raoul is not a bad guy

i would just like to remind everyone that raoul de chagny is not a villain, is not stopping ‘the real story’, and really doesn’t deserve to be demonised 

he is a soft emotional boy who loves and wants to protect christine and i would literally die for him

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I'm like 90% sure someone has probably already come up with this but on a whim today I figured a mafia au in which TC is a mafia boss of which few have seen but many have heard of, Christine is a singer who doesn't.. want to cover for his crimes but does bc [insert reason here] and all the while she's trying to keep raoul out of the whole thing,,

Your icon is amazing btw and AHHH! I love it…I love it….I am not sure what era you meant for this AU but my mind went straight to 30s-40s film noir/pulpy crime novels…

*defeatedly adds “Frankenstein’s Mobster AU” to the list*

I Figured Out Why I Hate Love Never Dies So Much

Love Never Dies is not a terrible musical; the plot is a wreck and the characters are very unlikeable, but the music over all is rather good and the actual story (excluding the fact that it’s the POTO characters involved) is an interesting story. It’s a passible musical that shouldn’t be as hated as much as it is. Maybe just forgotten. So why is it so bad? Why do Phantom fans, even Phantom fans who want Christine and Erik together, hate it so much?

Because it destroys the morals of the first show/book/movie. It wrecks the characters we know and love, and has the audacity to say this is what happens AFTER the Phantom of The Opera.

It destroys what we love.

It takes an adorable love story, and tarnishes it. It makes the decision long ago, that Christine was on the brink of tears for, pointless. It says that’s not her true feelings and makes her go to Erik before her wedding night, claiming she made the wrong choice. (Which personally, I hate, as it furthers the stereotype that women are indecisive even if that’s not what it’s trying to represent). It trashes the innocent love between Raoul and Christine and poisons it with the hatred of a Christine/Erik shipping fan. And that’d be fine, if it was a fanfiction. But this was a musical, and technically cannon in the eyes of Andrew Lloyd Webber.


It makes all these pitiful characters…. cannon.

It takes an innocent character such as Meg, and obliterates her by making her fall in love with Erik (whom even with Christine was a stretch considering age). It makes her cruel and selfish, even though it tries to develop her character more. It takes the well loved Madame Giry and makes her the bad guy. The. Bad. Guy. It makes her evil and determined to only help herself after only helping Erik, ignoring her only child. It takes the kind motherly figure we knew, and makes her the ugly parent we’d never want. It takes Raoul, a character many consider a fop (though I personally adore), and magnifies his small unlike able character traits to such a degree that even Raoul-Haters can call out the improbability that that would ever happen. That he’d become as hatable as he did. And it takes Erik, poor Erik, and rips what little humanity Erik had in the first place clean out from under him.

In the Phantom of The Opera, Erik had nothing. He had no friends, no family, nothing to call his own besides the legacy of the Opera Ghost. You could easily feel bad for him, he has nothing. He is allowed to be selfish and devilish because he needs to be in order to survive. In Love Never Dies, however, Erik has everything. He has friends, like him, who look out for him. He has money and power and a successful business. He has his own legacy, not just the Opera Ghost, and a girl who’d kill to be with him. And what does Mister Y do with all his new found wealth? Nothing. He continues to obsess and fetishize over Christine even though he knows her heart is somewhere else. He cannot let go, which is fine. But when Christine does reappear it becomes very hard to root for his abusive and devilish ways when you know that if he fails, he still has an empire.

It takes characters I love, that we love, and tarnishes them. Whether book fan or musical fan or movie fan, it decrees that none of those character choices matter. It makes the characters so out-of-character, so far stretched that I end up detesting our main star (Erik), and feel pity for those we are supposed to hate (Raoul and Madame Giry). It breaks my heart, after I spent so much time obsessing over the original.

That is why I hate Love Never Dies.

I am a Raoul/Christine shipper. I will be an R/C shipper until the day I die. I love Raoul and Christine, I love their relationship and their dynamics.
However, I do not expect that I will meet some handsome, rich nobleman in real life. Want to know why? Because Raoul and Christine are fictional. The Phantom of the Opera is a fictional story. I recognize the difference between fantasy and reality.

