rap chicks

new characters in season five

Actor: Christopher Meyer

He is Mariana Adams Foster new love interest.

Actor: Reid Miller

He is a case Stef is working on. I don’t know for how long but the actor tagged it #WhatHappenedToAndy

Name Unknown
Actor: Adam Faison

Student at Anchor Beach. Whether it’s a big role is unknown but the actor is very excited <3 (looks like he took the jean jacket Brandon has been rocking for the last three years)

Ximena Sinfuego
Actor: Lisseth Chavez


Name Unknown
Actor: Isabella Gomez


  • I.M: What's a seven letter word for happiness?
  • Jooheon: Rapping
  • Kihyun: Chick-I mean Maktoob hehe
  • Minhyuk: Monsta X
  • Hyungwon: Monbebe
  • Shownu: Parents
  • Wonho: Noodl-
  • I.M: No
  • Kihyun: No
  • Minhyuk: NO
  • Hyungwon: No
  • Shownu: Yes...OH!I mean no

That black chick love.. 🙏 I love every race but black girls just wanted to remind yall that we out here and we love yall.

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I can’t stand the type of person who define themselves by what they dislike. Especially since what they dislike is 99% of the time things popular with women or POC.


Hiiii. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, everything has been really tough lately. :( but, my new recent obsession comes in the form of some fresh wanna one meat. Lol, honestly I feel quite gross about myself for liking guanlin, but omg I’m such a huge cube trash and I love how hard working and sincere he is?! Like guanlin and seonho pretty much is embodies the Essence of a cube member, just like the (used to be) beast boys and btob boys?! Sobs. But anyways, I hope you enjoy this little shot story that has been playing in my head. Everything is kept at a pg rating for obvious reasons. I will not taint my little rap chick.

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(So imagine this is post- wanna one and you have been paired up with Kim Jaehwan to form a mix gender duo group called ‘The June Project’. Your name is Kim Joo-e and you’re a 99-er. Jaehwan and you are pretty much like real life siblings who are always bickering, but loves one another at the end of the day. You’re pretty much the latest trending girl in kpop as you’re known for your down-to-earth genuine charm. Doesn’t hurt that you’re Super talented and plays the guitar (think IU). )

- One day while preparing for your comeback stage, the wanna one members decided to surprise Jaehwan at the backstage to show their support.

- You had just gone to the bathroom and came back into your makeup room flustered, afterall, you were quite the wanna one fan before your debut.

- You’ve met a couple of Jaehwan‘s wanna one friends like Minhyun, but you haven’t really interacted with most of them, especially not as the entire group as Jaehwan had pretty much been busy preparing for The June Project the moment wanna one’s contract ended.

- the boys were pretty flustered to see you as well, especially since you’re the latest trending girl in the kpop scene.

- ‘omo, annyeonghaseyo!’ You bowed low as you greeted the wanna one boys. You hurriedly tried to retreat to the corner of the room as you realised the boys were filming a V live recording as fan service (such cuties).

- ‘Joo-e ah, come join us!!’ Jaehwan called you out.

- You timidly walked over to the camera and greeted the audience. You’re normally pretty outgoing and cheerful, but it’s honestly pretty daunting to be in front of your idols.

- fans started flooding the comments section, indicating that you looked cute, and mostly asking who’s your favourite wanna one member.

- ‘Joo-e shi, the fans would like to know who is your favourite wanna one member!!!’ Jisung half yelled.

- ‘hahaha definitely not Kim Jaehwan.’ You teased.

- Jaehwan gave you a death stare before a cheeky smirk creeped onto his face.

- You were starting to low key freak out, worried about what Jaehwan might share.

- ‘actually, joo-e has told me that she was quite a wannable and even attended our concert!’

- the wanna one boys were gushing and getting excited. Ong and Jisung were pushing you to tell the world who your bias was.

- ‘I’m guessing it’s Daniel?’ Jisung said.

- You stood there frozen, not too sure how to admit to your bias. Oh Gosh.

- ‘let me tell you a funny story. One night, joo-e came knocking on my door holding her iPad with wannaone’s profile on it. She then asked, “oppa is it true that Lai Guan Lin likes noonas?!” ‘ jaehwan did a terrible imitation of you.

- you could hear oohs and ahhs as you tried to hide your face.

- ‘so you’re our giant maknae stan!!!’ Ji sung chimmed.

- You shyly bow your head and you simply could not look at Guan Lin. However, you did shoot Jaehwan a death stare. ‘You’re dead the next time we have an interview with a girl group, oppa yaaa’ you teased.

- everyone broke out in laughter, entertained by your chemistry with Jaehwan.

- ‘so guanlin ah, is it true that you prefer noonas?’ Ong has fired his shots. You’ve once again hid your face in your hand as you turn d tomato red.

- guanlin was flustered as well. ‘Well… erm… I think coming to Korea at a young age on my own has made me mature quite quickly, so I guess an older woman will fit me better?’

- everyone was gushing, Daehwi was jumping around, unable to contain his excited. Jin young was hugging guanlin and ruffling his hair as guanlin maintained his signature flustered smile, avoiding eye contact with you at all cost.

