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I don't know if you've seen, but there's a post on twitter that talks about the girls representing the boys mother/ past & future, something like that, i think it's quite good & accurate

Yeah I saw it briefly, here it is for the ones who haven’t seen it: 



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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 

Reaction Request - Smoking weed with BTS

NSFW. Read at your own risk!


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there's a thylacine jumpsuit/pajamas for dogs on etsy (it's on the first page if you just search thylacine) and it made me realize how much pringles kinda looks like a thylacine. I think it's the wide, gaping mouth, pointed face, and inquisitive eyes


I don’t think I’ve ever needed something less AND more, simultaneously, ever in my life.

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WAIT Whaaaa? The boys have kissed each other before? Whennnnnn I need deetsss and receipts 😆

When Jimin wanted to kiss JK

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When Jhope and Jimin where faking making out (Look at the hands and head movements)

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We still don’t know to this day what JK was doing here

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Or when V suddenly had to kiss JK’s ear 

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That time when you could hear the screams of ARMYs from the moon because

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When V was kissed by Jimin and he liked it

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And when Rapmon was kissed by Jin and he loved it

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BUT THE BEST ONE, THE REAL ONE, THE PASSIONATE ONE, Is when Jhope and V kissed for real (while suga was shipping it) 

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BONUS: Jungkook and suga are all of us (two types of ARMYs)

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May this post make your ship kiss 

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That person didnt understand. Steve will out out an ep but with other artist but there will be a new single with louis just not ep


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Which members need glasses?

All members but Jhope have prescription glasses: 

  • Jin said in BTS 2016 Kkul fm HERE that he is farsighted and when he is not wearing glasses he is surely wearing lenses. You may have seen Jin blinking a lot in some videos, it’s usually because he ends up wearing contacts for a long time and his eyes get dry and itchy ‘cause of contacts.

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  • Yoongi mentioned in BTS: In my bag (GLOBAL OFFICIAL FAN CLUB A.R.M.Y. 3rd TERM) HERE (I carry) “Eyeglasses. Since I’m nearsighted… I need this when composing and reading.”

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  • Rapmon also said in BTS: In my bag (I carry) “Glasses and lens, for my bad eyes” he also mentioned in 4 things show behind the cut HERE  that his eyesight is bad so he wears lenses. 

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  • Jimin specified in BTS in my bag too (I carry) “Lens.My vision isn’t good so it’s been a necessary item for about 5 years”.

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  • Taehyung wear prescription glasses, he posted many tweets that you may find HERE where he wore them. He also used them during shootings (look at the gif below)

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  • Jungkook eyesight hasn’t been good lately *cough*video games*cough* These glasses HERE are his prescription glasses. 

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  • Jhope: We have no information about him wearing any prescription glasses or lenses, so I guess he only wears them for fashion purposes.

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Note that the members wear a lot of glasses and colored lenses just to compliment their style. They mostly wear prescription lenses because they don’t feel at ease wearing their glasses on camera. Hope this was helpful ^^

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How would BTS Reacts to You Crying Because They're About to Leave For Tour

Jin: He would hug you tight and for the longest time he wouldn’t let go. His manager would probably have to drag him away from you. Jin would reassure you that he’d text, call and facetime you at any chance he’s given. Before he had to leave he’d probably steal your phone and take hundreds of selfies so you would have a selfie of him for every day he’d be gone. He would make as many lame jokes as possible to make you smile.

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Yoongi: To others, he can sometimes appear cold but he’s just not as good with expressing his emotions as his members. Though if you were to start crying in front of him he’d have a hard time not crying himself too. He loves you otherwise he would never be selfish enough to put you through this. He’d comfort you as best as he could with a tight hug and the promise to always message you.

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Hoseok: He shares all his emotions with you and the second you start crying he’d be too. He’d just let his tears fall, not caring what anyone else would think. He’d kiss you and hug you tight, he’d tell you that he loves you and that he’s gonna text you every second. He’d practically spam you with selfies every day until he comes back.

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Namjoon: He’d be a litle shocked at first, he probably wouldn’t have expected you to cry because of him leaving. It would shake him up greatly and he’d be smiling at you, but the tears were threatening to fall from his eyes too. He’d send you the first of many messages after only 2 minutes apart. He’d also share a lot of songs on twitter, most of them to express how he feels about you or how much he misses you.

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Jimin: It’s no secret that he deeply shares all his member’s emotions, same goes for you. He’d always be happy if you’re happy and if something is making you sad he’d be sad too. Before you even start to cry he’d always have watery eyes. He’d apologise for putting you through this and for having to leave but you’d assure him that it’s fine. When you start crying he’d wrap his arms around you and just hold you close for as long as he could until his manager told him that it was time to leave. He’d spam you with selfies and he’d never fail to send a ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ message.

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Taehyung: As soon as he sees your tears he’d be as silly as possible, dancing, joking, everything just to make you happy again and to distract you from the fact that he has to leave. It wouldn’t help at all though, so he would wipe away your tears and kiss you until you stopped crying. He’d promise to send you ‘wake up’ and ‘good night’ texts and he’d never forget to send you a daily selfie.