Now, recently there’s been a bit of unrest in the Phantom fandom accusing Erik/Christine shippers of supporting abuse and misogyny. As an R/C shipper, I can see where this is coming from, but as a logical human being I can dismiss it as utter nonsense. By their logic, as someone who ships Raoul and Christine, I support breaking family ties and societal expectation and (by the musical’s terms) encouraging those you love into dangerous situations to catch bad guys. I don’t. Because once more… The Phantom of the Opera is a fictional story and I live in reality.

By their logic, anyone who writes a Hunger Games fanfiction is supportive of violence among adolescents. Anyone who writes a Harry Potter fanfiction believes that magic is real. Anyone who writes a Twilight fanfiction believes in manipulative, sparkly vampires. And anyone can tell you that this is utterly absurd.

Fiction is a place to explore ideas and relationships that you don’t and can’t support or do in reality. To suggest otherwise is like saying that Stephen King supports terror and abuse, that J.R.R. Tolkien supports planet-wide warfare, or that George R. R. Martin supports… well, basically anything in his books. You would never suggest that because in those instances you recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. So why on earth do you not apply the same courtesy to people who like to explore the relationship dynamics between two fictional characters just because you see their relationship as problematic?

Does a relationship between Erik and Christine have issues? Heck yeah it does! But suggesting that an author or a fan supports and endorses those problems in reality is as ridiculous as suggesting that J.K. Rowling believes in house elves.

And it desperately needs to stop.

Beneath A Moonless Sky - Loved and Lost

Christine Daae has never been a restless sleeper, always able to sleep soundly through the night once she turned in. But, this night had been vastly different. She tossed and turned while her soon to be husband slept soundly at her side.

She rolled over so she was back to back with the Vicomte, and tucked her cold feet under the blanket. So much was going to change tomorrow.

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I Am Wholly Convinced That “Raoul Defense League” is One of the Best Tags On Tumblr

Yes, it’s true that there are only a few posts tagged under it. But it is a worthy cause and I think that it’s a pity that there are not more posts posted under it. Raoul’s not a bad guy. In fact, he’s a really sweet, good person and it’s a pity that a lot of people just don’t see that. In short, Raoul deserves a whole lot more appreciation than he gets and he deserved better than what he got in LND. I know it’s an unpopular opinion. But still. 

Love never dies is like the cursed child of the Phandom. Think about it:

• It is the disappointing sequel to the beloved series/musical, which features the main characters’ kid(s).

• A beloved character from the original series/musical turns into the bad guy because of resentment.

• The main male character turns out to be a bad father and is completely different in the sequel than he was in the original.

• Someone who was thought to be a good guy’s child turns out to be the antagonist’s kid.

raoul de chagny psa

raoul is a very good boy and an amazing character and that he completely doesnt desrve the shit he gets from part of the fandom

hes such a good boy who wants to protect christine

if you think that raoul is the bad guy in any way i will fucking fight you


this has been a psa

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Raoul Silva - Weirdly Attractive Villains #12

Hello, hello, hello, dear ones. 

So, the holidays have been exhausting, but I thought it was time for another WEIRDLYYYYYYY ATTRACTIVVVEEEEEE VILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNNNS! [Cue cheesy game show music and prizes you don’t really want]

Today’s winner? You guessed it: It’s Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in Skyfall! 

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a long time and I decided it was finally time to do it, and no, it’s not just because I’ve been playing the Skyfall drinking game.*


If you haven’t seen Skyfall:

1. What the hell is wrong with you?

2. Here’s a brief rundown. 

Skyfall is Daniel Craig’s third turn as James Bond, and it’s superb. Adele’s opening song is sublime. I just want to curl up into the movie and snuggle down until all my problems disappear just like all my friends. 

Bond is on a mission to recollect a stolen hard drive containing information about MI6 agents. He gets shot and is goes missing. He’s presumed dead, preferring to stay hidden on an island, until he returns to MI6 following the reveal of numerous agents’ real identities, and an explosion destroys headquarters, killing several people, and putting the entire operation in jeopardy. The culprit appears to have a grudge against M, played again by the incomparable Dame Judi Dench. 

