rap libs


I’m just going to cry about this song now.

  • What a clever way to do a slow song instead of going for a ballad? It’s classy creates such a strong atmosphere.
  • The rain/storm sounds at the beginning good lord and Daehyun’s ad lib was just the perfect way to start it off
  • You can hear so much emotion in everybody’s voice? Perfectly balanced, complementary to the parts they sing and to each other. Every verse leads into the next, nothing is too overpowering.
  • Himchan crooning and doing falsettos(!!!!!)
  • The little guitar riff which first starts during Himchans part, is amazing. It’s used further throughout the song, and pretty well If I may add. It’s prominent sometimes, and blends into the back ground at other times.
  • The song does its crescendos so well. With every verse a new sound is added and it builds up to the chorus very steadily.
  • The percussion is very simple, but what’s beautiful is how BangLo’s rap adds it’s own percussion to the song.
  • The rap provides perfect contrast from the vocals and mellows things our for a bit. It makes you realise once again, how different Yongguk and Zelo are but how wonderfully they can blend into the same song.
  • Yongguk’s rap is slow, Zelo’s goes higher and a bit faster. And placing ad libs over rap is, just, great. Also, there’s nice use of something that sounds like an organ(synth) during Guk’s verse but I’m not too sure if that’s it.
  • I like how they made Youngjae and Jongup interchange verses the second time around providing some nice variety.
  • The way Daehyun sings the “du nuneul gamgo” is SO GOOD, again use of crescendo, doing pretty much a pitch bend.
  • You’d think the song would end there but nope we get another small verse of Yongguk’s rap overlayed with Daehyun’s falsettos.
  • The last line, complete with the nostalgic sounds, again providing a perfect end.
  • damn
  • stan B.A.P
Burnt Out

A/N: not much to say about this one other than the fact that i can’t cook either and yes, in fact i did fuck up rice that bad…three times…THREE TIMES i cry lol

Pairing: Reader x Vernon

Prompt: “I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings/Genre: bad cooking (lol), smut suggested towards end, slight swearing

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μεγάλα λόγια να μισιόμαστε, μικρά να βασιζόμαστε!
—  το εύκολο πια δύσκολο, το προφανές αμφίβολο.

astro on a field trip

mj: starts singing the wheels on the bus on the way there. once that’s done he moves onto 99 bottles of milk on the wall. sits in the middle backseat of the car but still tries to climb over everyone to be the first one out when the car stops. everyone is scared for how he’ll be on the ride back but he ends up falling asleep on sanha’s shoulder, bless.

jinjin: slow sleepy turtle jinjin seems to be drowsy on the way there and back. very dangerous bc he’s driving the car. maybe even sleeps during the actual field trip part. doesn’t look alert and all and is just kind of meandering but is actually very attentive, making sure that all his kids are there and accounted for – mj tends to wander off a lot

eunwoo: dad of the team comes very prepared. need a first aid kid, or a protein bar, or bug repellent?? eunwoo’s got u. the type to bring a flashlight and emergency blanket for a trip to the museum…also takes the most pictures. most turn out blurry and he looks like a total tourist and everyone yells at him to catch up bc he keeps lagging behind and looking at all the pretty things for too long

moonbin: official snack bringer. rations em out during the trip but somehow the food is gone within two hours. along with eunwoo and sanha, actually enjoys the trip (mj is too hyper and jinjin is too sleepy and rocky is who knows where) clings to eunwoo’s backpack as to not get separated

rocky: official snack eater & thief. the reason why the snacks go missing. calls shotgun and sprints to the seat. insists that the shotgun seat has control over the music so he plays his own rap mixtape. sometimes ad libs some inhuman screeches to his sick beats. goes missing halfway thru the thing and even jinjin can’t find him. miraculously shows up in time to go home

sanha: most excited for the trip. did a lot of background research on where ur all going and tells you all random facts about it on the way there. has zero chill. ends up spending the most time (and $$) in the gift shop bc he wants souvenirs and candy for the way back. shares his sweets with the rest of the hyungs.

NCT Show - Day 2 in a Nutshell
  • A lot of TY Track
  • T-yong/Taebreeze
  • Taeyong is the real grandpa
  • Taeyong is 182 cm 
  • He has pretty veins
  • Has a leg length of 180cm
  • Weird Toes???
  • Prettiest Waist (prettier than yours)
  • NCT is actually a girl group
  • You don’t want to see Taeyong’s face muscles
  • Ten’s weird flapping aegyo
  • Taeyong’s amazing rap (ft. Heechul ad-lib ruining it)
  • Taeyong doesn’t breath
  • Taeyong is a clean maniac/Febreeze addict
  • Super caring Taeyong
  • Taeyong nagging Ten to wash his feet
  • Taeyong admitting his mistakes (please love this puppy)
  • Expect Taeyong to be Yunho
  • Doyoung: “Peuleung peuleung”