- things could’ve ended there, but no, the wanna one boys are little brats. To your surprise, the usually quiet park Woojin spoke up.

- ‘we were actually observing hyung’s performance with joo-e shi the other day, and guanlin commented that Joo-e has a very cute face!’

- everyone went nuts with that proclamation. The wannaone boys all turned to guanlin, hoping to hear more elaboration, as I stood at a corner, heart pounding.

- ‘yeah, it’s true, I think Joo-e noona is really cute.’ guanlin confessed.

- the boys went wild again. You bowed your head to thank Guanlin, and he bowed back. Your heart was racing as quickly as the day you debut and you had to excuse yourself to touch up your make up before you die of embarrassment.

- that night, after you returned to your dorm and was removing your make up, you received a text. ‘Hi Joo-e noona, I’m sorry about just now. The hyungs can go overboard some times. It’s okay if I call you noona right? This is Lai Guan Lin by the way.’

- I screamed. Jaehwan came running to my room with a toothbrush chucked in his mouth. ‘OMG WHAT HAPPENED?’

-‘ oppa did you give guanlin Shi my number?’ I asked.

- Jaehwan’s face immediately contorted into a cheeky smirk. ‘Oh yeah, wow did the kid text you already? He’s fast…’ jaehwan snickered, he sounded pretty proud of his dongseng.

-‘oh Gosh I can’t believe this. Lai guanlin, the most gorgeous man I’ve known just texted me!!!’ You gushed to Jaehwan as you held your phone close to your chest.

- ‘I think I’m pretty gorgeous too… and you owe me one kid!!!’ Jaehwan muttered as he sashayed out of your room.

- I promise to wing you next time okay!!! You shouted out.

- the following days went by as a blur. You were pretty much on auto pilot mode, and nothing mattered except when guanlin replied.

- You could be practicing a song when your phone beeps and you jump, only to end up smiling at yourself like a love drunk idiot.

- guanlin was pretty much what you imagined him to be; but better. He was funny and charismatic. Mature but humourous at the same time.

- you had lived overseas for a period of time as well; so you guys talked about growing up overseas, and obviously, your love for music.

- ‘noona, Eunkwang Hyung from my company is in a musical and they’re giving out preview tickets. I remember you said your dream was to star in a musical, would you like to maybe come with me?’ Guanlin had asked you out!!!!

- you obviously said yes and spent the entire day fretting about what to wear. ‘Oppa. Does guanlin like cute or sexy? Oppa, does guanlin like girls with lots of make up or just a little? Oppa, should I have my hair up or down? Straight or curled?’ You were bombarding poor Jaehwan with so many questions.

- ‘cute with a hint of sexy, light make up with wavy hair let down.’ He muttered as he walked past your room while you were busy googling information about guanlin online.

- ‘I heard you were fretting about your looks today?’ Guanlin asked when we met up.

- You made a mental note to kill Jaehwan when you get home.

- ‘I like noona how she normally is best.’ Guanlin shyly confesses.

- ‘ahhh. I bet oppa exaggerated a lot, I wasn’t exactly fretting… I just wasn’t sure what was appropriate to wear….’ you tried to fend yourself.

- ‘ oh. I thought you were nervous about impressing me… hahaha. Because i surely was afraid of embarrassing you. I pretty much flooded Jaehwan Hyung with questions about you the entire day…’ Guanlin confessed shyly. He seemed really flustered that he was the only one fretting about the ‘date’.

- ‘ I lied, I was panicking and bugging Jaehwan Oppa all day too….’ You pouted as you confessed.

- ‘noona you are seriously so adorable!’ Guanlin seemed more confident now as he patted you on your head.

- after your little confession, guanlin seemed like a changed man; leading you like a gentleman. You pretty much forgot that guanlin was in fact younger.

- Eunkwang was obviously spectacular in the play; and you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. The fact that you went with guanlin helped a lot too, although his dashing good looks did distract you from the musical from time and again.

- the cutie pie insisted on walking you home, which made you all warm and fuzzy. You went to bed and slept like a princess, only to have your bandmate budging into your room way too early for your comfort.

- ‘YAH KIM JOO-E. Are guanlin and you together already?!?! I can’t believe I have to find out via a tabloid site?!’ Jaehwan was standing in front of you with messy bed hair and arms frailing around.

- ‘what are you talking about??!! Guanlin and I are not dating…’ you rubbed your eyes as you try to comprehend your bandmate’s words.

-Jaehwan was now sitting on your bed, shoving his phone in your face.

- there was indeed a breaking news about guanlin and you, and a picture of guanlin sending you home.

- ‘oh my god, our manager Oppa is going to kill me….’ You whined.

- just then, jaehwan screamed as he picked up your phone.

- ‘noona, it’s guanlin. Have you seen the news? I’m sorry we got photographed. But to be honest, I have been a fan of noona’s since you debuted with Jaehwan Hyung. And after getting to know you for the past month, I think I’d like to get to know you even more. If you dont mind this kid that I am, will you maybe want to be my Girlfriend?’