He comes back and goes on the trail, gets loads of vagina, and meets up with (read: has shower sex with) the bad guy’s girlfriend, who takes Bond to the guy trying to kill M: the sly, slippery, sexy Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem. 

And things get all kinds of sexy up in there. 

It was like “oooohhhh…”

And I was like “Ahhhh…”

And my ovaries went BOOOM!!

Anyhow, he tries multiple times to kill M and there’s lots of gunfire and bombs and explosions and fucking awesome sequences and it all culminates at Bond’s family home in Scotland named, you guessed it, Skyfall Lodge. 

So, why is Silva weirdly attractive? 

Look at that smile. How can you deny that? 

Silva is my favorite kind of villain. He’s so slick and clever, and he’s always one step ahead. Unshakable and relentless, he’s got one goal and he’s gonna go for it. 

Silva’s so clever that he’s the only person with enough technological skill to rival Q. He can find anyone, he can do anything. He wanted an island and he took it. 

That means he could take you anywhere on a date. 

Wherever, as long as you’re there

He’s got the mad confidence that makes you love him. The first time you see him in the film, it’s halfway through the movie, and he walks the length of a warehouse floor, monologuing to Bond, who’s tied to a chair.

He then tries to fuck with Bond mentally by making it look like he’s going to fuck with Bond LITERALLY. See above. 

Oh, Mr. Silva!

Silva’s the kind of guy that does whatever it takes, and takes a real joy in the work. He’d erase your student loans and buy you pretty things. 


Now, does it make me sad that he tries to kill M repeatedly? Of course it does. I love M. 

Moving on:

Don’t ask me why I love flamboyant men, but I love flamboyant men. And Silva is nothing if not a flamboyant man. He’s sassy and stylish. 

Look at the way he throws that grenade! He doesn’t give a shit. PERF.

That’s literally perfect. Look at his fucking jacket. He’s chintzy in the most wonderful way, and I love it. 

And with all his innuendos you know he thinks about taking you to bed. 

In the end, his hair’s a little creepy, and his priorities are a little bit off, and he places blame in strange places, but he’s sexy, slippery, and charming. And you’d want him in your bed. 

And he’d probably unzip you if you ask him nicely. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Silva. 

You. Me. My bed, the floor, wherever. 

*My Skyfall drinking game: drink when the movie is bad-ass. Finish your drink every time Silva makes you ovulate. So, I pretty much drank steadily for two and a half hours. Awesome. 

Masterlist of Contest Fanfics <3

A master list of all the wonderful submissions into my anniversary contest. A huge thank you to everyone for your wonderful stories and love! :D I couldn’t ask for better followers than you loves~<3


Stoke By: Lucifer Rosemaunt "In which we all have weaknesses and desires and moments where we’re willing to compromise just to get what we want. This is the first time they give into said wants together. ErikRaoul slash. hard lemon.“ Rating: M (smut)

The Composer By: Themadwomanwhoisunfortunelylackingabox ”In which Raoul’s parents were originally patrons of the opera, but the family stopped after their death; Erik actually worked at the opera and had been for a while, and Raoul is adorable" Rating: T

In Time By: Themadwomanwhoisunfortunelylackingabox “The boy was in his head constantly. It was irritating, and there was nothing he could do. Once there were times when he could compose for days on end without a stray thought, but now every moment he was distracted by the thought of blonde hair and clear skin.” Rating: T

At First Glance ver.1 By: anotherdiana “From the first time Erik sees Raoul, to their first Christmas together. Version 1 is not cute. Erik is not a nice person. Bad things. Really bad things.” Rating: M

At First Glance ver.2 By: anotherdiana “From the first time Erik sees Raoul, to their first Christmas together. In Version 2, Erik is marginally less creepy.Marginally.” Rating: T

First Date By: anotherdiana “I’ve been trying desperately to write something fluffy, because I’ve been quite mean to Raoul lately. This is the best I could do.” Rating: T

