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You Can Transition Out of the Streets for $5,000

Killer Mike gave listeners a bit of real world advice on how they could invest their money into businesses instead of “cloudy jewelry” or bottle service at the club.

He explained that for as little as $5,000 you can invest into a snow cone business and build your wealth from there, as he made it clear that the street life sounds cool in songs, but it’s not great in real life.

Killer Mike is so woke he wants to teach us how to run with the jewels. This is a great advice for black yourh especially. You can start planning and invest money in your future instead of spending them for parties and useless  thing to impress others. And expirience which you can earn, will cost even more than money you spend/earn.

BTS reaction to their idol crush showing interest in them

Anonymous said: How would BTS react if an female Idol (they have a crush on) actually Shows her interest in them ?? ( + a Lot of other Male Idols have crushes on her and actually tried to Date her)

Ah, I’m so sorry it took me practically forever to get to this ;-;

I hope you still enjoy it though! c:

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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Namjoon would be backstage with the rest of BTS at a music show, watching your performance in awe and amazement. As the music would echo through the venue, he would watch your powerful movements, his eyes fixated completely on you, wondering how you could pull off such difficult choreography and still look flawless in the process. The other boys would nudge each other, chuckling and giggling to themselves as they would glance over at Namjoon who would still be completely mesmerised by you. 

The truth would be, he would have had growing feelings for you for a few months now, falling for not only your good looks, but also your lively personality, the way you lit up the atmosphere of the room as soon as you walked in. The way you were always smiling and staying strong, even through difficult times. Plus it would be an added bonus that you were a natural beauty. “No wonder practically everyone has a crush on her,” he’d muse to himself, as you watched you take centre stage, capturing the attention of everyone there.

So, when your performance finally ended, the audience would roar up in applause, the lights on stage going out and so allowing you and your group to exit the stage. Namjoon would finally snap out his trance, vigorously clapping and bowing politely as you walked by. While the rest of your group smiled and thanked everyone before walking onward, you’d linger behind, looking directly at Namjoon as your lips curled up in a genuine smile. His heart would skip a beat, a curious expression forming on his face as he’d look around to ensure it was him you were looking at. You’d walk up to him, and before long, the two of you would be deep in conversation, to the complete surprise (and slight jealousy) of the other males idols around. Though Namjoon would act chill about the whole situation, his heart would feel like it was about to burst out his chest in joy, and so when you’d say your goodbyes and walk away, Namjoon would stand there, a grin etched on his face and the other members would pat him on the back and cheer for him. 

Jin (Seokjin):

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You would be part of a popular girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and although you would’ve just debuted only a few months ago, your powerful style and sheer talent would attract attention worldwide. Being under the same entertainment company as BTS, you would often bump into them; on your way to practice, on your way out, even when coming in to record.

Jin would notice how cheerful you always were, always greeting the staff enthusiastically, and always putting 100% into everything you did. He’d appreciate your hard-working nature, your strong work ethic inspiring him to work harder. He would admire your seemingly effortless beauty, from the way your smile seems to shine brighter than the sun, immediately lifting the atmosphere, and improving the mood of everyone around you. The way your hair would tumble down your shoulders, bouncing around as you walked along. The way your eyes would light up, a small sparkle dancing across your pupil when you danced or sang.

So, one day on his way into practice, he’d notice you humming along with your earphones in, your hair swinging around in a cute ponytail as you’d throw your bag down into a corner, sliding your jacket off your shoulders and you’d prep for a long day of practice. You’d quickly adjust your hair, only to look up and see Jin standing by the doorway, a small smile tugging at the corner of your lips and you’d beckon him to come in.

“What, me?” Jin’s facial expression would contort into one of both surprise and curiosity, as you’d beckon him to come into the room. He’d tilt his head to the side, a little like a puppy, which would cause you to giggle and stroll up to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him in. His heart would flip inside his chest, a smile forming on his face as you would endearingly grin up at him.

Suga (Yoongi):

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(A/N: I’m sorry if this part came out crap, my brain basically fell asleep ;-;)

You would be a solo artist, one of the most charismatic and successful female rappers in this present age. You’d never fail to get the audience hyped at your performances, lights flashing as you’d jump around the stage, the audience roaring and dancing along, as you (pretty much) spit fire from your vocal chords, rapping at seemingly the speed of light. Yoongi would admire you since your debut, clearly impressed by your rapping prowess. 

