raoul week

Raoul Week QOTD (from “The New Marguerite”):

In which Gaston Leroux describes the adorable, precious bb, Raoul de Chagny.

(I encourage you to gaze at the utterly Raoul-y picture of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as you read this.)

« La timidité de ce marin, je serais presque tenté de dire, son innocence, était remarquable. Il semblait être sorti la veille de la main des femmes. De fait, choyé par ses deux sœurs et par sa vieille tante, il avait gardé de cette éducation purement féminine des manières presque candides, empreintes d’un charme que rien, jusqu’alors, n’avait pu ternir. À cette époque, il avait un peu plus de vingt et un ans et en paraissait dix-huit. Il avait une petite moustache blonde, de beaux yeux bleus et un teint de fille. »

“The sailor’s shyness, I would almost be tempted to say his innocence, was remarkable. He seemed to have only recently left the care of women. Indeed, pampered as he was by his two sisters and by his old aunt, he had retained from that purely female education manners that were almost naive, imprinted with a charm that nothing hitherto had been able to tarnish. At that time, he was a little older than twenty-one years and he looked eighteen. He had a petite blonde mustache, lovely blue eyes, and a girlish complexion.”

so I came across this movie called ‘the fall’ and all I could think about was freaking raoul de chagny wearing that hawt outfit in 'masquarade’. i am deeply sorry.

also I got told it was raoul week last week so I had to do something for my favourite viscount.

also on dA

It’s still Raoul week right? That means you’ll all accept him in any shape, way, or form right? Because here he is in an au where he had an epic tragic backstory that involved witnessing the slaughter of the whole de Chagny family. 

He lost his family at age 15. Seeking revenge for his family’s death, Raoul joins the navy soon after. At age 19, he returns to take his place as Le Comte de Chagny. And at age 20, he meets Christine Daae at the Opera. But Raoul is now so cold and dark that Christine barely recognizes him…

(Might do a more complete version eventually)

Because it’s Raoul week, I get an excuse to post about actual butler!Erik and little master Raoul.

Here was the rundown of my au since I’m so slow with the drabbles:

Erik never made it to the Garnier when he got back to France. He was arrested for his crimes in Persia and sentenced to death. Comte Philbert, who is totally off his rocker in this au, read this segment in the newspaper. He bailed Erik out- instead of dying, he has to spend the rest of his days in Philbert’s service. But Philbert isn’t going to let him go to waste as some menial servant. The head butler died a few days ago so Philbert’s willing to let Erik, a so-called genius, take the position.

If all goes well, Philbert’s going to look really good/edgy in the aristocratic community. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff is pissed like hell at Erik- what right does he have to take that position without starting from the bottom? Literally the only person who likes the new butler is Raoul.

Raoul comes and tries to talk to him every day. Raoul tries to make friends. Raoul tells him every little secret. Raoul tries to make Erik’s days more bearable. Erik doesn’t understand why- this little boy has everything he could ever want- looks, nobility, love. And yet he’s willing to shower some of that love on a lowly servant, a former circus freak, Erik.

Raoul’s shoelace is undone one day and Erik bends to tie it. Because as much as he hates Philbert and Philippe de Chagny, he’s shockingly fond of Raoul de Chagny. Perhaps too fond.

Raoul Week

So I don’t know if Raoul Week is a real thing or if someone just made that up, but here’s my contribution:

That’s my old ass R/C story (which I have not and will probably never finish) in which Raoul is not a douche. He’s legitimately genuine and decent, to the point where you kind of want to hit him.

Now, regarding Raoul Week…I see Shark Week level potential here for the fandom. So will someone please photoshop a Raoul actor’s face on a Great White Shark for me? I’m about 15 miles away from a capable computer and all up in nature out here.

Also, who remembers Roule’s Ingenious Plane? That should be the 2-hour opening special of Raoul Week.