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Μη σταματήσεις να αγαπάς ποτέ όπως αγαπούσες στα δεκαέξι.
Από το κομμάτι : Το παλιό μου τετράδιο (Η μπαλάντα των 16)
Το βλέπεις εδώ :
Θερμή παράκληση :
ΜΗΝ αφαιρείτε την λεζάντα.

If you follow me already then you’ll know that when I’m bored (which is all the time tbh) I watch BTS videos and take screenshots and post them bc I don’t have better things to do 

Taetae aka Tae the bae

He was being so rude (as usual) I couldn’t get funny screenshots bc he was winking, biting his lips and sticking out his tongue the whole freaking performance…#somebodycollecthimplz


Park Jimin aka mochi aka pink Jimin

Looks like someone just punched him lol

I mean his hair still looks flawless 

Chim needs to chill down 

Me running away from my problems and responsibilities 

No comment. Still my bias-wrecker tho

Nothing’s wrong with this pic he just looked so cool 

Jimin when he sees someone talking/touching Jungkook

The last one

Jeon Jungkook aka living meme aka international playboy aka fuckboy

...he got a bit too excited while dancing

tbh this is like a normal pic of him

Making those “fuckboy” faces he always do while doing literally anything…

But seriously tho, I think Jungkook stans only watches this “Not today” fancam bc..

I bet that BTS stylists is getting an award soon from armys, or more specifically Kookie’s stans

Weißt du wie es ist, wenn du einen Menschen liebst, der dich nicht wertschätzen kann und dich nicht kämpfen sieht?
—  Fard / Kalt Wie Schnee

Πάντα έπαιζα με τα σπίρτα και ας είχα καρδιά από χαρτί.