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That person didnt understand. Steve will out out an ep but with other artist but there will be a new single with louis just not ep


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there's a thylacine jumpsuit/pajamas for dogs on etsy (it's on the first page if you just search thylacine) and it made me realize how much pringles kinda looks like a thylacine. I think it's the wide, gaping mouth, pointed face, and inquisitive eyes


I don’t think I’ve ever needed something less AND more, simultaneously, ever in my life.

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how would seokjin, namjoon and jungkook react if they caught their s/o playing otome games? (since they never told them that they played those types of games before)

Seokjin: The flower boy of Bangtan would definitely feel a dent in his pride. When he’d seen you playing them on your laptop, he’d close it and flash a bright smile at you. “Why are you playing those? I’m much more handsome, don’t you think? Why would you want to simulate a relationship when there’s a prince right in front of you?” Here’s where cheesy Jin would enter. He’d wink at you and blow a kiss. 

Namjoon: He’d just be feeling all sorts of amusement. He’d sit in front of you and grin at you while crossing his arms. “So what exactly are you doing?” He’d start chuckling. “Playing otome games, I see. You’re always playing on your phone. Was that what you were doing all this time?” He’d show you his cringe worthy aegyo. “Am I not interesting enough anymore?” 

Jungkook: Poor Kookie would definitely feel a pang of jealousy, but of course he’d try to mask it. “Did you know…” he’d stand by you with his hands in his pockets casually, “that they modeled Han Jumin after me?” But seeing how you probably won’t fall for his obvious bluff, the more apparent jealousy would come out real quick, “can’t you pay more attention to me and less to Mystic Messenger?” 

- Devi ^^

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Yoonseok 16 pleasee

Yoongi’s not quite sure how he wound up in Hoseok’s lap. 

That’s a lie. He knows exactly how. Hoseok messaged him from his workroom. ‘Come over, I wanna show you something.’ Yoongi, frustrated with his own project, easily abandoned the solitude of his own workspace, and went to join Hoseok in his. 

“Come here,” Hoseok said, waving him in. “Listen.” 

As Yoongi bent over awkwardly and put the headphones over his ears, he felt Hoseok grab his hips and guide him down gently onto his lap. 

But it’s comfy and it’s warm, and he likes leaning back against Hoseok, the other’s breath against his neck, chest moving slightly against his back. It’s almost on beat with the song, which is soothing and gentle, lacking the usual brassy percussion that Hoseok’s attracted to. 

He could fall asleep to this, he determines. 

With a slow voice, almost like he’s been drugged, he murmurs as much. 

Hoseok laughs, and the sound vibrates inside Yoongi. He realizes with a little discomfit that it turns him on in a sleepy sort of do-nothing-about-it buzz. 

“You can fall asleep anywhere, hyung,” Hoseok retorts quietly. 

Yoongi wiggles backward, settling in even more. “I could fall asleep here,” he admits with a tiny smirk,something a little smug in his tone. 

“You could,” Hoseok replies. 

Yoongi reads it for what it is: an invitation, not just a comeback. He exhales slowly, feels himself go lax, and Hoseok…Hoseok reaches around his midsection, holds him close, and lets him nap.

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

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I saw an unpopular opinion recently from someone talking about how they don't like how rap monster tries too hard to sound "ghetto". These fans will brag about how good he is as a rapper. But outside of that if he does something you associate negatively with black people (cuz that's what ghetto really means) you have a problem. He learned his English from rap music, there isn't anything wrong with the way he speaks because you don't think it's "proper". So sick of anti black Kpop fans.

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There's this interview where rap mon said if he had the chance, he's rename himself Ryan monster. Sooo. I don't know who Ryan is or is there any particular reason why it should be Ryan?

ah yes ryan monster, let me introduce you to ryan

ryan is one of the many kakaotalk friends and rapmons favourite character

here we see namjoon’s work area covered with ryan I wish i was ryan

namjoon took the time to replace the lighsticks in ryan’s hands to bangtan bombs

let’s not forget he was gifted a giant ryan plush at a fanmeet

he has two ryan phone cases :’)

and let’s not forget this

I’ve seen my people’s dreams die
I’ve seen what they can be denied
And “weeds not a drug” - that’s denial
Groundhog Day life repeat each time
I’ve seen Oxycontin take three lives
I grew up with them, we used to chief dimes
I’ve seen cocaine bring out the demons inside
Cheatin’ and lyin’
Friendship cease, no peace in the mind
Stealin’ and takin’ anything to fix the pieces inside
Broken, hopeless, headed nowhere
Only motivation for what the dealer’s supplying
That rush, that drug, that dope
Those pills, that crumb, that roach
Thinkin’ I would never do that, not that drug
And growing up nobody ever does
Until you’re stuck, lookin’ in the mirror like I can’t believe what I’ve become
Swore I was gonna be someone
And growing up everyone always does
We sell our dreams and our potential
To escape through that buzz
Just keep me up, keep me up
Hollywood here we come
—  Macklemore - Otherside