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Jungkook: This boy would be overwhelmed and might feel a bit lost in terms of dealing with the situation. He’d be sad but once you started crying his eyes would get teary too. If there is something that makes Jungkook cry it’s when he sees the people he cares about crying. He’d wipe your tears away and tell you to stop crying because you’ll see each other every day and you’ll text and talk as much as possible.

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➻ Requested by anon: First Date w/Namjoon. Late night date!

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Honestly i never even imagined that i'd be feeling things because of jungkook!!! He was my smol baby that i've been raising since debut but ashdjfnbkdk i kinda feel bad for this lol

Actually they all grew up a lot since debut, Jungkook the bunny

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is still a bunny, a VERY sexy HANDSOME and muscular bunny

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Jimin was always a mochi

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Now he is a VERY sexy mochi

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Just how did V turn from a pretty boy

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To an angel that can’t keep his tongue in his mouth 

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Rapmon had that haircut and those shades ALL the time

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Thank you Stylist/hairdresser Noonas for throwing that concept away and giving us THIS:

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HAHAHAHAHAH remember when they gave Jhope the gangster concept

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They tried to hide the sun’s light. HOW DARE YOU BIGHIT !!!

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Oooooh Suga 

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OOOOOOOOOOOOH SUGA  *Imma cry, I am getting too emo making this*

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No words needed

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For Jin, Mr. Woldwide Handsome *slides 3$ to Bighit, pls make him go blonde again*

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People change, they grow, and so did BTS beautifully. Even they believe they matured and are no more the same.

By @mimibtsghost

BTS in Australia fan account

My experience at the BTS concert as a chocolate sister cause let me tell you being chocolate at their concert helped me.

So I managed to get the the seven members of BTS to notice me especially my bias and I met their dance crew at the airport but my interaction involved them doing a lot off staring at me. So when i met the crew, the person holding the sign kept noticing us especially me but when the dance crew came in they were looking up and down at us. Then two of them looked at me and my friend then smirked. But the day of the concert is when i was confused, shook and happy to get all members to notice me.

So we enter the arena and we are close enough to see their facial features and they can see us but we were slightly at the back, not standing since they sold out. So I believe it was during mid way of the first couple of songs that J-hope started to notice our section at first I was like ohh he can’t be noticing us, it’s just our section but then every time my loud African self would do my unique scream he would point right to us right on queue and he was literally turing up with us vibing with us and it was so cool and he continued to do this every time I was screaming unless they where doing a group dance.

Note that our section was small and the light was hitting us and we were the only ones screaming as most on our side of the arena were parents. Then later on Tae notices us and this happens mid way the concert so I scream and I’m getting turnt in my section with my friend and he looks and points at us and others notice us as well, at this point the two members have seen us so Tae starts jamming to my weird screaming and he is laughing and being cute soon J-hope joins as well turning up with us and I’m surprised they kept noticing our section.

Later on Suga begins to notice us and I was already gone once JHOPE saw us but he looks at us and laughs at how absurd we are which I don’t blame him and looks quite a few times while he is singing in our section as we were the only ones standing. Then the end where they were saying their final goodbyes as Spring Day plays, at this point i feel satisfied but nooo as j-hope waves to the people at the front corner of the stage a bit further from us, where he literally looks to find us and points at us and laughs at how lit we were and he walks around to see us more clearly and he smiles and shakes his head then walks off but Tae took my attention straight away he run from the other side of the stage, missed the middle top of the arena and waved at us with his cute smile and pointed towards us.

At this point I was confused and just so happy in the moment and I notice suga and kookie who has been doing the occasional look at us as tae walks away So finally j-hope ended up walking towards our corner along with Jin, Namjoon and kookie so at this point I didn’t really know if he really did notice me but this guaranteed it, I throw hearts to him as I’m the only one standing in our section literally and he can see me then he throws hearts right back at me with a smile as I drop to the ground shook.

But then later my cousin and I notice kookie who had been occasionally looking at us pulling Rap monster my fave 😝 and whispers in his ears and points at us, he points to me and he whispers again then NAMJOON LOOKS UP INTO OUR SECTION and I scream oppa nicely and wave at him cause he is so cute THEN HE DOES A SHY SMILE LAUGHS PUTS HIS HEAD DOWN AND HAND OVER HIS FACE AND LOOKS AGAIN TO REPEAT THE SAME ACTIONS And lastly sorry I’m going on but Jin was there and I took the advantage for my second fave too blow him his signature kiss and right then he looks as I do it and blows it right back with passion and at that time my friend got noticed by her bias Jimin because she was dancing and he copied her moves and blushed as she noticed him do that which Namjoon did for me is well so in the end we left confused happy and shook so yeah and the dancers noticed us as Namjoon told us to applaud for them

Importance of Being

Lately I’ve been feeling
A little bit shaky
A little bit flakey
A little bit unlike myself

Uneasy, I feel
Queasy, unreal
Like a third person view
I’d rather not look at

Feeling like my words are uneven
Unappealing, concealing
Something I can’t yet define

But I will.