.6 - Pt.7



You Leave For School And They Confess

You’re Shy/Insecure About Your Tummy/Thighs

He Catches You Dancing To One Of His Songs

You Interrupt Him By Saying “I Love You”

You Hugging Them From Behind

You Randomly Kissing Them

To You Stealing Their Hoodie

To You And Your Friend Dancing To Danger

To You Feeding Them

To You Confessing To Them And Telling Them Their Girlfriend Is Only Using Them

To Finding Out You Can Rap.


To You Dancing To One Of Their Songs

To You Feeding Them

To You Stealing His Hoodies

To You Falling Asleep On Them

To You Hugging Them From Behind

To You Finding Out And Telling Them You Have Cancer ( Hyung line)

To You Randomly Kissing Them

To Finding Out You Can Rap

BTS Reaction: Small Girlfriend Hides Behind Them When Scared

Anonymous said: Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

Warnings: None

A/N: Might add GIFs later on


Rap Monster: Would make him flustered but he would lowkey love it. Would tease you a little but not too much, because he actually likes it and doesn’t want you to stop. 

Suga: Would 100% tease you. Then maybe hold your hand or something to comfort you. While holding your hand, he would continue teasing you. He’d have a soft spot for it though. He’d just never admit it. 

Jin: Smirking. Teasing. “Your strong boyfriend will protect you. Don’t worry.” Cheesy. Will make you want to stop hiding behind him because of it. He would find it cute though. 

Hobi: Teasing but very loving. More loving than teasing. Will hold your hand and talk to you to comfort you. It will make him feel good that you trust him to protect you. Finds it too adorable and will tell you multiple times that you’re hurting his fragile heart. 

Jimin: LOVES IT. It will make him feel manly. But he’ll also blush when he feels your little fists gripping the back of his shirt, with your face pressed into his back. Will murmur sweet things to you to make you feel better. Can’t get over how cute it is. Will think about it nonstop, guaranteed. 

Taehyung: Will be surprised and will tease you a little bit but will turn around to wrap his arms around you and comfort you. Not shy about how cute it is. “You’re so cute, what will I do?” Wants to scare you so that you do it more. 

Jungkook: Cocky but shook inside. “Don’t worry. You know I can keep you safe.” Loves the feeling of you pressing your face into his back. Raises his ego even more if that’s possible. Like Taehyung, wants you to be scared more often so that he can “protect you” 


@the-notorious-bhg You sent me down one hell of a rabbit hole. (Forgive me for stealing the couple name from your fic–it was too perfect.)

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“Everything that has happened to me since has hurt. But sometimes when I find the key and climb deep into myself where the images of fate lie aslumber in the dark mirror, I need only bend over that dark mirror to behold my own image, now completely resembling him, my brother, my master.” ― Hermann Hesse, Demian

BTS Reaction: You Feeding Them

Anonymous said: Bts reaction request to you feeding them, please!!!💕💕💕

Warnings: None

A/N: none


Rap Monster: SHY but lowkey about it. Doesn’t want you to know he’s shy about it. Smirks at you and thinks it’s cute. Tells you that you should sit in his lap to feed him. 

Jin: LOVES IT. Insists on feeding you too. Is so squishy and gross about it. Thinks it’s so cute. Makes his mushy, sweet, relationship dreams come true. Wants you to do it more often. 

Suga: Rolls his eyes and laughs at you but plays along. Doesn’t hate it, but doesn’t love it. He’ll let you do it because it’s what you want to do. Will pull you into his lap though. If he’s going to let you feed him, he wants it done his way. 

J-Hope: Loves it more than Jin. Will do aegyo to get you to do it all the time. Wants to feed you. Will call you his baby. Tells you you’re too sweet to him and that he doesn’t deserve it. 

Jimin: Thinks it’s very cute but is shy about it at first. He’ll let you do it but he’ll blush. He’s all cocky about it afterwards, like he wasn’t as red as a tomato the entire time. 

Taehyung: Really likes it. Tells you you’re really cute. Lives for it whenever you eat together, will ask you to do it in public restaurants or in the park with ice cream. Will giggle and make you sit in his lap. 

Jungkook: Will act cocky but is embarrassed internally. Not really the soft, mushy, type, but if you insist he will let you. Likes how happy it makes you. Makes it difficult and teases you by moving around so that you can’t reach his mouth. 

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Clearly expressed joy from mobile drawn Joker. Just a ‘hello’ from a fan-boy I lov e yer drawings! :^)

aHHHHHHHHH hEEY ,, asjdasd DUDE OMG ;; thank so much asdghad your art is real nice ;; -  look at that joke so cute ghh i really like your joker? ?– HERE i tried to draw him ;; <3