On the other hand, you would also be an avid fan of Yoongi himself before you debuted. You’d admire his amazing song-writing skills, always listening intently to the lyrics of every song of his and of Bangtan’s. You would look up to him, and so your own style of rapping would have a lot of elements of Yoongi’s style also, from his flow to even how he shut down haters.

During a music show one day, you’d be preparing for your performance, which would be straight after BTS’ performance, staring intently up at the screen while make-up artists would rush around the room, make-up products lying everywhere. During Yoongi’s verse, a grin would creep up onto your face as you’d admire his sheer talent, feeling your body moving along to the beat. When their performance would finally end, and you’d move backstage, mentally preparing yourself to perform. As BTS would walk past, you’d bite your lip anxiously, debating whether to say anything or not. 

“Ah, Yoongi sunbae?” You’d call out, causing him to stop in his tracks, looking over at you curiously. “I was wondering if you had any tips for me before I went on stage?” You’d ask, as you fiddled with your hands behind your back. 

“Uh, sure,” Yoongi would smile, pretending like his heart wasn’t soaring in his chest. He’d feel so happy that you came to him for advice, not Rap Monster, not J-Hope, but him. “So, what you want to do is…”

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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Hoseok would grin down at his phone, his eyes skimming over the text you had sent him.

You: Hey is this Hoseok?

Hoseok: Yeah who is this?

You: Ah this is (Y/N)? From (Y/G/N)? I was wondering if you could help me with some choreography, knowing how amazing you are at dancing haha

“Ah, what should I do? What do I do?” Hoseok would pace around the room, trying to work out what to text back to seem cool. “Namjoon, what should I say to her?”

“Just tell her, yes, you’d love to help, and arrange a time and place,” Namjoon would laugh, shaking his head with a smirk. “Clearly she admires you, calm down and stop freaking out Hobi.”

He’d take a deep breath, before sending;

Hoseok: Ofc, I’d love to help, when do you wanna meet? ^^

“Phew,” you’d sigh in relief, your heart doing somersaults when you’d realise that you were actually going to meet him, one on one. While you could use some help with your choreography, this was also partly an excuse to spend some time with him, as you would admittedly have had growing feelings for him since the time you first met him.

You: Is Friday good? At around 12 maybe?

He wanted to help you, so why were you feeling so nervous?

Hoseok: Yeah thats perfect, see you then ;)

“Do you think the winky face was too much?” Hoseok would dramatically press his hand against his forehead, a long sigh escaping his lips.

Namjoon would simply hit him playfully, assuring him that everything was going to be fine.


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Jimin would stand in front of the mirror, practising what he would say to you, how he would act. He’d push his hair back, smirking in an attempt to look suave, but this charade would only last a few seconds before he’d scrunch his eyes up in embarrassment, giggling at himself, shaking his head.

“Are you still freaking out?” Yoongi would smirk, leaning against the door frame, holding his fist to his mouth as he’d try to suppress his laughter. 

“Hyung!” Jimin would whine, still giggling as he’d push Yoongi out the bathroom, brushing his fringe out of his eyes. He’d sigh, anxiously looking down at his phone, anticipating a text from you.


You’d pace around your dorm room, nervously chewing on your lip as you’d glance around at all the clothes scattered around. “What should I wear, Lisa? Casual? Or should I dress up? Heels or flats?” You’d wave about five different items of clothing in your best idol friend, Lisa’s face, as she’d step back, laughing as she’d wave her hands. “Aren’t you the one who asked him out, (Y/N)? Why are you freaking out so much?” She’d laugh.

“Girl,” you’d put your hands on your hips, looking at Lisa with an expression of disbelief. “Have you seen Park Jimin? Ah, he’s so…” Your lips would curl up in a smile at the thought of him, causing Lisa to hit your shoulder, laughing.

(A/N: That last paragraph is low-key how I feel about Jimin ;-; He’s been wrecking my bias list recently, I’m so sorry Tae ;-;)

V (Taehyung):

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Taehyung would look around when you’d approach him, looking a little like a lost puppy. “Is… she talking to me?” He’d ask, his mouth stretched into an O-shape as he realised it really was him you were addressing, despite all the idols sitting at the tables.