If I always had it my way By: In Love With Insanity “The opera ghost gets all he wants by blackmailing. The vicomte de Chagny gets all he wants by his pretty face. When they meet, frictions over Box 5 ensure. Slash ahead. Disclaimers inside.” Rating: T (may change with later chapters)

My First, My Only By: anotherdiana “This is set during that creepy bit in the book where Erik decides that it’s a super good idea to sneak into Raoul’s bedroom and watch him sleep. Yeah. Also, remember how Raoul gets all entranced by Erik’s voice? Yeah, that too. Not gonna lie, Erik is a bad, bad man.” Rating: Hard T?


Also, I wanna give a huge loving shout out to a gift fic (sadly not a submission) that was written for my anniversary.  You sweetheart, I loved reading it and rereading it, so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you again<3

In Tandem By: inlaterdays “Written for phantastichomos’ first anniversary celebration. Theme is "firsts”. Sheer fluff, which means it’s a bit OOC, but I wanted to give the guys some happiness.“ Rating: G



NETFLIX BLURB: After global success, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hugely popular musical drama is captured on film in a lavish production staged at the Royal Albert Hall.

WARNINGS: Mild violence, heavy themes, ugly dude, memes. 


OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: All reviews are done solely for humor and should not be taken seriously ever. If you cannot handle cursing, crude humor and probably some offensive things, pls do not read this.

                    ********************NOW WITH GIFS! ********************

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Au where Rawl is the prettiest person in the land and Christine becomes a pirate to rescue him from bad guys

Is this so much an AU as it is….a reality, tho?

Well, kinda…

Ok, maybe just an alternate reality in Christine’s brain….*le sigh*

Someone just told one of my friends that “Love never dies” is a good sequel to Phantom of the Opera and it will make us ship Christine and Eric. Buuuullcrap, that movie is AWFUL and there’s a reason it’s not accepted as canon! Raoul was a nice guy who was never supposed to be a drunk bum, Christine was supposed to live happily with him for 60 years or so before she died, Grace was neeever supposed to become a prostitute and her mother would never have condoned, let alone supported that! And you can’t tell me that a few years alone would make Eric change his ways considering isolation was part of what drove him mad and made him abusive and obsessive in the first place! It’s nothing but a bad fanfic, and it’s downright silly to sacrifice literally every character’s personality and development for the sake of a ship. Ugh. Sorry, I’m really passionate about this play, I just needed to rant a little.

Let’s Have Some Fun. Fic Readers/Writers:

Without naming titles of fics that contain them, what are your least favorite Phantom fic tropes/clichés?



  • I dislike fics where the Phantom is essentially Gerald Butler (my personal least favorite actor for Erik). By this, I mean he barely has a deformity, is muscular, and has 2/3 good looks. *Shakes head* I’m sorry, but the Phantom is not meant to be physically beautiful. I don’t like fics that make him look like this.

  • I dislike stories containing a female OC as the main female lead. I’ve never come across a fic like this that I enjoyed. Nine times out of ten, the OC is a self-insert, a Mary Sue, or worse…both. But by all means – if you know a story that does this well, show it to me! Please, I want to find an example of this done well.

  • I dislike fics where Raoul is the bad guy, or is killed off so Christine can be with Erik. *Cough**Cough* LND *Cough**Hack**Cough*

  • I dislike fics where Erik is horribly, horribly abusive to Christine. I’m sorry, but I don’t think he would ever go as far as some fics make him go, at least when it comes to her. Again, not naming names, but I came across an older long-fic that began with Erik snapping Raouls’s neck (with his bare hands), drugging Christine, chaining her to the bed for several days, and then forcing her to bathe in front of him all in the first two chapters. That doesn’t sound like love to me. {Also, it didn’t help when I skipped to the mid-way point of the fic. Suddenly Erik was an overly-affectionate fluffball, Christine was happily married to him (yeah, so much for that “ you’re a monster who murdered my fiancé” thing from the opening chapters), there was a flood of OCs surrounding them, they were all going on vacation, and Christine was pregnant. I’m glad I stopped reading.}

I’m curious to hear from @littlelonghairedoutlaw @rienerose @goodphantomoftheoperaaus @dieharddaae-24601 @i-am-the-opera-ghost @laprincesseetoile @phantom-of-the-trash-blog @dunkinphantom on this.

kinggalbatorix  asked:

How can you tell if you/somebody is using high Si(SJ)?