While he would be flattered that you’d chose to talk to him, he’d be a little confused as to why him, and not all the other handsome male idols in the room that most girls would kill to even make exchange greetings with. After all, you were one of the most popular female idols in the present age, known not only for your stunning visuals, but also for your amazing voice. So why him?

Despite this, once you took a seat next to him, a pretty smile on your face, he’d relax, and the two of you would hit it off almost immediately, talking about everything and anything, the conversation flowing from topic to topic effortlessly. 

Truth is, you wouldn’t have given much thought about all the others who’d approached you before, trying to act suave as they’d attempt to talk to you. You’d simply politely greet them, turning them down gently so as to not come off as rude. But when you’d see Taehyung sitting there, a rectangular smile on his face as he interacted with everyone in the most enthusiastic way, you wouldn’t be able to help the grin that would creep onto your face, tilting your head slightly as you watched.

You’d exchange numbers, giving him a hug before you walked off again, leaving a blush creeping up on his face while his group members would all simultaneously cheer for him, as he’d press his hands to his flushed cheeks.


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Jungkook wouldn’t know what to do with himself when he’d see you walking towards him, especially as he’d glance around to see the slightly jealous expression on the faces of the other idols, who were also waiting backstage. He would have had growing feelings for you for a while now, but he wouldn’t know what to do, whether to approach you, or whether to just keep quiet about it, leaving his feelings to bottle up out of control.

You’d approach him, touching his shoulder as you’d greet him. He would open his mouth to say something, only to close his mouth again when he’d realise he had no idea what to say, or how to greet you. You’d giggle at his awkwardness, instead deciding to take lead of the conversation, talking about pretty much anything, from their comeback, to other idols you looked up to. He’d eventually begin to relax, a grin beginning to appear on his face as you’d talk. He’d finally join in with the conversation, laughing and chatting along. 

The other boys would glance over at him, some of them holding their hands to thier mouths, laughing yet surprised at the same time that Jeon Jungkook, out of all people, was actually holding a successful conversation with a girl for once without finding an excuse to run away.

“Wow, our Kookie has really grown up, huh?” The boys would comment in awe, as they stared at the two of you, deep in conversation.

[BTS] Reaction To Hanging Out Too Much With Their Idol Crush

BTS reaction Hanging Out Too Much With Their Idol Crush And They Get Into A Dating Scandal

Jin: He wouldn’t know what he would do.. It wasn’t supposed to come out as scandal. Yes he would want his fans to know he was in a relationship, but not this way. But the past few weeks he had spent way too much time with his crush, because he had missed her/him so much. Jin would ask to hold an official interview where he would properly introduce his crush as his gf/bf.

Suga [Yoongi]: He wouldn’t mind at all. But because he doesn’t want his crush to get any hate he would try to clear it up. Only if his crush doesn’t want their ‘relationship’ to get public. Of [s]he wants it to get public then he’ll make it official by writing a rap about it.

Rap Monster [Namjoon]: He would be like how he always is when BTS has a scandal. Taking it serious and writing a tweet where he would apologize and explain the situation. 

J-Hope [Hoseok]: He would freak out and not know how to react to the sudden hate his crush would receive from saseang fans. He would ask Jin and Rap Monster for advice and help on how to handle this situation since they are the most mature ones. They would help him out,

Jimin: Like J-hope this little small bean wouldn’t know what to do. He didn’t expect this to get so out of hand. He would cry and feel so bad. He would feel like betrayed army, but he only wanted to spend some time with his crush.. in the end lots of army would feel bad for him and know he deserves better than this and accept that he is just a normal person like us, and can fall in love with whoever. 

Taehyung [ V ]: Yeah he would so crush on me ;) [hahha jk,jk]. Okay so this guy would try to play cool and pretend to be just really good friends with. He doesn’t wanna make this bigger than it already is. Inside he would freak out, because of the reaction his actions has.. He would also ask the hyungs for advice.

Jungkook: Everyone already knows his idol crush is IU. He can only dream about hanging out with her. hahahha This guy is too shy to actually hang around his crush. So no scandal for him. xD

-Admin Tae

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 27 - BTS Psychological Test

[Air] Person I like: Rap Monster
[Sand] Person that likes me: J-Hope
[Rain] Person that gives me advice: V
[Ocean] Person that has an impact on me: Jimin
[Moon] Person that will forever protect me: Suga
[Snow] Person I want to be with forever: Jin

[Air] Person I like: Father
[Sand] Person that likes me: Younger sister
[Rain] Person that gives me advice: Jin
[Ocean] Person that has an impact on me: Mother
[Moon] Person that will forever protect me: Jimin
[Snow] Person I want to be with forever: Younger brother

Rap Monster:
[Air] Person I like: Father
[Sand] Person that likes me: Jimin
[Rain] Person that gives me advice: Rain sunbae
[Ocean] Person that has an impact on me: Mother
[Moon] Person that will forever protect me: Bang Shihyuk PD
[Snow] Person I want to be with forever: ARMY

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S4 - How they will confess

Jin: He would take his time. He isn’t sure if he really likes you, but he does likes you, he’s just denying it. Until just one day, he sees you smiling and laughing that’s the time he’ll assure himself, “I do like her…”. Even though he’s the oldest among his friends, he would ask for advices. He’ll be planning out things so it wouldn’t go wrong or something weird. And when he already knows what he’ll do, he’ll become more nervous. He would invite you out after classes. You guys always go out after classes but with your other friends. This time its just the two of you. He took you to the restaurant you and your squad always eat. After eating, you guys stayed for awhile since he said that he wanted to tell you something. “I… I… I like you… Alot.” And with that, he covered his face but peeks at you because of shyness.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would want to do it straight to the point. No more buts. Just directly say it to you. He would approach you but something, more of someone, stopped him. He saw you talking with some guy. It somehow lost his confidence. He would sigh and just go back to his favorite place alone. You, after talking with the guy, who turned out was your cousin (lol wtrdz), saw him, then something just told you like hey follow him. Then you followed him somewhere, he sat on the bench and you heard him rapping about a girl he likes and how he described her. “Damn” you said a bit loud, so he heard it. A little bit embarrassed you went to him and instead of saying sorry, you praised him for his raps and even gave advice in what to do to the girl. He just smirked at you and said STRAIGHT FORWARD, “I wrote this rap for you.”

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Hoseok: He wants it to be well-planned. This sunshine wants it to be perfect, even if he’s not sure you’ll feel the same or no. He’s really nervous in a good way. Until all of his plans are about to happen while you are about to approach him. He called you to meet with him at some place only you, him and his friends would be, no other people.As you entered this dark kind of apartment, you called Hoseok. When you’re about to call Hoseok for the third time, lights then suddenly went on. And then you saw Hoseok, holding a bouquet of roses. As he comes near you, his friends then sang Miss Right. He then started rapping, “I think I’m attracted to you like a magnet, r-right now… Your-” and because of his nervousness, he forgot his lines. His friends were choking their laughs and Hoseok was embarrassed. But then he said that he likes you so much, handing you the roses that he should have handed you before his friends started singing. You couldn’t stop smiling and peck his cheek. He then was smiling widely even his friends.

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Namjoon: Namjoon wants it to be simple, confessing like in the books he reads. That day would be a normal day for you where Namjoon takes you out to the park, buy you ice cream and feed the birds, but for him, it wasn’t. He’s nervous, really nervous. So he decided to just say it the next day. He thought it would be easy because it would be just simply taking you out and saying I like you before you go home. The next day, he made sure to tell you how he feels about you. He’s still nervous, maybe more. You would notice his nervousness and instantly ask if he’s okay. He then looks at you like he just got out from another world and tells you that he was okay. After saying that he was okay, you still asked him but you got the same answer. He then invited you to your favorite ice cream shop. You both walked to the bench you two always sat. The memories both of you shared in the same place. The bench that you both vandalized back when you guys were kids. You told him about those days and he nodded and smiled. “I hope there will be more happy and good things that will happen to us here.” you said as you licked your ice cream. Hearing this from you, Namjoon thought it was a go signal. He sighed before telling you. “Y/n, I’ve been wanting to tell you this…” he then slowly holds your free hand. “You’ve been on my mind, you’ve always been. Sometimes, I wonder, what if we’re more than friends? I can hold your hand, kiss you and…” he was suddenly out of words. “I really like you…” 