Let’s use Phantom of the Opera for reference, since Christine and Raoul are both high Si users. (If you haven’t seen it, why are you still here? GO.)

Christine, as all SJs do, approaches each situation based on what she knows about it. She is delighted to be reunited with Raoul, because they were childhood friends – and she expects him to be heroic, because he was when she knew him before (”You ran into the sea to fetch my scarf!”). She believes in the concept of the Angel of Music, when Erik enters her world, because her father “promised [me] to send [me] the angel of music!” She is fearful of what Erik might do when she disobeys him and courts Raoul, because of what he has done in the past when she has upset him (”He’ll find me, I know it … and it won’t ever end…” because it hasn’t ended THUS FAR).

High Si is an immediate sourcing for information whenever it sees an object, hears a concept, etc. The brain flips back through everything this person knows about this particular topic, based in literature, entertainment, archetypes, personal experiences, etc. If there is no previous exposure to the thing, it does not yet exist – and Si has no frame of reference for it. For example, if someone said “Phantom of the Opera” to me – my brain would quickly shuffle through everything I know about the musical, the play, the movies, the characters, the costumes, the production values, the related literature, my own experiences seeing the show live, etc. I would know exactly what they were talking about. But if you mentioned a brand new musical to me that I’ve never seen nor heard of before, I would have no expectations, no form of referencing, nothing. The best I could do would be to hear a bit about it, and then try connecting it to other similar things I have encountered in the past.

This is why SJs are sometimes reluctant to try out new things – because they have no former basis of comparison for them, until they do try it. They want to know what they’re in for, before they do it. Paint ball gun? What’s that?! Let’s see… referencing guns … not a nice picture at all… and balls of paint… and what they come up with, depending on what they’ve been exposed to, may or may not resemble the reality, but at least they feel semi-comfortable going into it, since they’ve seen paint, can imagine paint balls, and know what a gun looks like. (I should also add, I always imagine anything I have no form of reference for as being much, much grander than it turns out to be in reality. It’s sad. Hence why half the time I say, “screw this, it’s better in my head.”)

But then too, you have lower Ne in play – excited about new possibilities, but somewhat inclined to trepidation about them too. Again, Christine. It is suggested that she do a thing, to help them all out and trap Erik. Her brain flips through all their previous experiences and screams FAILURE. I WILL FAIL. HE WILL TAKE ME, I KNOW IT! YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME! I’LL BE ALL ALONE, IN THE DARKNESS!

IE, imagined catastrophic consequences, before she’s even taken a single step. Granted, this particular FREAK OUT is more common in ISXJ types, but it even turns up in some ESXJs from time to time. I once saw an ESFJ go off into freak-out-land, with all the negative possible repercussions of a choice she made, until she was literally not even in reality anymore, and freaking out on such a meta level I just backed away slowly and… left. Ain’t no way I was taking THAT crazy train. (Could she have been an ISFJ? Nah. Total Fe-dom. All the feels. Constantly.)

Even, look at Raoul. Pretty sure he’s an ESTJ. He has no frame of reference for the opera ghost, or for the angel of music, so he doubts he exists … but once he DOES get some experience, he becomes aware of the threat and in true Te fashion, wants to exterminate it so he goes charging in. Still, his picture of Erik is reinforced by what he has seen, what she has told him, and what he imagines Erik to truly be like, as a villain. Bad guys must be exterminated! His motives are all, what? To recapture his childhood love, to be her heroic knight, to defend the damsel in distress from the looming villain … all archetypes, in which he is situating himself as the protector, the white knight. Remember the scarf, Christine? I saved it for you then, and I’ll save you now, even if it means heroically dying so that you can be free of this… monster.