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Jimin: Jimin would be like Namjoon, he wants it simple. But he’s more calm than Namjoon. He’d take you out to the park and buy you ice cream. But something always comes up whenever he’s about to tell you about what he feels. It’s either your mom calling you to come home, activities in school where you’re needed, or his phone always ringing up because his friends are calling and wanted some food. It was always like that, so the confession was always delayed. It bothers him at the same time kind of relieved, bothered because he still hasn’t tell you about what he feels and what if someone confesses first to you, he’ll never be able to tell you about his love, and relieved because the nervousness he’s feeling disappeared, for awhile. Then the next few days, you would be happily telling him about your day, he was staring at you with a smile on his face. You would notice this and ask him if something was on your face. “Do you want to know something?” You were silent as he asked the question. “I like you.” he said as he shyly smiles.

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Taehyung: He’s a guy who’s active. Taehyung may look like he’s calm and really easy about confessing, no, he’s not. He’s really nervous. He wants to invite you to go play arcade with him. But he can’t personally ask you because he’ll stutter and end up not inviting you anymore. So he decided to just text you, but even when texting you, it will take him a long time. He will start typing on his phone but ends up erasing it. He’ll be doing this for 2 hours, typing and erasing. He got frustrated with himself and ends up texting just play arcade with me argadjfdgfhnh. You’ll be receiving the text and chuckle. Who would even say no right? And Taehyung who was embarrassed because of his text was actually surprised that you replied yes. He’ll pick you up at your house and then go to the mall. After playing arcade, you’ll eat some fast food and talk about life. He’ll walk you back to your house while your hugging the stuff toy he won for you. Before you go inside, Taehyung would get your attention. This was it. “Y/n, I… I…” the words won’t come out of his mouth and he keeps on stuttering. He was about to say nevermind but you cut him off. “I like you.” you said which shocked Taehyung but will later smile as you peck his cheek.

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Jungkook: Jungkook is a shy guy. But there’s a hidden confidence in him. And that confidence made him invite you out to a beach. Well. also because of that confidence, he also invited his hyungs. The best part when going out is the road trip, everyone jamming out to some upbeat songs, but there’s Jungkook, quietly sitting beside you being shy because of some small physical contact like your hands accidentally brushing each other or your arms. Once all of you reach the beach, everyone would be happier and more excited. You’ll notice Jungkook not looking as excited as all of you so you’ll pull him near the water. You’ll build sandcastles and maybe throw some sand at each other and accidentally throwing sand to Yoongi who was just laying down. You and Jungkook would be sitting down at the sand while the others are preparing food. You would notice how Jungkook is breathing nervously. You asked him if he was okay and he’ll smile and tell you everything is fine. He’s like he’s shy awhile ago but then gets turned up then ends up being shy. There was silence between the two of you and while you were staring at the sunset, you heard Jungkook mumble something.You’ll look at him and ask what he was saying, “I like you…” he still said it in a quiet tone but you heard it right. You smiled and place your head on his shoulder as he slowly holds your hand.

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A/n: This has been on my drafts for a year, I already planned on posting it last year but because of things, I didn’t. But I finally have the guts to post it wow. 

wwweird-glitter  asked:

I have a friend that I am getting into khiphop but I am really into Kpop so I suck at making a good playlist for her do you any good khiphop songs? I showed her BTS Dean and Jay Park already. Thank you! 😍

There’s so many great K-Hip Hop artists, this isn’t even half of it

▶ Dynamic Duo - BAAAM

▶ Masta Wu - Come Here

▶ Seventeen (Hip Hop team) - mixtapes on soundcloud *amazing!*

▶ RockBottom - Nicki Minaj Girls

▶ San E - Rap Circus

▶ Rap Monster (from BTS) - Joke

▶ Vernon (from Seventeen) - Lotto

▶ Gary - Shower Later

▶ J-Hope (from BTS) - 1 Verse

▶ Simon D- ₩ & ONLY

▶ Okasian - No flex zone

▶ Zico - Yes or No

▶ T.O.P (Big Bang) - Of all days

▶ Bobbyy (iKon) -YGGR

Yongguk (B.A.P)

Zelo (B.A.P)



The Qquiett

Keith Ape

Epik High




Here’s a playlist of some K-Hip Hop

and some music suggestions

and a list of some more K-Hip Hop artists